I found a post from Robin in Jerseygal's discussion, BREAKING: CNN Reports FOUR Broward County Deputies Waited Outside S...  from The Last Refuge that was quite disturbing.  I suggest you read it.

After reading 'school to prison pipline', I knew it had something to do with Obama and it didn't take long to find it.  Barry and the superintendent are partners in crime:

Runcie Came Via Obama, Made a Huge Salary, Got $53 Million in Grants

The story behind Nikolas Cruz and the shooting of 33 former classmates and staff is one of the repeated failures of the system from the FBI to the school to the sheriff’s office to social services. The massacre was very foreseeable but politics got in the way. Specifically, politics, funding of more than $53 million, and Chicago school discipline got in the way.

This Was Obama-Chicago Discipline

The Superintendent of Broward County Schools, Robert Runcie, came out of Chicago and the Duncan-Obama administration.

The Miami-Herald reported: In 2003, Arne Duncan, then head of the Chicago school district and later Secretary of Education under Barack Obama asked Runcie to oversee the district’s technology department. Runcie went on to serve in other administrative roles, including as chief of staff for the Board of Education, before becoming the Broward schools superintendent in 2011.

In 2016, he made $335,000 a year in a region that has poor mental health services due to lack of funds. He was well-paid to bring down the numbers and alter the so-called school-to-prison pipeline.

It was supposed to happen as a result of the Promise program.

The school board instituted a program called Promise which made not reporting criminal behavior a standard policy. Police said they did not have discretion in arrests, according to the President of the Sheriff’s union.

The Promise [Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support, and Education] program kept Nikolas Cruz from getting arrested. Not having a record allowed him to buy guns.

The program began in 2012 as a way of dealing with the district recording the highest number of school-related arrests statewide (over 1,000). Superintendent Runcie, with strong connections to Obama, was expected to stop the alleged school-to-prison pipeline.

The program was geared towards keeping minorities out of prison. The killer’s name was Cruz, making him a minority.

With a cooperative judge and the Superintendent’s tight connections to the Obama administration, arrests were down 66% within one year of Runcie’s arrival. Grant money started flowing into the school district. The school district initially received over $53 million in grants to facilitate “improved life for students in poverty/students of color.”

The Last Refuge has been investigating this for years and uncovered documentation making a very convincing case for the entire program being corrupted by funds and statistics.


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This is insane.  And if you read some of the comments at the end of the article, parents in Broward County are still unaware of Obama's social engineering experiment that directly affects their children by putting them in danger.

Broward County's Reverse Jail-to-School Pipeline

At the same time the Broward County school system was dismantling the “school-to-prison pipeline” under policies that failed to stop accused shooter Nikolas Cruz, it was building another pipeline, funneling back into regular classrooms thousands of other potentially dangerous students released from local jails, county and school district records reveal.

Through a little-known “re-engagement" program for serious juvenile offenders, the Florida district has “transitioned" back to school almost 2,000 incarcerated students, a number comparable to student bodies at many high schools, according to district data obtained by RealClearInvestigations. Local probation officers warn that these offenders have a high risk of reoffending.

Another initiative, the Behavior Intervention Program, attempts to mainstream a smaller number of “students who exhibit severe, unmanageable behavior,” according to a 2017-2018 program handbook, including those who are “convicted of a serious crime such as rape, murder, attempted murder, sexual battery or firearm related [offense]."

The number of returning felons and other serious offenders has climbed each year since Broward Schools Supt. Robert Runcie, a close ally of President Obama, started the program in 2013 as part of his crusade to “end the school-to-prison pipeline,” which he says has disproportionately harmed young African-American men.

The next year, district officials worked with county prosecutors, probation officers and judges to release and return 325 incarcerated students to area schools. The number grew to 570 in the 2015 school year, before rising to 967 in 2016, the latest available figure provided to RCI by the district.

A Broward County schools spokeswoman declined to provide specific examples of crimes that had been committed by the returning offenders. But county juvenile court statistics show that Broward students between the ages of 10 and 17 arrested from 2014-2016 were charged with a range of serious crimes, including: murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, car theft, aggravated assault, battery, sex offenses, weapons violations, vandalism, drug charges and other felonies related to gang activity.

With the encouragement of the Obama Education Department, Broward County schools in 2013 signed a pioneering agreement with law enforcement that made the police and schools partners in a social experiment of relaxed juvenile-crime enforcement to reduce racial disparities in arrests and incarceration. The agreement called, in many circumstances, for the police to speak with school officials before deciding whether to arrest any student, white or minority, for misdemeanor crimes that had previously warranted arrest. In thousands of cases, the offenders were not sent to court but to counseling, which included participation in “healing circles,” obstacle courses and other “self-esteem building” exercises.


Just how effectively the program is working – whether returning offenders are benefiting from a second chance or harming others, or if the picture is mixed -- remains an open question because the school district declines to provide details, case studies or outcomes.


“Equity & Academic Attainment has created a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of our most fragile students,” Watkins' office website says. "Many of our students are Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) involved and/or at-risk.”

A "2016-2017 Master Plan” outlining the program could not be called up from the EAA website. A number of other sensitive policy documents on the Broward schools website, including ones concerning “social justice and implicit bias initiatives," also could not be accessed. Despite repeated requests, the district’s chief public information officer, Tracy Clark, would not provide the documents further detailing Broward’s program for bringing incarcerated students back into schools.

Like Runcie, Clark came to Broward from the Chicago public school system, where she served as director of "IT and Web services" and where they both worked under Superintendent Arne Duncan, before President Obama tapped him as his education secretary. Duncan encouraged Runcie's reforms in Broward (timeline).

Watkins, who was involved in Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative for mentoring young black men, did not respond to requests for comment.


During the 2016-2017 school year, the so-called Behavior Intervention Committee assigned 88 students to the program, records show. The panel convenes twice a month and was slated to meet March 15 to review a new round of cases.

Area juvenile prison populations have shrunk as more and more high-risk offenders are funneled back into the Broward school system.

Department of Juvenile Justice records show that the number of high-risk Broward youth sentenced by a judge to extended confinement at “residential” detention facilities has dropped markedly since 2013, when Runcie implemented his re-engagement programs. In 2017, residential commitments fell 39 percent to 178 from a peak of 294 in 2013.

Lots more…k/r…


Total frickin INSANITY! OMG the damage Obama did. Will we ever know the true depths of the lefts depravity?

Unbelievable!  They are convinced that simply main-streaming all kinds of people with behavior issues and/or criminal backgrounds will make it better for all!

This isn’t rocket science.  People are no different than horses or dogs.  Got an outlaw or misbehaving horse or dog?  Just put it in with polite, well behaved horses and dogs, and the good habits will spread!  Right? WRONG!!  People are no different in that respect.  Good habits take work.  You can’t just expect bad people, dogs or horses to behave better if exposed to better behaved people, horses or dogs.  They always stay bad without work, and usually spread their bad habits to every other critter around!

I heard someone once say that a rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel.  Apparently the left doesn't get how this applies to society.

The left really doesn't know how anything works in society.

The left really doesn't know care how anything works in society.

To society, or to horses, dogs or people! ;)

Very well stated, JG! It does take work to change bad behavior.

Thanks! We can only change our little corners of the country.  If we all did that, it would (or at least should) improve!

Good point, JG...made me think of a CONTAGION.  The left and their social engineering are, in fact, one.

  1. the communication of disease from one person to another by close contact.

Looks like we have a lot of this going on across the country today with the anti-gun protests. I'm bunkered down, Jodi. That way I can't catch anything from them. :))

This kid's on fire!  How refreshing that he hasn't bought into the indoctrination by being told what to think, but how to think:

Broward Student Lays Out Devastating Case Against School Board For Neglecting School Safety

On Thursday, Broward County student Kenneth Preston, 19, published the findings of an in-depth investigation he has conducted over the last two months that has uncovered some alarming details about how the Broward County School Board neglected school safety leading up to the Parkland massacre.

Preston confronted the school board two weeks ago and gave his account of what he'd learned to The Hill. In his initial findings, Preston said that he believed that since 2014, the school has only spent around 5% of the over $100 million available to it specifically for school safety. In his new report, he details ways that the failure to invest in school safety may have led to the deaths of some of the students in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. The school board's embrace of progressive programs, including The Promise Program and the Behavior Intervention Program, Preston maintains, has protected problem students — like the student who eventually slaughtered 17 people in February — shielding them from effective disciplinary measures and thus allowing them to remain threats to their peers.

"After weeks of research, searching through thousands of pages of government documents, and speaking with dozens of officials, I have come to the conclusion that Superintendent Runcie and members of the school board have failed at their essential role in keeping our students safe. Whether that’s because of incompetence or the incentive of federal dollars is for you to decide based on the evidence provided below," Preston writes. "Ultimately, no matter what laws pass, the extent, or how infrequent these shootings become, if the people who were complicit in facilitating an environment in which something like this could occur don’t face consequences, then there is no justice."

In a series of tweets Thursday, Preston provided key details from his investigation (h/t Twitchy):

keep reading...vids included.


"I’m not with an organization and I have no agenda whatsoever other than holding government officials responsible for their actions."

Here's the full investigative report:

An Investigation Into Broward County’s School Board & Superinte...

Bravo, Kenneth!  Reveal the truth.





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