Hello everyone,

With the storms sweeping our country recently, I thought I would call everyone's attention to a few items that can vastly improve our preparedness.  The first is a new portable solar panel from Anker.  They have two, one with two panels and one with three.  Go with the three panel one.  The extra couple ounces is worth it, delivering far more bang for the buck, and maximizes the weight vs. rate. The three panel version is a 21W 2-Port USB Solar Panel Charger with PowerIQ Technology. 

It would take a considerable amount of time and space to quantify what a monumental difference and advancement this new Anker solar panel is over my previous solar panel.  The Anker solar panel is every bit as durable, and is about the same size and weight folded.  However, my old solar panel only delivered 7W at 1 amp out of 2 panels with no Power IQ technology, and cost a lot more! 

You can purchase the Anker solar panel here:  http://amzn.to/1NNDanZ

You can view it on Anker's website here:  http://bit.ly/1mg2R7O

Here are a few of its features taken from Amazon for your convenience:

Off-the-grid Power
When you're out enjoying the great outdoors, enjoy another perk: free limitless power. Simply spread out the solar panels or attach to your pack to start recharging your gadgets.

Fast Charging Technology
Exclusive to Anker, PowerIQ discovers and replicates your device's original charging protocol to provide its fastest possible charging speed up to 2.4 amp per port or 3 amps overall (with enough direct sunlight).

Superior Portability
Compact design (11.1 × 6.3in folded or 26.4× 11.1in opened) and rugged stainless-steel eye-holes on each corner make attaching it to a backpack or tent a cinch. Super lightweight (14.7oz) and thin (1.1in folded or 0.2in opened), it easily fits in a daypack.

Incredibly Durable
Industrial-strength PET plastic faced solar panels sewn into high-wear polyester canvas ensure it's able to withstand the trials of your outdoor adventures.

Advanced Safety
Short circuit and surge protection technology keep you and your devices safe.

If you couple that solar panel with the following external battery to store all the solar power you can now harness, you just easily and inexpensively created your own personal, portable micro grid.  It really is that simple.

You can purchase the external battery here:  http://amzn.to/1YPe6Qh

You can view it on Anker's website here:  http://bit.ly/1TnCO8W

Here are a few of the battery's features taken from Amazon for your convenience:

Anker Astro E7 Ultra-High Capacity 26800mAh 3-Port 4A Compact Portable Charger
Portable power pushed to the limits.

PowerIQ Detects your device. Delivers the fastest charge.
Exclusive to Anker, PowerIQ amp-adjustment technology intelligently identifies your device to deliver its fastest possible charge.

Giant Capacity
Power to keep you going, and going...and going. Add up to ten charges to a smartphone, two charges to a tablet or multiple charges to pretty much anything else.

Most Compact
About the length of a Galaxy Note 4, it's the most compact charger of this capacity on the market and has a built-in flashlight to boot.

Superior Quality
We use only premium battery cells, together with the most advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, to ensure complete safety.

For those of you that desire the ability to quickly charge this huge battery from the comfort of your own home, you can buy a wall charger here:  http://amzn.to/1R5pTtc  That is their newest and fastest wall charger to date.  That way you can top the battery off when you know a storm is coming, and easily keep it charged for use on a daily basis. 

The ability to keep this battery with you will ensure that your phone and other devices will always have power when you need them.  We have and carry a variety of devices that demand power all of the time.  USB rechargeable flashlights, Kindles, smartphones and tablets are all things that we keep with us, and this battery can charge up to three things at one time, and even has a small light built into it for convenience. 

I hope you all find this information both useful and helpful.

God bless.

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I'm going to grab a pic of my Anker Gear today and get it on here. Also tweeting this out again for others to see. 

Thanks for sharing the article, useful specifics such as the use of bleach and type of bleach to buy.

I like that he mentioned "thrive" as a goal, that it's not about just settling for surviving, to me this is was most important, however, to then get into reading classes, books and regular educational materials, seemed to water that down a bit to me.

Robin posted a link to an article regarding ISIS wanting to cyberattack America, until 30 years ago this wasn't something that had to even be considered amongst the general public.

My view that, again, is the idea of thriving, is to be repared to survive and thensome. I hope to be prepared to remove trespassers upon the soil of my country, who may have killed my neighbors, friends, etc., and/or to be a part of those efforts to reclaim my boonies town as they are carried on by like-minded fellow patriots and maybe even a remnant/remainder of our National Guard, hopefully, alongside other regular folks like myself who were willing to envision the potential of our enemies that far forward.

It was Citizens with little organization that British and other European Monarchs wanted disarmed, who, at the origins of our country, fought the battles that won our Freedom, and it would be wise of us to plan for more than survival to assure our Freedom in the future if things come to that. Food, clothing, and shelter are wonderful things to have when there is nothing, but I am not just preparing for an earthquake, flood, etc., I am preparing to be a Patriot defending my right to my Individual Liberty and Freedom, and that may mean my efforts to secure what I have may end up my being a communications hub for others who are ready to take back what is ours against an enemy out to deny it to us because so many are just ready to settle for surviving.

Past incidences are not entirely indicative of the current situation, including biological and other technological methods, that will be deployed after the technologies to locate remaining populations of Americans are put into play:

1 - Enemy would naturally restore power and watch the devices look for where they'd usually connect, revealing the likely location of individuals via gps info, then focusing efforts on the greater concentrations of these after taking out what was already a population center

2 - And in conjunction, looking at airwaves to determine if there is anything they missed, anything smart enough to consider what an enemy would do and how to counter it.

Contingency and doing more than merely surviving are key to having a future that isn't about us eventually bowing our knee to those who wish us to, nor dying for sake of our principles alone, and the true effort is in doing more than surviving, carrying forward as Our Founders did. But hey, I am new to all this, and my lack of being a demonstrable and definable prepper is apparently far more significant than assuming the depth of the view is to go beyond merely surviving.

I say this to bring forward that I hope it's more than a post at a website going on here. What better time is there for us to work on a potential future without all that we have than while we have what we do and communicate so easily?

In fact, this makes it very clear to me that the first part of prepping is the mind of it, settling for mere survival if you absolutely have to, but taking on the responsibility that we see falling upon us politically as Patriots, as an undertaking of the highest order of Defense of our Nation.

Hello Toddy,

There are a lot of useful specifics on the treatment of water in the following discussion if you are interested in reading about that sort of thing. 


I ended up covering most forms of water treatment between the article and the replies.  I hope that helps you and anyone else that has not seen it yet.

God bless.

Thanks, and sure it can be useful to know, hoping the 8 drops of bleach per gallon of clear, 16 for cloudy from the Canada Free Press article was accurate though.

Hello Toddy,

The following is taken from one part of one of my replies in that thread:

As per chemical means of disinfection like bleach.  This what is recommended by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality:

"You can use household liquid bleach to kill microorganisms.  Use only regular household liquid bleach that contains 5.25% sodium hypochlorite.  Do not use scented bleaches, color safe bleaches or bleaches with added cleaners.  Each gallon of water should be treated with 4 – 5 drops of liquid chlorine bleach or 16 drops of liquid chlorine bleach if the water is cloudy.  This is just under ¼ of a teaspoon per gallon.  One teaspoon of bleach disinfects 5 gallons of water.  Treated water should be thoroughly mixed and allowed to stand for 30 minutes before using.  A slight chlorine odor should be detectable in the water.  If it is not, repeat the dosage and let it stand another 15 minutes before using.  Treated water may have a slight chlorine taste, but this is additional evidence of safety.

Since liquid chlorine bleach loses strength over time, only fresh bleach should be used for water disinfection.  For bleach that is 1 to 2 years old, the dosage should be doubled.  Bleach older than two years should not be used unless absolutely necessary because of uncertainty as to how much the active ingredients have deteriorated."

That information concerning bleach looks pretty solid to me, but I will say that my own research has led me to believe that bleach can lose much of its effectiveness after being stored for only 6 months.  I would recommend everyone do their own research on the matter.  It is also important to note that bleach will not remove cryptosporidium. 

God bless.

Thank you very much Rath.

Curious, you familiar with Colloidal Silver and how easy it is to make?

Toddy, you should make a post about that.  What it is.  What it is for.  Why the FDA banned it for medicinal purposes in 1999.  How to make it.  How you would test for purity.  How you would know what dosage to take if you could not determine the purity etc.

I had no idea about any ban.

I've used it for years. Purity? Hmmm, haven't had that as an issue either. I can make my own but prefer to buy a particular brand since it's certainly less than .001 which is what you want for maximum absorption. That alone helps set the stage for what to take really, I mean, if you have more than .005 ppm, that's when you could be messing with kidneys etc., though when I was experimenting with my own machine to make it, which I even did with alkaline water if you're familiar with machines that separate acid and alkaline water, and it was amazing how fast you could make colloidal silver in alkaline water.

A friend of mine, who I believe has passed, though one of his children may be continuing his business, used to make small machines all the way through to larger ones for the home. The idea was to be able to use regular tap water, and if you can just have .001 ppm you're actually doing well (or was it .010, I'll have to refresh my memory to exact numbers) but basically he had a unit that you put on the pipe coming into your home and it delivers .001 ppm.

If I remember correctly, it was Loma Linda University in California that did a study using dental chairs.

Many of us may not realize there's a tank with water in it inside the chair and that they normally treat this with chemicals that usually keep the water good for about 3 weeks.... Well Loma Linda did some study where they used that .001 ppm water instead, there was no bacteria or algae growth for 6 months, even after rinsing out the colloidal silver water 3 times.

I also recall, I believe it was the California Legislature, where a large number of legislators had become ill at about the same time. Maintenance checked the air ducts and found mold and a bacteria that causes the illness, they treated that with colloidal silver.

The only thing it doesn't seem to kill is a particular staff or strep that is common in most hospitals and, so far as I know, is only removed with acid water (ph of 2 or less) which I understand is what they rinse everything down with in Japan.

You might be better to make a post on colloidal silver though regarding the ban of it. I remember something along the lines of the FDA being unwilling to approve it since it cured more than one thing, and if I remember right, it kills over 300 pathogens and 16 bacteria on contact.

Hello everyone,

People may wish to do their own research on Colloidal Silver to determine if they feel it is right for them.  This is not a topic I intend to research, however; here are a few links to help folks get started if they are interested: 




God bless.

My first response to that rahthrae is it's kinda cold.

On one hand we understand the corruption in the system, especially FDA and much of it via Obamacare, though issues with stuff like Colloidal Silver started before that.

On the other hand, and what seems odd, these are all the normal AMA type sources for info on Colloidal Silver. AMA is a union by any other name, they lobby for their interest like any other union (never forgetting that it is government and its representatives that opened the door to "bidding" for their favor), including the BAR association. Obviously I am surprised you'd cite these as starting points while saying it's not something you're going to research only because their presumption, the premise underlying their "informing the public" begins with is a skeptical view of silver and a need to remind everyone their self-important agency, or some other they hold in high regard, has said it has not shown a beneficial effect, ignoring the history and placing that as a narrative throughout what they have to say that the reader must overcome in the course of studying their material.

So, in the spirit of assuring that it isn't just government agencies (clinics, universities, etc., included whose existence is primarily by government grants and loans) and their cronies whose information is being made available, I submit the following links, which of course have their own bias as well, but I would say it is far removed from politics and power, and in some cases is merely background information that doesn't even add anything to a commercial notion of the link's origin, listed in the order of their informative importance:

1 - http://www.sellgoldhq.com/why-silver-makes-the-best-silverware/

2 - http://www.silver-colloids.com/Pubs/history-silver.html

3 - http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf47824676.tip.html

There's many more but I figured if someone is that interested they can google on their own. I know the government has never been fond of "alternative medicine" while acupuncture, the use of leaches to bring blood to a limb, especially after it's reattached, and the abuses of Royal Raymond Rife regarding the Rife machine and curing cancer, where the head of the AMA at the time who was later convicted on unrelated RICO charges, wanted a cut in the Rife machine business or he wouldn't give the AMA's seal of approval, and when he didn't get what he wanted, sicked the IRS on Mr. Rife, which used up all his resources in legal battles that destroyed his ability to take the light emission version of the Rife machine public. Whole story is in the book "The Cancer Cure that Worked," http://www.amazon.com/The-Cancer-Cure-That-Worked/dp/0982513860.

Only with the human papilloma virus in relation to women has the medical community been willing to see how a virus causes cancer.  The AMA still will not accept the fact the virus that causes cancer polymorphs into a mold, fungus, or bacteria to survive (irrespective of Rife having built his own 600,000x reflective microscope using the same process NASA uses to determine the chemical make up of planets, stars, etc., https://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/rosat/ros_xselect_guide_v1.1/nod...).

To this day the AMA will not accept the idea of resonant frequency implosion of a virus, bacteria, etc., based on its chemical properties as a means of targeting the virus and killing it without hurting the person or their immune system. A friend of mine would offer these to people as a $35 treatment, along with other services, and his practice saw positive results on the person's health in every single case, whether infected with cancer or not, and if the person would get treatments over a few weeks to a month, often the cancer would be gone.

A woman I know had used the rife machine a month before having a mastectomy, she believed it was helping but didn't believe it could kill the cancer since it had metastasized and was spreading throughout her body. She became a case study that was prohibited from being published because they opened her up and half the tumor was dead and the nodules that had traveled through her lymph had pulled back to the main tumor, dead as well. This is why I had to speak up to the links you posted. I won't say they are giving entirely bogus information, but I will say that they will be sure to arrive at conclusions that are suspect and would leave anyone to not be willing to take the risk, on silver, let alone Rife treatments or myriad other alternative healing methods.

A bit more on Rife treatments to be complete, these only require you use a colon cleanser to assure the carcases of the dead virus are flushed out of your system, and the radio frequency version by Crane Rife (Crane was Rife's assistant) will often do a series of frequencies broadcast through your feet into your body, killing parasites known to cause diabetes, and triggering the immune system to cause some forms of arthritis.

Once I opened my hands to type and include these other colloidal silver links, I had to explain the why so apologies for verbose post. I hope you find this information useful and can, in the larger picture, appreciate the point of researching and questioning the media/government promoted line.

Hello BrentonJoe,

That is a great article.  Thank you for sharing it.  You can tell it's Canada Free Press.  That is to say that in an article about being ready for terrorism, it's all about it hitting elsewhere i.e. here.  He seems very unaware that Canada is letting in 25K refugees by March.  While a lot of that will come across our borders with them to here, he seems oblivious to the fact they may have to deal with active shooters there.  There is no talk about training to fight with firearms either, like taking fighting pistol and rifle classes etc.  He talks about America's neglect, but doesn't seem to acknowledge Canada's or Europe's who are all just as grossly negligent. 

As far as the rest, like what I said in the other article I recently wrote, people so often prepare for TEOTWAWKI, they neglect to prepare for day to day things the way they should.  As far as electronics, having a working phone with the right apps installed on it can be very useful in most day to day emergencies.  Am I prepared for any scenario?  No  Am I prepared for 99% of things?  Yes 

I endeavor to learn new things all of the time.  I try to help teach others as best I can.  I have written several articles over the years on this site.  They can be seen in the Prepare, How to, and Gear categories on the website.  I hope folks look through those from time to time, especially the newer folks to come to this site.  There is a lot of solid information in those categories by myself and others.

God bless.





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