Hello everyone,

With the storms sweeping our country recently, I thought I would call everyone's attention to a few items that can vastly improve our preparedness.  The first is a new portable solar panel from Anker.  They have two, one with two panels and one with three.  Go with the three panel one.  The extra couple ounces is worth it, delivering far more bang for the buck, and maximizes the weight vs. rate. The three panel version is a 21W 2-Port USB Solar Panel Charger with PowerIQ Technology. 

It would take a considerable amount of time and space to quantify what a monumental difference and advancement this new Anker solar panel is over my previous solar panel.  The Anker solar panel is every bit as durable, and is about the same size and weight folded.  However, my old solar panel only delivered 7W at 1 amp out of 2 panels with no Power IQ technology, and cost a lot more! 

You can purchase the Anker solar panel here:  http://amzn.to/1NNDanZ

You can view it on Anker's website here:  http://bit.ly/1mg2R7O

Here are a few of its features taken from Amazon for your convenience:

Off-the-grid Power
When you're out enjoying the great outdoors, enjoy another perk: free limitless power. Simply spread out the solar panels or attach to your pack to start recharging your gadgets.

Fast Charging Technology
Exclusive to Anker, PowerIQ discovers and replicates your device's original charging protocol to provide its fastest possible charging speed up to 2.4 amp per port or 3 amps overall (with enough direct sunlight).

Superior Portability
Compact design (11.1 × 6.3in folded or 26.4× 11.1in opened) and rugged stainless-steel eye-holes on each corner make attaching it to a backpack or tent a cinch. Super lightweight (14.7oz) and thin (1.1in folded or 0.2in opened), it easily fits in a daypack.

Incredibly Durable
Industrial-strength PET plastic faced solar panels sewn into high-wear polyester canvas ensure it's able to withstand the trials of your outdoor adventures.

Advanced Safety
Short circuit and surge protection technology keep you and your devices safe.

If you couple that solar panel with the following external battery to store all the solar power you can now harness, you just easily and inexpensively created your own personal, portable micro grid.  It really is that simple.

You can purchase the external battery here:  http://amzn.to/1YPe6Qh

You can view it on Anker's website here:  http://bit.ly/1TnCO8W

Here are a few of the battery's features taken from Amazon for your convenience:

Anker Astro E7 Ultra-High Capacity 26800mAh 3-Port 4A Compact Portable Charger
Portable power pushed to the limits.

PowerIQ Detects your device. Delivers the fastest charge.
Exclusive to Anker, PowerIQ amp-adjustment technology intelligently identifies your device to deliver its fastest possible charge.

Giant Capacity
Power to keep you going, and going...and going. Add up to ten charges to a smartphone, two charges to a tablet or multiple charges to pretty much anything else.

Most Compact
About the length of a Galaxy Note 4, it's the most compact charger of this capacity on the market and has a built-in flashlight to boot.

Superior Quality
We use only premium battery cells, together with the most advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, to ensure complete safety.

For those of you that desire the ability to quickly charge this huge battery from the comfort of your own home, you can buy a wall charger here:  http://amzn.to/1R5pTtc  That is their newest and fastest wall charger to date.  That way you can top the battery off when you know a storm is coming, and easily keep it charged for use on a daily basis. 

The ability to keep this battery with you will ensure that your phone and other devices will always have power when you need them.  We have and carry a variety of devices that demand power all of the time.  USB rechargeable flashlights, Kindles, smartphones and tablets are all things that we keep with us, and this battery can charge up to three things at one time, and even has a small light built into it for convenience. 

I hope you all find this information both useful and helpful.

God bless.

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Hello Toddy,

My advice to everyone is make sure you are prepared for the 99.99% before you worry about preparing for the .01%.  It's like people who store 5 years of food, but don't have the proper clothing in their vehicle to make it for 3 hours if their car breaks down in inclement weather.   To put it succinctly:  I would recommend acquiring wool and water treatment before sound proof lead sheeting.

BTW, they still make small ham radios that both transmit and receive.  I would also be cautious about listening to people with claims they trained with Bear Grylls or whomever especially when coupled with claims that type of training had anything to do with the above subject matter.  To put it simply:  It doesn't.

I understand.

I'd prefer to secure what I have. Leading does more than secure one against satellites and drones, same with protecting from heat radiation detection, these achieve both a security from being perused by prying eyes, but also protection, that minimizes damage to all your devices within whatever you construct.

For me it wasn't claims and they didn't just train with him, like for a couple weeks, he set up a living quarters and they were with him for a year or so to truly live through the conditions.

I understand the basics are important to have, food, clothing, shelter, if I can secure those I have now well enough to survive something catastrophic that's what I opt to do first, should that fail I should have securely stored elsewhere, possibly more than one location and further away than a few miles, other structures to survive in, natural and manmade, at least if I have that kind of mobility, otherwise, one must secure what they have where they have it, and make sure they have what they need there, or at least that is how I am seeing it now.

Your post was featured on The Chronicles of Preparedness Blog, Rahth! Top, center of page! 


That's pretty cool Robin.  Thanks for letting me know, and for spreading the word.  Hopefully this post can help some folks that were unaware of the newer, more capable, and better stuff out there.

You're welcome and thank you for doing the post! It is pretty cool. They always pick up your posts right away! Good stuff, Rahth! 

Thanks to you and Robin for posting prepper stuff. I appreciate the update. Always have thought about a lot of these large scale things that often had...Oh, let's say... one of those "generators" you hand crank, or a Fairchild induction coil (they were a leader of making something along these lines in my era), so the things you're putting forth here are a welcome update hahah

Though this may be meaningless (you guys are more aware of this kind of thing than me) I ran across this looking for a more specific, non brand name, of the technology on the web (since I know it only from Fairchild), http://www.discountmilitarystore.com/super-bright-flashlight-with-h.... They point out that if you have the "tips" you can plug them into this flashlight and charge your phone too. Yes solar is a much more personal energy conserving method, so long as the sunlight is convenient and you're not injured.

Hello Toddy,

My advice would be to stay away from that item.  It is crap.  There is nothing discount, military, high quality or super bright about that item.  Look to Eton, Kaito or Sangean.  That is just one of the million sites out there that preys on those that do not know better with over-priced crap.

Your response is why I posted it heh

The worst part about this isn't as much what we should get, but what places, and things, to avoid or that have that snowball's chance in h*ll to work. I wasn't looking at it for the flashlight myself, I was noting the commentary about the "tips" and using that crank to charge up a cell phone.

Gonna try to illustrate here...

Over a decade ago I was at Harbor Freight in California, because I lived there then, and ran across a combo am/fm radio with solar and a crank.  I of course tried all the means of power, they all work, but the crank, and this may be a defect, needed, even if dead, a pair of batteries in the battery compartment (would appear to be a wiring issue if it's not supposed to require that, instructions were not useful). But, that it worked, said I could use this little radio to listen to say a nuclear Armageddon comfortably until it hits where I live or for days until the radiation gets to whatever place I am haha

So, having seen that little thing work, that flashlight looked like an interesting idea, and the mention of the tips, suggests I could use that same thing to charge my phone's batttery.

Without a "there is nothing discount, military, .... about that item," with recommendation to "Look to Eton, Kaito or Sangean," millions of people like me who had the simple experience of buying one item in the course of their lifetime with that crank on it and having it work is why we make easy prey.

I wouldn't buy something like that over the Internet, it would be like buying a mouse over the Internet and wondering a week after I installed it why my wrist hurts and hand seems to be cramping. But there are many who would and the more specific direction given in your immediately above this post is very useful to us. Thank you :)

That is awesome!

Thank you JG.  I'm glad you like it.  :-)

Hello everyone! I just saw this! It just may be the time to invest in the Anker products that Rahth posted on here! 

ISIL aims to launch cyberattacks on U.S.

Its hackers have tried to penetrate computers that regulate the nation’s electricity grid, U.S. officials say.

The Islamic State is seeking the ability to launch cyberattacks against U.S. government and civilian targets in a potentially dangerous expansion of the terror group’s Internet campaign.

Though crippling attacks for now remain beyond the reach of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIL, its hackers have tried to penetrate computers that regulate the nation’s electricity grid, U.S. officials say. On shadowy Internet forums, ISIL sympathizers post photos and videos of airplane cockpits and discuss wanting to crash passenger jets by hacking into on-board electronics. Fellow extremists debate triggering a lethal radiation release by sending rogue commands to nuclear power plants, according to the New York-based threat intelligence firm Flashpoint.

To date, a lack of world-class expertise has limited ISIL and its supporters to defacing websites, including that of an organization for U.S. military spouses, and pranks such as commandeering the Twitter feed of the U.S. military command directing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In September, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, told Congress that the danger of a catastrophic attack from any cyber adversary was “remote.”

But Islamic State adherents have made no secret of their desire to acquire lethal capabilities, says Alex Kassirer, a Flashpoint terrorism analyst, who monitors conversations on extremist forums.

“The capability’s not there and that’s why we’re seeing these low-level attacks of opportunity,” Kassirer said. “But that’s not to say it’s going to be that way going forward. They’re undoubtedly working on cultivating those skills.”

The added danger of ISIL’s burgeoning cyber capabilities is that the terrorist group doesn’t operate according to the same rules as even the most reckless nations. Deterrent strategies that keep even virulently anti-U.S. states such as North Korea at bay are unlikely to succeed with the Islamic State.


Your post reinforces my views.

Prepared to survive and thensome. I hope to be prepared to remove trespassers upon the soil of my country, who may have killed my neighbors, friends, etc., and/or to be a part of those efforts carried on, hopefully, alongside others who were willing to see that for forward.

It was Citizens with little organization that British and other European Monarchs wanted disarmed at the origins of our country that fought the battles that won our Freedom, and it would be wise of us to plan for more than survival to assure our Freedom in the future if things come to that. Food, clothing, and shelter are wonderful things to have when there is nothing, but I am not just preparing for an earthquake, flood, etc., I am preparing to be a Patriot defending my right to my Individual Liberty and Freedom, and that may mean my efforts to secure what I have may end up my being a communications hub for others who are ready to take back what is ours against an enemy out to deny it to us because so many are just ready to settle for surviving.

Past incidences are not entirely indicative of the current situation, including biological and other technological methods, that will be deployed after the technologies to locate remaining populations of Americans are is put into play:

1 - They would naturally restore power and watch the devices look for where they'd usually connect, revealing the likely location of individuals via gps info, then focusing efforts on the greater concentrations of these after taking out what was already a population center

2 - And in conjunction, looking at airwaves to determine if there is anything they missed, anything smart enough to consider what an enemy would do and how to counter it.

Contingency and doing more than merely surviving are key to having a future that isn't about us eventually bowing our knee to those who wish us to, nor dying for sake of our principles alone, and the true effort is in doing more than surviving, carrying forward as Our Founders did. But hey, I am new to all this, and my lack of being a demonstrable and definable prepper is apparently far more significant than assuming the depth of the view is to go beyond merely surviving.

Portions of this will be re-stated elsewhere as I composed here to assure I don't forget what I have to say, the burden of sometimers and other complications.





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