Senator Rand Paul Filibusters - Brennan Nomination.....

Finally, a Senator doing the job he was hired to do ... standing up for OUR rights under the CONSTITUTION!  THANKS Senator Paul for doing your job!

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Thank you.

Fine by me for mine, can't speak for Robin.

Thank you.

I understand it was good for exposure of what happened, but, Van Jones et al, you watch in 2014, will use snipets of Rand Paul's words to say why we should vote in the demo in Congress.  It won't work on us, but it very well might work on the left leaning Independents, who very well know Ron Paul.

And it remains true that a representative of the people does more than lip service over a confirmation hearing.  My gripe of Ron Paul is he's only had one act in Congress that made it to the floor in his entire service there, and that act was about selling some land having to do with the Texas Historical Society.  Ron Paul received, on average, 100k per year for some 2)+ years and only accomplished one bill that he sponsored and passed?  Rand is easily appealing to the Left, the left hates the drones and so do I, but the Left loved Hugo Chavez too, so though there is agreement on an issue the "Berlin Wall" of where their minds are willing to go (before its too late) remains intact.

I was answering to the post as it was suggesting he'd doing what we want him to do, and I stand by the fact Rand Paul is doing 10% of what we want him to do, at best, with this fililbuster, and 0% if nothing in the government destroying our lives changes.  I hate this harsh reality, but I have to be honest and sober about the net effect or I won't keep trying to wake up those who are merely in this until it looks like the world is "normal" again, and are just waiting for the moment to go back to sleep.  So my apologies if I am not all jumping for joy over Rand Paul, who, remember, voted for Hagel.  Political tactics like this, just to filibuster and use it to bolster an argument, when nothing is stopped, nothing is changed in the government, don't help us.  Improves morale, and that's great, but beyond that, none in D.C. are putting a stake in the heart of the Vampire of National Government! hahaha

By the way, Rand Paul's argument regarding the single politician deciding things (meaning without public scrutiny or debate) is the very argument Obama used to shut down the 2007 immigration reform,  Obama proposed an Amendment to get rid of the points system on the grounds of lacking any public scrutiny etc., and I believe Rand Paul needs to bring that up, along with a few other Senators who remember that speech joining him.  I've tweeted it to him, got any way to reach him, get this to him.  This is the icing on the cake and will add Immigration to the discussion, and how this democrat in the White House did all he could to destroy the immigration overhaul of 2007.  I wasn't for it, but the Leftists need to see this hypocrisy, that this guy would go out of his way to destroy an immigration reform over lack of public scrutiny of a point system while both his Obamacare and Drones lack ANY public scrutiny of their regs and criteria, all done by bureaucrats hand picked from the most left universities in the United States by Barack Hussein Obama.

"I was answering to the post as it was suggesting he'd doing what we want him to do, and I stand by the fact Rand Paul is doing 10% of what we want him to do, at best, with this fililbuster,...."

Sorry, you don't believe that Senator Paul was doing something he was hired for.  I guess, standing up for the Constitution is not part of his job? If  standing up for the Constitution is not part of his job, then why did he and all the others take an oath?  Have you seen anyone else doing that lately?   You think Paul's only doing 10% of what we want him to do.  That's your opinion and you are entitled to it.  I'd like to see more too, but, something positive is better than nothing, don't you agree?  Or, are you like McCain and Graham if it's not your parade, you only want to criticize and condemn.

Are you done with the ad hominem implied attacks?

I bring up again, what changed in the government as of what Rand Paul did?

Can we trust Van Jones, the ACLU?

See, instead of looking at the substance of what I said, which is most of it, you take on a personal attack to align me with the two guys who I know couldn't be farther removed from acting consistent with Our Written Constitution.

Maybe you need to not take it personally so you don't project and attack others personally, just a suggestion.

My positions are substantive.  We have a country in very dark trouble, worse than any that any of us have seen in our lifetimes, with a Dictator in the White House and nothing has been done about it in 4 years going on the 5th to emphasize how little was done.  I will be upset as I want to be about that fact, and how, while we pride ourselves on "self-government" we propose every mechanism to evade our responsibility, from term limits to amending the Constitution as though its ability to leave the National Archives and go give the violator(s) 1000 paper cuts will save us.  So please, don't attack me personally, thank you.

Objection noted.  I'll attack you whenever I think you deserve it. In the same way you do.

I haven't attacked you. So do not threaten me with this.

Cruz, Paul Intro Bill To Prevent Drone Killings Of US Citizens:

See this is what I was saying, as long as they are making an effort to change something, that's the point of it, the whole point of it.  Yet, their bill is weak in this regard:

"The prohibition under this subsection shall not apply to an individual who poses an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to another individual."

The trial lawyers are gonna love this one every time someone gets killed because the moment they establish a mistake the civil rights lawyers come in on every case after that.  There should be no exception to killing Americans on American soil by the United States Government, which has no police powers according to the Constitution (see FBI admission of this in their history,, it's a whole paragraph where they explain the role of the national government, the state government, then the acceptance of a national "investigative" service.)

The States, as they have general powers and general jurisdiction, should be able to have their own rules in drone use, and our "self-government" should be the ones to assure prohibitions on using them on U.S. Citizens unless the situations are absolutely dire, say like a 7o7 flying into a building, if they are going to use drones at all.  But that'll be, should be, decided by each State, some (and hopefully each) prohibiting drones pursuant to some guarantee that the State government will not interfere in their privacy to assure their unfettered enjoyment of it.

Here's a little tidbit I missed seeing yesterday … My Senator Mark Kirk (still recovering from a serious stroke) walked over to Senator Paul after he'd been speaking for a long time and gave Senator Paul an apple and thermos.  Being from Illinois you don't see that kind of "good stuff" from our elected representatives very often, if ever. It's particularly encouraging too that Senator Kirk's health is apparently continuing to improve. Yesterday was a good day for us no matter what the naysayers say!

Having been from Chicago, you're right about the little good that comes out of Illinois like that.  Kirk's been a great choice, but more an inspiration for many people and families who've had to deal with a stroke.  His actions on the floor just demonstrate why he's continuing to improve, his heart is genuine.  That whole thing was without politics and, remembering when I hear him, he's a Conservative, and glad he was elected.  We need more people voting in Honorable and good folks like him.





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