Senator Rand Paul Filibusters - Brennan Nomination.....

Finally, a Senator doing the job he was hired to do ... standing up for OUR rights under the CONSTITUTION!  THANKS Senator Paul for doing your job!

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Rand Paul is in his 7th hour now on this filibuster! Awesome!

Have you watched any of the CSpan coverage?  I did before dinner around 6:00.  I may not agree with everything Rand's done, however, he appears to be a man who picks his battles and this is a very, very, very good one for him to have chosen!  He's saying some very good stuff and, possibly, it's "getting" to the Libs.  My, ugh, Dickie Durbin chimed in around 6:00 and wanted Rand to stop and join his Constitutional Committee which he is chairman and for Rand to be a witness.  Ole Dickie claimed, drone strikes were concerns of that Committee too.  Of course, Rand just swept that away saying something like sure some committee sometime in the future, as they see fit, will address the concern.

Another great thing that happened just about 6:00, was that Ted Cruz jumped into the fray and gave Rand some time off.  Cruz read out loud tweets from the net about Rand.  They have no electronic devices in the Senate Chambers, so Cruz (clever man that he appears to be) allotted some time to read those tweets to Rand.  

Not sure if this will accomplish anything besides the impression that these young guys are willing to standup to Obama, they understand the Constitution and are not going to willingly see it ripped to shreds!  At least, not under their watch.  All the more power to them.  I'm not one to jump on bandwagons, but, I sure liked what I saw with Rand and Cruz tonight!  Not ready to exhale yet, but, I'm not going to ignore a good sign.

Oh, and another thing, is it any wonder we are where we are when Dickie Durbin is the chairman of The Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights Committee?

Watched Cruz....he was amazing.

We should be sending out (I don't tweet Robin :).....everywhere....EVERYWHERE.

Watch live here:

We should applaud Rand Paul and the others who have "come to his aid".

Forcing the MSM to cover this...that's what he's doing.

I really like it.

Yep, Jodi, I think that's some of what he is up to... the longer this goes on the harder it will be for the lame stream media to ignore.  

I like it too!  :-)  Stand with Rand!!

Hopefully tomorrow "Stand with Rand" will be all over the place, Hobbes.  Really liking who's 'with' him.....Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.

If the wheels take hold.....

OMG Jodi! I watched until he finally stopped. It was really pretty epic! Twitter exploded and trended worldwide!  Reince Prubus tweeted to the rest of the GOP Senators and the Senate filled up. Even Mitch McConnell came and spoke! Get this one.. Van Jones tweeted his support for Rand Paul and used the hashtag #StandWithRand and #NoDrones. Code Pick and the ACLU also backed Rand Paul. Senator Cruz was really amazing! For the 1st time in a very long time, I have some hope. This made Obama and the White House look very, very bad. They covered so much of what this administration is doing to subvert the Constitution. Amazing!

It really was something to watch.  I tuned in for the opening and listened until about 3.  Then went home and watched until I fell asleep....with the TV on.

Some would say it was boring.  For me, it was like listening to beautiful music!

Let's hope it's a spark, Robin.

It wasn't boring to me! It was a good old fashioned filibuster. But, It was so much more than that! It was like Mr Smith goes to Washington. We've had enough and we're not going to take it any more! Ted Cruz went into all sorts of things other than just the Drone program. Exposing this administration for the world to see. I give so much thanks for what Rand Paul did last night! Finally, someone stood up!

Exactly!  Saying what needs to be said.  I hope the whole world was watching.

They were Jodi!

What did Rand Paul accomplish last night?

On the most practical level, Sen. Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster from Wednesday morning til after midnight accomplished this: delaying for a day the vote on President Obama’s nominee to head the CIA, John Brennan. Soon enough, Paul ceded repeatedly, Brennan will win confirmation.

So, did Paul accomplish anything besides “blowing up Twitter,” as his cohort Ted Cruz put it? He certainly did. How much he accomplished will be determined, but here are some places to look:
•He got the major media talking, for almost the first time, about the government’s ability to kill U.S. citizens, without trial, even when they’re not posing an imminent threat, on U.S. soil. Also, more broadly, about our government using drones to execute people that maybe we should be trying to capture and try.
•He got many Republicans to express objections to extrajudicial drone killings. Republicans, as a party, haven’t been very worried about U.S. overreaches in the “Global War on Terror.” Paul was something of a loner on this front when he was running in 2010. But Paul’s filibuster captured the attention of the media, and the heart of conservatives and libertarians around the country.

Twitter provided such instant feedback, that it was pretty easy for Republican politicians to see there is a real demand for these sorts of civil liberties concerns on the Right. It may even be that some conservatives who rushed to “Stand to Rand” were really coming out of the closet, emboldened by Paul. Probably, most politicians coming to Paul’s side were being opportunistic. Certainly many conservatives in the Twitterverse and Blogosphere were motivated a bit by partisanship — knocking Obama’s hypocrisy on due process and civil liberties.

But still, even when politicians move for opportunistic or partisan reasons, they move, and the bounds of permissible dissent move with them. It’s now easier for any future Republican politician or conservative commentator to push back on military overreach.

•Paul made a conservative case for limiting war powers. I’ll sound an even more hopeful note here: Paul may have made some conservatives watching on C-Span — or even some GOP lawmakers watching from the floor — more skeptical about executive power in the sprawling “war on terror.”
Paul spent hours yesterday setting the case against extrajudicial drone killings in various conservative contexts. He made pro-life arguments. He made Edmund Burke-sounding arguments. He mostly made constitutional arguments. He drew the lines from conservative principles to his more libertarian foreign policy conclusions.

•Paul made a libertarian outreach to the anti-war Left. Much of Paul’s arguments last night involved the need for constraints on power, even constraints on the majority. He often hinted towards the Ronald Reagan line that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to kill you while sitting at cafe.
The only check on an executive armed with flying death robots is the separation of powers and an understanding of the Constitution as a limit on government power. This has implications beyond counter-terrorism and war.

•Paul exposed the craven partisanship of the Democrats. As I wrote last night, Democrats refused to allow Paul a vote on a non-binding resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that government can’t kill U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, while those citizens pose no imminent threat. There’s no way this course of action jibes with the party’s stated principles. The most likely explanation is that they didn’t want a vote that might embarrass their party’s president.
•Paul made himself a major Republican figure. That can only be good for the GOP.

Listening to Ted Cruz now.  "Stand with Rand" his mantra.  Bing-ed it.  Nothing yet.  Probably a twitter thing. 

Send Sen. Paul a message:

This just might be the 'straw'.





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