Where do I start? This is the world in which find ourselves, so let’s start where we are.  I want to cry when I hear about someone killing students.  We know from so many sources that the FBI, county and local law enforcement knew that the Parkland shooter was a problem.  I’m not finding confirmation on that about the shooter in Texas, although I’ve seen multiple reports that his social media posts indicated he was a potential problem.

Here we go again with gun control discussions, yet what is the root cause when someone -especially a kid - shoots up a school, workplace, or random location? The answer is not guns.  The gun is merely a tool, and it is a waste of precious time to engage in discussions about banning them.  I want to put forth some other suggestions.  I’ll start...we must first stop the bleeding, literally. I hope the patriots here can add their thoughts.

  1. Access to the school itself.  One solution is to limit the number of entrances.  Exits can be numerous, for obvious reasons, but those doors can remain locked with entrance handles removed.  This would likely be met with the least amount of resistance. 
  2. Screening of all who enter at all entrances, much like airports, courthouses, sports venues, and campaign rallies.  Metal detectors, either walk through or wands, or both.  Some may balk at some perceived invasion of privacy, but is it really?  There would be no ‘search and seizure’ unless you set off the bells, so just make it school policy and be done.
  3. Armed Resource Officer is a goofy term, isn’t it?  Anyway, if this person does his job, it will help.  If he’s just there to collect the paycheck and ignores signs of a potential problem, then he’s a waste of money.  He should be chosen wisely, not because he’s ‘next’ in some department hierarchy.  And let’s call him the school cop.  Political correctness is part of the problem.
  4. Arming teachers and other staff is certainly a possibility, but should be decided by the individual school district.

The above four items are a beginning, but they are reactive solutions and not necessarily proactive measures.  How does a kid get to the point where he will take a gun and kill classmates?  Surely there is an underlying problem and predisposition to violence.  How does that go unnoticed? I have a few thought on this, too.  The problem is societal.

  1. Not enough parenting in the traditional sense, where children are taught respect, and learn consequences for behaviors good and bad.  No, parents are not buddies to their children.  Children learn far more when being told ‘Because I said so,’ than some long involved explanation of why they should or should not do something.  It’s way of teaching respect for elders and authority.  The parent is the authority, and they abdicate that by explaining every decision. Kids learn this much faster than they learn to read or write.
  2. Too much parenting (stop laughing) is when the parent hovers too closely over a child that is capable of playing outside (or anywhere) without supervision.  There is a time to let your kids ‘fledge’ and it starts long before their 26th birthday when Obamacare lets you stop paying for their health insurance.  This includes keeping kids super busy with activities during every waking moment.  Kids need ‘alone time’ so they can learn to amuse themselves with imaginative play, or reading, or coloring....all without a hovering parent.
  3. Return to family values and a family unit in general.  JB pointed out in another post, that the single parent must do what traditionally took two parents.  While difficult, it’s not impossible, but the norm now is that it’s all ok...the State will happily raise your children for you.  Well, that’s not ok.  Many children are not tethered to a family structure in any meaningful way, and extended family is often scattered across the country.  That whole idea of ‘quality time’ from the 1980s and 1990s produced a generation of largely clueless adults.  I still don’t know what that is, exactly.  I just know that so many of today’s kids are not tethered to any solid values.
  4. Reintroduce and encourage real play so that kids can use their imaginations to be a super hero, a princess, a sea captain, cave explorer, the possibilities are endless!  Kids learn so much playing this way..alone or with siblings and others. Parents can keep a watchful eye from a distance....they don’t really have to be on top the kids, or part of their play! Someone should tell them!  I doubt that violent TV and video games negatively impact otherwise healthy kids.
  5. Allow winners and losers in games.  This is real life.  Life isn’t fair, get used to it!  What better way to become accustomed to some of life’s real hurdles?  Newsflash to kid team coaches everywhere...they kids keep score, and you should too!  Kids learn to try harder, and also that sometimes they give their best and someone still bests them!  That’s life!

Your thoughts? I’m sure there’s so much more that would help change the current trajectory!


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More on family values: The US was built on ethics that are rooted in Judaeo-Christian values which have been attacked at every opportunity by the secularists and those who believe that all answers lie in scientific discovery and application.  Those values are frequently taught less and less in all homes in favor of man-made law and "science". 

I recognized in high school when we studied psychology that psychology was not a science because a given set of conditions did not ALWAYS result in the same outcome.  Sociology is likewise not a science although it is thought to be so by many.  Medicine is closer to science that either of these and we all know that medicine is a blend of art and science.

What were we taught about ethics that was not science?  First and foremost: every human life has value.  Thou shalt not kill.  This is completely lacking as a basis for the operation of our society today.  However, 70 years ago, it was fundamental to the exceptionalism that was the USA.  What else were we taught and had to practice: do unto others as you would have them do to you.  If you cheated or lied, you had to own up to it.  Why?  Because not cheating and not lying were valuable to the society and meant that you could be trusted without eternal inquiry about every action you have taken and word you have said.

I have said since I have been posting on this and other sites:  Beware the rise of the Church of the Supreme Secular.  Secularism can be a good thing and benefit society, but when it becomes a religion that blots out all concepts and teachings of religions before the modern age, it becomes a replacement religion that serves its politician-priests and lawyers but not the people.

So very well said!  The Golden Rule is one we all grew with, yet seldom hear! That is very timely warning on secularism.  I hope it isn’t too late.  

Thank you.

Great post and questions that need to be answered, JG! 

I attended a very large high school with multiple entrances and multiple buildings all connected. We had 2,500 kids in my school.  I will list a few things that I feel need to be addressed.

1. The disaster Obama school program that lets schools ignore "problem students" must be abolished. 

2. Every school in this country immediately needs an assessment on how to properly secure them. 

3. Depending on size and amount of students, they must have 1, trained/armed resource officer for ( I would say) every 200 students. 

4. Entrance into the schools must be cut down to only 1 or 2 entrances, with armed security, metal detectors, etc. Just like we do in airports. No exceptions. Shooters know that schools are soft targets. They know gun free zones are especially soft. 

5. Teachers and administrators need to be trained and carry guns. 

6. Schools need to install an anonymous reporting system,  so both teachers and students can identify "troubled students/person", without fear of anyone knowing that they were the reporter. 

7. This needs to be mandatory for every school in the country. No exceptions.  

Just a few thoughts off the top of my head. 

Good thoughts, Robin!  Let’s add scrapping anything close to Obama’s Promise Program, and repeat offenders need to have consequences!

Thanks, JG. I totally agree with getting rid of Obama's Promise program. Under that program, the kids know they can do whatever they want and they won't get in trouble. What a dangerous policy. We see the outcome of that. One day, I pray Obama and his minions will be held to account for the massive destruction they unleashed on this country.

These people who do the shootings are all untethered to real life, like most people are.  There are no consequences for anything they do, and the breakdown of the family is a huge part of that.   They are unable to communicate one-on-one...I’d bet on that.  

I agree with all you said. It's a combination of the breakdown of the family unit, the liberal indoctrination in the schools and no consequences for their actions. All by design for decades from the left. 

"...kids know they can do whatever they want and they won't get in trouble."

Correct.  The school doesn't do anything and the parents aren't notified to do something.  Even if the parents did something, they could be brought up on charges because "the state" is watching.

We have got to get the government out of the school. Betsy DeVos is working towards that end.

Time to add another thought.  This might be #6 in your list.  In contrast to #1 (too little supervision) and #2 (too much supervision), #6 might be the PARENT IS AUTHORITY.  As I see it (because that is how I was raised), the parent is the source of nearly all good and nearly all bad in a child's life.  Parents who exercise good judgement and love support an adult respect for authority.  Parents who exercise bad judgement and possessiveness support an adult who fears authority or, at a minimum, without respect for authority.  Parents in authority who fail to user use the "Golden Rule" paradigm are often parents who exercise bad judgement.  However, no rule made by man is infallible.

I agree!  I heard from my parents and said to my own children these two phrases many, many times:

  1. Because I said so.
  2. Life’s not fair - get used to it

I smile a bit when I’d hear my daughters say those very words to their children.





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