She drew those 10 people on her notepad?

Full disclosure - I am a male.  But I have never understood how Catholics wage a war on women.  Anyone who knows anything about Catholics and likely other Christians knows that those religions are based on free will.  And so on Sundays the church may suggest or even tell those who go to church how to behave.  Then Catholics leave and do whatever they wish, and many Catholics have been practicing birth control for the last 40 years that I have been watching.  And there is no truth to the rumor that the entrance to every drug store, Target or Walmart has a priest and a nun armed with uzis and machetes to control people.

The real war on women I think is waged by Muslims and sometimes liberals.  In Saudi Arabia today, it is illegal for women to drive.  Sometimes Muslims will whip a woman for being raped - unless they have 4 male witnesses as required by Sharia law it is simply listed promiscuity.  One recent case where a woman objected to being whipped for rape, at least at first, the Muslims doubled her number of lashes.  In Afghanistan and recently in Pakistan some women were shot for attempting to get an education.  And then there are honor killings where a family can simply kill or do facial damage or other to the family women if they do not like their behavior.  And of course, for grievous things, Muslims will stone someone to death after burying them up to their neck, or sometimes crucify them by nailing them naked to trees.  But both of those last opportunities are open to males as well.

I tend to believe women in the US are smart enough not to buy the nonsense that Muslims are great and it is Catholics who hate women.  I am Catholic.  I love my wife and we have been married over 43 years.  I have no idea what she sees in me to have stayed that long, but I am very glad for it.  I also love the fact that in America women are equal partners in the running of a family, and or family money or business.

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RN, LOL... you outdid yourself with this one!

MR2 said I am PMSL so much, I should invest in Depends....

On a serious note, the women who follow the Democrats like lemmings are just plain idiots.  They are used by that party, solely for their votes and their vaginas.  

RN, your post is well taken and absolutely accurate.  However, I wish the Dems would bring the Lil' Fluker back because she is so much fun (not that I know what I mean).



"I’m trying to do everything I can for an election" - Sandra Fluke

I'll bet she is...

Yep Mr. Two.  And she is supposed to be a normal college student.  That brings back my college days - my protests, presidents calling me, endless TV shows wanting me on, taking endless time off of school to help a candidate that is destroying America.  I mean, we all did that, no?

By the way, where would we find Mr. 1?  And also ... is there a Mr. 007?

Mike Romeo Two was my old callsign once upon a time.

Thanks.  There is often a story behind names from creative people, such as you.  I use the nickname Hunter a lot.  Why?  It was an alias I took in the unknown rock band I played in for two years at dances and lounges, while trying to pay my way through college.  I was Ron Hunter.  And so it brings back memories of a unique time in my life.  The "N" in my alias is meaningless.  It simply means that RHunter was not available. 

Hah.....I still say it means open season on nurses.

I must admit that never occurred to me. LOL 

I asked RN that way back on Glenn Beck's original 912 Project website!

BWAAA HAAAA HAAAA!!!!  10 people who took time out of their busy day of protesting to attend.....a protest.

What a joke she is.

Good post RN. .. ... However, this stupid fake war on women is just that.. .

No woman that I have ever known, has had the gumption to do whatever she wants to do, no matter what. ..

No woman in America, can say, (one with sense, that is), that they do not have a 'choice' as to what they do with their own body.

Can you get contraceptives? Can you have access to medication? Can you see a doctor? Can you carry a child if you want to? Can you have an abortion if you want it? Can you remain single? Can you get married? Can you be a single parent? Can you choose to be chaste? Can you be a prostitute and sell your body? .. .. .. .. .. Name me one thing a woman cannot do in relation to what she does, or does not choose to do with her own body?

The Democrats have made an issue out of a situation that does not exist.

You make some good points Terry.

I do believe the real war on women is by the Muslims, whom the UN, US Media and Obama just love. 





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