GOP Health Care Bill Is Pulled!!!!!! Ryan Concedes: Yes, Things Need To Be Changed For Obamacare Replacement Bill To Pass The House

Ryan Concedes: Yes, Things Need To Be Changed For Obamacare Replacement Bill To Pass The House

House Speaker Paul Ryan admitted that the GOP health care replacement bill has to change in order for it to pass the House. The Congressional Budget Office scored the legislation and found that premiums wouldn’t be curbed, and that over 20 million people would be without insurance by 2020. That prompted moderate Republicans to start pulling support. Conservatives already didn’t like it, describing it as Obamacare lite. The most expensive portion, Medicaid expansion, was left intact. To make the bill more palatable, the Republican Study Committee offered two amendments that would add work requirements and cap new Medicaid enrollment by 2018. Yet, that proved to be another obstacle for moderate GOP lawmakers. Democrats are unified against it. Right now, this bill is on life support, despite Ryan being confident that he would get 218 votes to pass this legislation.

In the Senate, Sens. Rob Portman (R-OH), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Cory Gardner (R-CO), and Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stating that Medicaid expansion has to remain untouched for their support. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) warned his House colleagues that voting on a bill that has no shot in the Senate could nuke the Republican majority. As conservatives stormed Congress to remind Republicans what they promised concerning Obamacare yesterday, I’m sure they’d be a little happier about this development from the speaker. It looks like it’s no longer a binary choice, though Ryan wouldn’t discuss the details of what's going to be changed in the bill (via WaPo):

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Wednesday that his health-care proposal must change to pass the House, marking a significant retreat from his earlier position that the carefully crafted legislation would fail if altered.

The shift came after a private meeting of House Republicans from which Ryan (R-Wis.) emerged to tell reporters that his proposal to revise the Affordable Care Act would “incorporate feedback” from the rank-and-file. Ryan attributed the change of strategy to the effect of an analysis issued Monday by the Congressional Budget Office. Among other details prompting a fresh round of criticism of the proposal was a projection that 14 million fewer Americans would be insured after one year under the Republican plan.

Ryan backed away Wednesday from his previous rhetoric of calling the measure’s fate a “binary choice” for Republican lawmakers.

“Now that we have our score . . . we can make some necessary improvements and refinements to the bill,” he said, referring to the CBO’s estimate of the effect on the number of those covered by health insurance and what the GOP proposal would cost.

Ryan did not detail what changes are under consideration.

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Agree!  Let's see if this passes and if it does, what happens in phase II and III.  However, my trust that Congress will do any more than phase I is pretty thin or should I say transparent?

Repeal Obamacare Pledge:  The Signers

If your reps’ names are on this…and they’re voting for the House’s Non-Repeal bill…ask them why they ‘pledged’ if they didn’t really mean it.

Here's an article about my Congressman, who has said he's voting FOR:

Don Bacon Signs ObamaCare Repeal Pledge

"ObamaCare is a liberal policy disaster that continues to hurt Nebraska families and small businesses," said Don Bacon. "The one size fits all, cookie cutter approach from Washington, D.C is not working. Individuals and families should have more options and be the primary voice with their own healthcare and that's why I'm in favor of repealing ObamaCare and instituting free-market reforms that reduce health care costs."

"The Repeal Pledge was designed as a litmus test to help the American public understand which candidates and office holders are serious about repeal, versus those who claim to be but won't actually take action," continued Higgins.  "With this commitment, Don Bacon passes that test."

Passing this bill is about a win for the party...not a win for the people.  Call.  They're voting today. 


I really am so happy they pulled this dang bill, Jodi!


Paul Ryan Holds Press Conference After GOP Health Care Bill Is Pulled

Republican leaders on Friday were unsuccessful in getting enough votes to pass the GOP's ObamaCare replacement bill.

During a press conference this afternoon, House Speaker Paul Ryan said they "just couldn't quite get consensus today."

He said he felt it was wisest to pull the bill, instead of sending it to a vote.

Ryan said it is difficult moving from an opposition party to a governing party.

"We're feeling those growing pains today," he said.

He said Americans will now have ObamaCare "for the foreseeable future," and he predicts it will only get worse and worse.

Ryan says that now they are going to go fix "the rest of the tax code."

Paul Ryan's opening statement sucked.  He sounds like a loser.  He admitted he doesn't know how to win.  

I'm glad this was pulled. When the President said he was done negotiating, I knew it would fail or be pulled. He called their bluff, and I read or heard (gosh it's all a blur) that he should have backed away from some of what was proposed.  He is always willing to walk and I'm glad he did.  Presidet Reagan walked away from Rejkevik too. 

Thu Tids 3/23/17 What Constituents Are Telling Conservative Lawmakers About GOP Health Care Bill


What Constituents Are Telling Conservative Lawmakers About GOP Health Care Bill


“A large majority of constituents contacting Congressman [Jim] Jordan about [the American Health Care Act] are opposed to it,” said Darin Miller, a spokesman for Jordan, R-Ohio. Jordan was formerly chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, a group of conservative lawmakers.


Alexei Woltornist, the communications director for Rep. Warren Davidson, R-Ohio, told The Daily Signal the congressman has received almost no phone calls from constituents in favor of the American Health Care Act.


“Last I checked the count, we received almost 300 calls opposed and only one in favor,” said Woltornist.


After White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed Republican legislators would “pay a price at home” if they did not vote for the American Health Care Act, Alyssa Farah, the communications director for current House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows tweeted that the North Carolina GOP congressman’s phone had been “ringing off the hook” with constituents calling to thank him for his opposition against the Republican health care bill.


Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., said he received 275 phone calls from constituents advocating opposition of what he calls “Obamacare Lite,” and only four calls in support of the American Health Care Act.

Keeping the promise.


Outside Groups Pledge Millions To Back GOP Holdouts On Healthcare Reform


Freedom Partners and Americans for Prosperity will put seven figures behind a political action committee supporting members of Congress who vote against the healthcare reform legislationbacked by President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.


“The bill as it stands today is Obamacare 2.0,” said James Davis, executive vice president of Freedom Partners. “Republicans have been promising to fully repeal Obamacare since it became law. This bill doesn’t do that.”


“We will stand with lawmakers who keep their promise and oppose this legislation – and work toward a solution that reduces costs and provides Americans with the relief they need and deserve,” he added.



“We want to make certain that lawmakers understand the policy consequences of voting for a law that keeps Obamacare intact,” AFP president Tim Phillips said. “We have a history of following up and holding politicians accountable, but we will also be there to support and thank the champions who stand strong and keep their promise.”


Read more:




Republicans rebelling against health care risk Trump's wrath


White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told holdout lawmakers Wednesday: "You all have to vote for this. We've got to do this. I know you don't like it, but you have to vote for this,"according to several representatives present. The comment came after Trump told a group Tuesday that "many of you will lose your seats in 2018" if Republicans don't pass a health care bill.


Hey Steve…they don’t HAVE to do anything just because you said so.  Obviously, Steve doesn’t understand keeping a promise to constituents.



‘We’re trying to SAVE HIM!’ – Rep. Massie says GOP bill will make Trump a one-termer


Republican Rep. Massie from Kentucky says if the GOP replacement bill goes through that Trump will be a one-term president.


Massie says they have 30 members who are absolute NOs, and they are not changing, despite the sunny comments by the White House and Paul Ryan.


This will be really interesting as Trump is threatening to push some of them out of their seats if the bill doesn’t pass. So it looks like we’ll go back to the days of Trump attacking Republicans more than he is Democrats….


vid (4:52):


McConnell to Senate Republicans: I’d hate to be you if AHCA fails

I might say the same to Yurtle if it doesn’t.




Immigration provision cut from Obamacare rollback, angering conservatives


Some conservatives in Washington were fuming on Tuesday after an Obamacare rollback bill was tweaked by Republican leaders to delete a provision meant to crack down on illegal immigrants getting federal healthcare insurance coverage.


The provision would have allowed the Treasury Department to access data at the Department of Homeland Security to verify that healthcare tax credits went only to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, not to illegal immigrants.


In a largely procedural move, it was dropped from the bill after the Senate Parliamentarian determined that the Senate Finance Committee, which handles tax credits under the bill, does not have purview over the Department of Homeland Security.


GOP Plan Doesn’t Cure Health Fears for Small Businesses

Proposed legislation may lead to higher costs, especially for older...


Millions of veterans could be ineligible to receive tax credits und...

With just the stroke of a pen, some legislative staffer would force millions of veterans to rely on the VA for their healthcare whether they want it or not.


As Republicans Debate Health Bill, Let’s Remember Why Americans Want Obamacare Repeal

While Obamacare has been politically polarizing from the beginning, the broader public opposition to the law is not driven mainly by partisan animus.



Rather, the “why” of repeal primarily stems from public opposition to the law’s basic construct, reinforced by people’s negative experiences with the law’s consequences.


Obamacare’s basic construct is to take control of private health plans and convert them into off-budget extensions of federal programs.




Obamacare: Rip It Out By Its Roots

Rep. Steve King


In the wake of this presidential election it has become abundantly clear that the American people have overwhelmingly rejected Obamacare time and time again. Now that Republicans have control of the House and the Senate as well as a Trump presidency, we should take swift action to fulfill our promise to We the People by first repealing this unconstitutional and egregious law passed by hook, crook and legislative shenanigan.


The bottom line is all revenue generating legislation must start in the House. The Senate violated that principle in the very creation of Obamacare by tearing a bill number off an unrelated, non-revenue generating bill from the House and pasting it onto the 2000 page Obamacare legislation.


As Thomas Paine once so eloquently put it, “A constitution defines and limits the powers of the government it creates. It therefore follows, as a natural and also a logical result, that the governmental exercise of any power, not authorized by the constitution, is an assumed power, and therefore illegal.” It is time all three branches of government adhere to the power and the lack thereof as outlined for us by the supreme law of the land, our Constitution. Obamacare should be repealed in its entirety, ripped out by the roots “as if such Act had not been enacted.” The American people have spoken. Congress is compelled to repeal.


Read more:



Will Moderates Be The Ones To Sink The Obamacare Repeal Bill?


Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, one of the co-chairs of the Tuesday Group, released a statement following the meeting announcing he would vote no against the measure in its current form.


“After careful deliberation, I cannot support the bill and will oppose it. I believe this bill, in its current form, will lead to the loss of coverage and make insurance unaffordable for too many Americans, particularly for low-to-moderate income and older individuals,” Dent wrote, encouraging leadership to push back the vote.


“It was a productive meeting, obviously the Freedom Caucus has presented what it will take for them to make it to yeses, and I think there are a lot of members who will now have to evaluate things,” Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania, one of the few moderates who didn’t leave out the back entrance, said while exiting the late-night Tuesday Group meeting.


Read more:


Eight Senate Republicans Could Oppose GOP Healthcare Bill

This will be a heavy lift for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. But he and President Trump will lift it. Watch and see. As I’ve said, it’s must-pass legislation for Trump, and it will pass. I’ve seen this movie many times.


Trump Publishes 1st List of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Protecting Illegal Aliens


In an attempt to increase pressure on sanctuary cities, the Department of Homeland Security has published its first weekly list of all 118 localities refusing to cooperate with the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.


Each week, the list will publish every detention request rejected by local jails — detailing the relevant agency, the status of the immigrant, and the charges they are facing.


The first report was published this Monday, listing 206 cases in which illegal aliens were arrested and consequently released from jail without charge, despite recommendations from the Immigration and Crime Enforcement agency (ICE) to detain them for at least 48 hours.


The cases listed took place between January 28th to February 3rd, Donald Trump’s second week in office.


Sanctuary Travis County, Texas Released 142 Criminal Illegal Aliens In Just One Week, Says ICE


Many of those illegals who were released had already been convicted of sexual assault, aggravated assault, home invasion or domestic violence. If any of those released commit additional violent crimes, Sheriff Hernandez should be charged with aiding and abetting or, at the very least, dereliction of duty. Click on the link to see a spreadsheet of the various charges and convictions.



AWESOME: Greg Abbott OUTS Texas county ignoring ICE requests and RELEASING CRIMINAL ILLEGALS


Texas Governor Greg Abbott put this report on his website yesterdaymaking sure his constituents know that Travis county is not only ignoring ICE requests to detain criminal illegals and is setting them free, but that they are the worst offender in the country:


“Texas will act to put an end to sanctuary policies that put the lives of our citizens at risk.”


I love the resolve in his statement to put an end to this criminal activity by the Travis County sheriff’s department.


He summed it up in his tweet on this as “Not for long”:


Travis Co. ‘worst offender’ in U.S. in releasing charged undocumented immigrants. <—NOT FOR LONG. #SB4 ends this.

    — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) March 21, 2017



Maryland Lawmakers Pass Bill To Curb Immigration Enforcement

Supporters say the measure is designed to maintain the trust of immigrant communities.


Maryland’s House of Delegates on Monday approved legislation to bar police statewide from checking the immigration status of individuals they arrest or keeping them locked up longer than otherwise warranted at the request of federal agents seeking to deport them.


The state Senate in Annapolis, which like the lower house of the General Assembly is controlled by Democrats, has yet to consider the bill, and Republican Governor Larry Hogan issued a statement vowing to veto the measure if it reached his desk.


“This legislation would interfere with our state and local law enforcement’s ability to cooperate with federal law enforcement authorities,” Hogan said.


Focus on Border Wall as Visa Overstays Create Illegal Immigrant Crisis


While the Trump administration focuses on securing the southern border, most illegal immigrants enter the United States legally and stay after their visa expires, a new study reveals. That’s because,incredibly, the U.S. doesn’t have an adequate system to assure the foreigners leave when they’re supposed to. This has been a serious problem for years and in fact some of the 9/11 hijackers overstayed their visa to plan the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. More than a decade and a half later little has changed. Securing the famously porous southern border is essential to national security but so is a reliable system that cracks down on visa overstays.


How bad is the problem? More than half of the undocumented people living in the U.S. entered the country with visas that expired, according to a report issued this month by a New York-based think tank dedicated to studying international migration. The study analyzes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) statistics from 2014 and finds that two-thirds of foreigners who arrived did not cross the border illegally, but rather were admitted on non-immigrant temporary visas and overstayed their period of admission or otherwise violated the terms of their visas. “Overstays accounted for about two-thirds (66 percent) of those who arrived (i.e., joined the undocumented population) in 2014,” the report states.


Let's start enrolling illegal criminals at Sidwell Friends School

It's time ruling-class upper-crusters felt the consequences of their love affair with open borders.


With a Note from the Boss, Illegals in Kansas Get Tax Refunds


The state of Kansas' finances are in tatters, but it nonetheless explicitly allows illegal aliens, using criminally obtained Social Security numbers, to receive state income tax refunds. There is a minor catch — the SSN thief has to have a note from his or her employer if the use of the bad SSN is noticed by Kansas tax collectors before the refund can be paid.


So, on one hand, an illegal alien worker who uses a phony SSN can get money from the state, money that might have gone to the state's beleaguered schools, while simultaneously a double standard has been set for employers: A knowing employer of an illegal can preserve a tax benefit for his illegal workers (thus lessening pressure on him to raise wages) while the unknowing (and perhaps innocent) employer of other illegals gets no such indirect benefit.


Sounds like Alice in Wonderland.


Here’s What the US Can Do When Countries Won’t Take Back Illegal Immigrants


I recently spoke about that with Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, who represents a Texas district where many illegal immigrants cross the border.


Sharyl Attkisson: What is the issue with criminals that we want to deport being taken back by their home nations?


Rep. Henry Cuellar: There are about 30 countries that have been very difficult to work with that won’t take back their criminals, but at the same time we’re issuing business visas or student visas to those countries. So while we’re giving them the opportunity to come to the United States, they’re refusing, should I say, to take back the criminal aliens that belong to those countries. We found out that there’s a law already that allows us to hold those visas if a country’s not planning to take back their criminals.


Attkisson: We’re not enforcing that law?


Cuellar: We’re not enforcing it, which is amazing. So now my intent is to go back to our committee on appropriations and affect their funding until they do that. As you know, it gets a little more complicated because the U.S. Supreme court has said you can only keep those individuals for a period of time; then you have got to release them and when you release them, that means you’re releasing criminals into our streets because those countries refuse to take back those criminal aliens. That’s wrong. And especially I think it’s even worse that this is already on the books, and we’re still issuing business tourist visas and student visas to countries that refuse to take back their criminal aliens. That’s wrong, and we’re hoping to change that.


Vid (4:02):


This Law Puts Homeowners at Risk of Property Rights Violations

… more assets were seized under civil forfeiture proceedings than were stolen in all of the burglaries that took place in the United States in 2014.

You gotta read this.


Renters Now Rule Half of U.S. Cities

The American Dream increasingly involves a lease, not a mortgage.


Americans Dying With an Average of $62K Debt...



Attorney: No intention for Ivanka to PARTICIPATE in classified matters…


Yesterday we told you about Ivanka Trump getting a West Wing office and a security clearance for access to classified information, which I found bothersome.


Well according to Ivanka’s attorney, via CBS White House reporter Mark Knoller, there’s no intention for Ivanka to actually participate in classified matters:


Attorney to @IvankaTrump says she will be getting a security clearance to go along with her West Wing office. But won't be a WH employee.

    — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 21, 2017


"Ivanka will advise her father and assist on initiatives that are important to her." Will abide by ethics regs, says atty Jamie Gorelick.

    — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 21, 2017


Gorelick says no intention for Ivanka to participate in classified matters, but will understand rules for handling classified material.

    — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 21, 2017


I’m not exactly sure what that means. Talking to her dad (and husband) about classified matters sounds a lot like participating to me. Perhaps they mean she won’t be in the Situation Room or in National Security briefings or something like that. Either way, she’s still getting the clearance and will be discussing classified matters with her father and husband.


Somehow this assurance from her lawyer doesn’t make me feel much better about this.  Whatever.

Feds Paid Judge for 4 Years After Arrest for Drunken Assault

Judge earned $500,000 from SSA during paid leave


The Social Security Administration paid a judge for four years after he was arrested for assault, costing taxpayers $500,000.


The inspector general for the administration released an audit last week documenting abuses of the paid time off system. The audit identified 46 federal employees who received an average of 2,000 hours of paid administrative leave over a seven-year period.


On average, the employees were paid for 261 days to not work, which amounts to a full employment year.


In one egregious case, an administrative law judge (ALJ) was paid for 865.75 days after he was arrested for drunkenly assaulting a female security officer. The judge still earned his roughly $125,000 salary while he was suspended.


VA Inspector General: Suicide hotline left some veterans on hold up to 30 minutes



Flashback: London Mayor Says Terrorism Is 'Part And Parcel Of Livin...

CRAZY LADIES (questionable on 'ladies')

Maxine Waters: 'Get Ready for Impeachment'


Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) warned her followers on Twitter Tuesday morning to get ready for President Donald Trump's impeachment.


Waters has not made it clear why she is warning Trump he will be impeached, but she has frequently accused Trump of having a "Kremlin clan," and believes he colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.


Waters kept her Tuesday tweet to four words: "Get ready for impeachment."


Oh, Maxine…bless your heart.


Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Seem To Know Who The Leader Of The Democratic Party Is

Vid (:45)  Botox poi…soning


Your Goofy Tweet Of The Day Courtesy Of Susan Rice

Two words for Sue...."Ben Ghazi"

Safe space organizer doesn’t ‘feel safe’ describing event


Last week, Campus Reform reported that Colgate University had hosted a safe space for students to “share emotions” about President Trump’s latest executive order on immigration.


Campus Reform reached out to Woohee Kim, a student at Colgate who was listed as the point of contact for information about the safe space, but Kim declined to answer any questions, saying she didn’t “feel safe” sharing information about the safe space.


“I don't know what institution you are affiliated with and I don't feel safe sharing what happened,” Kim wrote in an email. “I apologize!”



“I want to congratulate the Freedom Caucus, the true constitutional conservatives, the true patriots, for stopping this disastrous bill from passing,” Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin said Friday evening on the radio.

The American Health Care Act, or RINOcare, was defeated today as Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc. pulled the bill from the floor of the House of Representatives before it could go up for a vote. The Obamacare repeal-in-name-only bill didn’t have enough votes to pass, largely because of the Freedom Caucus’ refusal to break their promise to the American people.


I thanked the Freedom Caucus today! 

THANK YOU for standing up for Americans and not compromising your principles!

Me too Robin! I am so thankful that they have our backs.

I would love to see Jim Jordan replace Paul Ryan for Speaker. Really like him a lot. They are the ONLY ones in Congress that actually care! The rest can go to hell as far as I am concerned. 

I am disappointed:

1. That we still have Obamacare.

2.  That even with seven years of preparation time the Republicans wasted 99% of it.

3.  That the Republicans write legislation as if they are cramming for freshman final exams.

4.  That the Republican leadership in both houses did not coordinate an approach that included input from members of both houses.

5.  That the republican party has not learned how to sell what they are trying to do.

6.  That republican leadership "knows" what should be in legislation better than the people who elected them to office.

7.  That republican leadership asks the people what is important to them and then ignores it.

Performance in other areas better improve markedly or there will be another "people's revolt" a la tea party.

I too am very disappointed that they didn't just do a full repeal first. A clean bill for repeal. Jim Jordan introduced just that for a full repeal. 

  After listening to these so-called learned pundits on FOX last night, I had to turn my mind and channel elsewhere, an old recorded Hee Haw did the trick. Listening to one commentator after another state that the pulling of the new health care bill from a vote was a "miserable failure" for the Republicans.  I never heard any of them say it was a remarkable success for Conservatives and the American people who voted for Donald Trump and the majority Republican houses of congress.  This is how congress is supposed to work, it's entire existence is based on working for the people, and that's exactly what happened.  Now, perhaps they can work on a real repeal and replace proposal and maybe even get it right this time.

  We do need to understand how we arrived at this point in congress in order to understand why, who and where.  I know that our congress had 6 long years to work on a way to repeal and replace the failing and flailing Obama Care.  I also remember Paul (RINO) Ryan saying throughout the presidential campaign that we're ready with a replacement and it can be implemented on day one of the new president's administration.  However, we need to back up several of months.  The Republican's golden boy was Jeb Bush, not Donald Trump.  The establishment Republican's knew that Jeb wouldn't stand a chance against Hillary Robb'em Clinton.  There was not a single establishment Republican that ever even remotely considered that Donald Trump would become the Republican nominee.  Once the Trump movement began to pick up steam, the Republican elites sat back, some scoffed and many vowed that they wouldn't and couldn't support their own nominee, this included Speaker Paul Ryan.  One thing the establishment Republicans were sure of was that Donald Trump would never become president of the United States.  Although they feigned minor support when Trump was actually nominated, they never meant any of it, and more than a few Republicans earnestly worked hard to put their own nominee in a bad light.  Why did they do this you ask?  Well, it wasn't so much their dislike for this brazen outsider, it was because of the fact that Donald Trump was going to shake things up in D.C., and that wasn't what they had in mind. So, when they realized that Trump was actually in the running, and also realized that they would be the majority in both houses, they also realized that "We the People" not only hired them to take us to the Super Bowl of government control, the people also expected a Super Bowl Win, because "We the People" handed them the ball.  With ball in hand for the first time our beloved establishment Republicans didn't have any idea which way to run.  They were much more accustomed to fumbling and turning the ball over to the Democrats.

  Being perfect losers became a way of life for our Republicans in congress, and believe it or not most of those Republicans were very comfortable in their loser status.  So here they were, completely baffled when "We the People" managed to get Donald Trump into the White House by defeating Hillary Clinton, which by the way wasn't what either side of the aisle wanted to happen.  It didn't work out for the Republicans, and it surely didn't work out very well for the Democrats either.  It was the Democrats that fumbled the ball right into the Republican's hands, but the Republican's didn't want the ball, because when the ball is in your hands, the fans expect you to capitalize on it.  The Republicans weren't prepared for majority status in both houses and they never in a million years expected to win the White House, so they never practiced for the success.  Paul Ryan didn't expect he would ever have to actually show this big Obama Care repeal and replace bill, so he never had one, he was bluffing the American people the entire time.  After Donald Trump got elected Ryan and his establishment cronies were between a rock and a hard place.  Donald Trump wanted to see this awesome bill that Paul Ryan supposedly had ready to implement on day one.  You can't show the people and the new president a bill that doesn't exist.  So for a couple of weeks the scramble was on to cobble something together that looked new, but in essence, it wasn't new.  It was simply a different view of the same debacle we've been watching fail for 5 years.

  Benjamin Franklin once said "if you continue to give free everything to the poor, they'll become comfortable in their poverty."  That's what has happened in America, but that's for another time.  Right now we have to consider that our establishment Republicans have been losers for so long, that they have found a way to be comfortable there.  Sitting back, occasionally speaking out against the Liberal Left but knowing they couldn't stop the Left, did nothing but promise they could if only they had the control.  Wholeheartedly they made promises to the people they didn't ever expect to have to keep.  Those promises did get them reelected and in the money.  How sweet was that?  Nothing we can do about it, it's the Democrats that are running the show.  You can see how that loser mindset can take over even the most ardent of politicians who ran as conservative, but D.C. establishment convinced them being a loser isn't all that bad and the pay and perks are pretty good, and there are no decisions to be made, therefore no responsibility to be shouldered.  That's why there was no great and awesome repeal and replace bill that President Trump was led to believe existed.  Our Republicans in office " became comfortable losers".  Hopefully more true patriot conservatives will align themselves with the Freedom Caucus, and things may change, but only with Divine Intervention, and the elimination of immorality in congress.





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