Republicans AWOL as Obama digs in his heels on terrorist infiltration of U.S.

With barely a word of protest from the Republican Congress, Barack Obama is crushing the rights of 35 governors to keep potential terrorists out of their states.

That's why I've attached an Instant Public Opinion Poll: Muslim Refugees in Your State for you to complete and return at once.

This morning Fed Up Political Action Committee is in touch with you and like-minded Americans to make one thing clear to Congress:

the overwhelming public support for these courageous governors faced with Obama's suicidal plan to place 100,000 Muslim refugees in America.

Mr. Obama claims absolute power to bring into our country anyone he wants and put them anywhere he pleases no matter what the risk.

The rights of elected officials like 35 governors across the nation to refuse Muslim refugees do not concern him.

Instead of defending these governors in the face of threats from the Obama administration, the majority Republican Congress is mostly silent.

Instead of working to shut down Obama's dangerous refugee program, they are passing toothless legislation that will do nothing to stop terrorists from infiltrating America among the 100,000 Muslim refugees Mr. Obama plans to bring in.

Bill, the next election year is only a few weeks away.

Congress is finally coming under citizen pressure to slam the brakes on the massive wave of Muslims headed to America.

That pressure will only get stronger when it is backed up with Instant Poll results from hundreds of thousands of Americans in every state and congressional district.

That's why it is so important we receive your completed Poll before Congress returns in January.

So please click through to the Instant Public Opinion Poll: Muslim Refugees in Your State and return it to Fed Up PAC today. Even though the Muslim population in America is doubling every ten years, that's not fast enough for Mr. Obama to finish his campaign promise of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

He wants to bring in at least another 100,000 Muslims from the Middle East over the next two years.

In his rush to complete a campaign promise, Mr. Obama is committing America to nothing less than a policy of national suicide.

ISIS, the Muslim terrorist group that murdered 130 people in Paris, France, last month claims to have "trained soldiers" already placed in 15 U.S. states.

A new report from the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest details 12 cases of refugees in our country with connections to terrorism this year alone.

Bill, all it takes is one.

Even one bloodthirsty hate-America "lone wolf" ISIS fanatic with an AK-47 could gun down within a matter of seconds dozens of women and children at a school, supermarket or a parade.

Put together seven or eight terrorists posing as "refugees" and you have the same number of gunmen and suicide bombers that left 130 dead in Paris.

Don't forget that two of the ISIS terrorists who attacked Paris entered Europe disguised as refugees from Syria or some other Middle East country.

Still, Mr. Obama ridicules Americans like you and me who oppose him.

He accuses us of being afraid of "widows and orphans."

But no widows or orphans took part in the November 13 Paris killing rampage.

Instead the gunmen and suicide bombers in that attack were able-bodied young men of military age.

According to one estimate, that description applies to 77 percent of the Middle East refugees who poured into Europe this past summer.

Common sense Americans - like the governors that are standing up to Obama - don't want to risk allowing the same element into this country.

After all, FBI Director James Comey in congressional testimony last month warned that his agency does not have the resources for detailed background checks on the 10,000 Muslim refugees Obama is bringing in right now.

The Republicans' phony American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE Act) guided through the U.S. House by Speaker Ryan and pending action in the U.S. Senate won't do a thing in response to Director Comey's warning.

U.S. Senator and stalwart defender of homeland security Jeff Sessions describes it this way:

"The current proposal being considered in the House in response to the President's dangerous plan - the American SAFE Act - fails to defend the interests of the American people. The American SAFE Act allows the President to continue to bring in as many refugees as he wants from anywhere he wants."

Instead, the SAFE Act was nothing more than a show vote - a way for establishment Republicans to vote like they are getting tough with Obama when in reality their vote was meaningless.

Fortunately, governors in 35 states refuse to play political games with the Washington establishment.

These governors take seriously their responsibility to protect their fellow citizens.

Despite threats of "enforcement action" by Obama's Office of Refugee Resettlement, these governors are not backing down.

Whether or not congressional Republicans leave them twisting in the wind depends on your immediate action.

Please complete the Instant Public Opinion Poll: Muslim Refugees in Your State and send it back to Fed Up PAC at once.

Right now is the perfect time to jumpstart the 2016 election year by bombarding Congress with Poll results.

Fed Up PAC specializes in generating this kind of citizen pressure.

We know from experience that turning up the heat on elected officials gets their attention - especially when it's early in an election year.

Please return your completed Poll right away.

So far 35 governors say they will not accept thousands of Muslim refugees.

The Obama administration is moving fast to eliminate this opposition.

Your completed Poll makes it crystal clear to congressional Republicans that grassroots Americans expect them to support these governors and to use the "power of the purse" to cut off taxpayer funding to Muslim refugees pouring into America.

Please go here to complete your Instant Poll today.


The FedUp PAC Grassroots Team

P.S. Bill, Obama's hypocrisy is shameful. His administration is threatening governors who want to keep out Muslim refugees but it turns a blind eye to so-called sanctuary cities where liberal mayors refuse to enforce immigration laws.

Your answers on the Instant Public Opinion Poll: Muslim Refugees in Your State will help turn up the pressure on Congress to stand with these courageous governors as they defy Obama. Please let me hear from you today.

Paid for by FedUp PAC
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee
9625 Surveyor Ct, #400, Manassas, VA 20110
Contributions to FedUp PAC are not deductible for income tax purposes

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I will be tweeting this out, JB! Thanks for posting this instant poll! 

We must keep pressure on the Republican party.





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