There aren't masses of soldiers along some border, or oppressing a nation's people by some physical abuse or intimidating numbers, Humanists aren't that overt.

No, instead the U.N. is claiming a time of negotiations regarding Syria (some nation that is backing a faction has influence in the U.N., go figure), irrespective of Syria's still having an existing and present President and government, not that I am for or against him (though he did desperately try to protect the Christians in Syria), but that we probably shouldn't overlook what's happening here as far as the U.N. and their assumptions of power.

Syria is a sovereign nation. I am not aware of Syria being a Constitutional Republic like America, or a Social Democracy like most of the rest of the civilized world, but instead, essentially a Democratic Kingdom where the “majority” is who has the majority of the wealth, the actual example of what Progressives erroneously claim about wealthy Free Market Americans and American corporations. The difference being that the wealth in Syria has direct use of force (a government power) whereas wealth in America has to lobby for favor of government, because the government gutted Individual Liberty with the 14th Amendment and Free Enterprise in the 1890's by passage of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in every effort to make both subservient existences, and government hasn't looked back (to being Constitutional) since.

But, setting the Progressive lack of appreciation of Individual Liberty and education on American History aside, Syria is a sovereign nation like any other, and it defies all reason why the U.N. can dictate when factions must negotiate, what factions can or can't be present, and whatever else will set a Humanist Religious-blessed terms of a peace agreement, such as the draft currently also containing a provision that “elections will [mandatory] be held in 18 months.” Doesn't this place the sword of Damocles over the head of every nation? And why should a nation, like America, where the People are the Sovereign authority (See Justice James Wilson, have to ever be concerned with the U.N.? Apparently, because anyone belonging to the U.N. agrees to be a subject nation to a Master Humanist World Order. Notice I didn't say “New World Order” because America was the last of the “New World” and we are the New World Order, an order of Declarations of Independence Proclaiming the supremacy of Individual Liberty and breaking all ties to the Feudal Political system and proclaim all rightful rule is solely by consent of the governed; An order of a Constitution painstakingly written to limit government and achieve consent of the governed by ratification of the States and the People themselves; a Constitution that, for the first time in history made the People their own Lawgiver. (See the entire Federalist Papers, citing one volume would be a disservice to this Sovereign power of Constitutional Republican, means representative, government.)

But, as the U.N. seems to assert this assumed power every time that it can inject a “Humanitarian Aid” and “violations of Human Rights” by every faction, which is the natural result of civil wars almost always funded by foreigners and foreign interests backing each faction, it is a Humanist imposition taking place to undermine the opportunity of the people themselves to rise in their own Right of Self-Government based on their people and their beliefs without a Master Humanist World Order's boot on their neck.

Islam is not something I agree with, nor do I even see it as a faith (see, but I will never deny another the right to believe as they want to believe! A nation has a right to be governed as its people will tolerate. That Americans had nowhere to run, not that they wanted to as the option didn't exist so it wouldn't matter, we fought against all odds and won to establish the first and only Constitutional Republic, with an economic system of equal opportunity for all who would pursue their self-interest: survival of themselves and their family, for as many generations as they can foresee. Every nation deserves the opportunity, as many as possible, for their People to rise on their own in Individual Liberty and claim their Jeffersonian Majority of 1.

Syrians may wish this themselves, and may have for a long time, but never finding a means of successfully asserting their will over a government that oppresses them, likely due to Humanist interventions such as this U.N. imposition that thwart them before they gain their own Will. Taken in context of how a people rise to Freedom, it's clear the U.N. doesn't get to decide. Wouldn't we be first to assert the U.N. has no authority, uniting on that principle, if similar to what happened in Syria happened in America?

Important to ask: What nations came and attacked us during the Civil War to take land from our nation? What countries met to then dictate to Lincoln how things will be? Anyone arriving at, “but the U.N. didn't exist then,” oh how right you are, so then who did exist? Why didn't they create a U.N. then? I do sort of ask in a lawyerly way (though I am no lawyer), knowing the answer to the question before I ask it (keep reading). I ask in pointing you to look outside concern for what existed then as compared to now instead of assuming some conclusion by some recognition of what exists today, the vein of some great pronouncement in counter-argument. The facts of the historical record is more important than noting what exists today as though its non-existence was due to some lack of evolution of man – it isn't.

The whole modern day, the U.N. is a con-job.

I'll illustrate through Humanist H.G. Wells. Though he wrote of Christianity in relation to Socialism, Wells was a student of Darwinism, In reading that you'll find he had worked with 2 “Huxleys,” one an educator described as “Darwin's chief disciple” and the other a collaborator, well-known Humanist Sir Julian Huxley – likely related to the other Huxley but not mentioned in article.

Why is this important? How does this show the Humanist Religious Order has no respect for Individual Liberty and places their beliefs and concepts of Humanity above all? In short (and to only mention the opening paragraph of above link goes right into eugenics), the U.N. derived from the League of Nations. Guess who began the process of forming the League of Nations? A: H.G. Wells,, part 2,

To solidify understanding the con I'll use a paragraph from one of the above cited article links:

Wells soon became a writer and, in his long career, authored over 100 books, including such classic best-selling science fiction (a genre he largely invented) as The Time Machine (1895), The Invisible Man (1897), The War of the Worlds (1898) and The First Man on the Moon (1901). He also published much general fiction, and later branched out into other areas, including history and science. His best-selling (and still in print) Outline of History (1920), and the four-volume The Science of Life (1931), in which he and his eldest son, George Phillip Wells, collaborated with Sir Julian Huxley, sold very well. The Outline of History alone has sold over two million copies.[fn. omitted] Both The Outline and Science of Life went into great detail to defend the Darwinist worldview.[fn. omitted]” -

Can you say “self-fulfilling prophesy?” If you're a fiction writer and gain a level of acclaim and influence, isn't it immortality to be responsible for forming a Master Humanist World Order over all the World's People that pursues the designs of the future you authored since you were part and parcel to a World Government's formation?

Thus, by the simple self-interest of a science-fiction writer, without lobbying or some extensive expense as is often claimed of so-called greedy capitalists, our lives, the lives of everyone in the world, our nations and the governments we put in place to run them, whether entirely voluntary or not, are mere stages of a Master Humanist World Government fiction story written by H.G. Wells, a real story of self-destruction of our Freedom, a hyper-real simulation of slavery that is so real it's governing our lives. Just ask a sole survivor of a Syrian Christian family that lived in the same town for 2,000 years and just wants to go home, but whose home is destroyed along with his whole town, their relatives and children beheaded. What's real and what's fiction in this Humanist world?

Tell me how this isn't exactly the western intrusion into the private affairs of a nation's people in the eyes of people who practice islam who, I believe as well as I, do not appreciate the Humanist Religion's intrusion into our dictating our own lives.

Religious Freedom is where islam has common ground with any other religion, if and when they appreciate that, though other religions aren't paying attention to the Humanist Religion's use of government force to establish their Religious order, no religion other than Humanism is overtly trying to stamp out all other religions, Faith, and beliefs to believe and follow only their Humanist Religion,

Humanism, a hold over of the Pagan orders of Rome, that even was trying to lobby Ferdinand and Isabella for a return to the Roman Hispania (joining of north and south Spain divided by Rome in the first place) is responsible for the deaths of everyone in every other religion for at least the last 400 years. Humanism is a cabal of a few well placed people quietly pulling puppet strings on both sides of the variety of dividing aisles of people, dividing and destroying the politics of nation after nation. It's high time the people of the world were at least aware of Humanism, and past Humanist shenanigans to have some idea how long Humanists have been destroying all who don’t believe as they do.

For more, I strongly recommend looking up Tim Lahaye whose work, The Battle for the Mind: A Subtle Warfare, has been eye-opening for me,

As always, May Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, Bless you and I thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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Great post, Toddy! The United Nations, aka/League of Nations, has been trying to form a New World Order/One world government, since it's inception. I agree it is high time people see the UN for what is really is. I would hope to see them de-funded and kinked out of this country for good! Every time I read about them I think to the statement by Barry Goldwater. 

The time has come to recognize the United Nations for the anti-American, anti-freedom organization that it has become. The time has come for us to cut off all financial help, withdraw as a member, and ask the United Nations to find headquarters location outside the United States that is more in keeping with the philosophy of the majority of voting members, someplace like Moscow or Peking.

You take a look at the Humanist Manifesto link?

I ask because this, as a Constitutional issue, is about government power being used to establish the Humanist Religion. The Manifesto is at the heart of the "Humanitarian" movement, and it is significant or us to see more than Left and Right, or world government. You probably noticed I addressed the New World Order thing too, mainly because they're trying to steal that from America. We established a New World Order, one without serfs, under nobles, under Feudal lords and Crowns etc., and they want to just discount that America ever happened, as though the experiment failed. I will not let them assume this, take this from us. They are the Progressive World Humanist Government Order, no better name suits a cabal of Humanist religious zealots using the force of government to manipulate the people of the world into subjugation to their Humanist Religious Rule.

Yes, I did! It is very important for everyone to understand! Knowledge is power and we need all we can get! I appreciate you, Toddy! Thank you and tweeting this out as well! 

Excellent!  I shared it on the FB page, and Twitter. 

And so, since we are truly sovereign, then why do we even need the UN? We don't.  We must remind our government of that, as we discussed earlier. :)

Exactly! Lincoln didn't need em, Our Founders didn't need em, the whole idea of a UN is for the Humanist agenda, that's all. See they're using the force of government to establish their religion over us right now in our country, and, all of that is to centralize power in government, all the way to a board of appointed Humanists - The UN - running our lives.

Toddy, hi my friend. Great Post. Have you taken the Hillsdale College online courses? The Hillsdale online courses are very awesome and they are free to everyone who wants to learn from their website. Merry Christmas Toddy.

Merry Christmas to you! :)

Not sure how to approach this so I'll just say that about 30 years ago I was told the Federal Reserve and Rothschild's run America, and that the Income Tax is to pay in interest on the debt, I then spent around 15 years believing that and finding supporting evidence for it, along with other things I was being told.  For instance that California was a Country and was stolen by the United States (that is technically true btw), and that the courts are just corrupt and never work (untrue, 9 times out of 10 the person wants to write a 100 or 200 page thesis paper on their rights without citing one wrong done to them nor any facts to base their claims on, and often the paper is incomprehensible.  I know I have Rights thus I only need a few pages to say what I mean and cite the facts to whoever questioned me as to how I think I have a Right to do something, but it took this last item here for me to learn that I have Rights, and not a single one from the Constitution.).

Eventually I learned what I was told about the Federal Reserve is a lie, as well as what the Income Tax is for.  I have no college degrees and am self-taught.

Some people need a guide in the form of a person who tells them things that they can use as a baseline.  I make my own, work and adjust it, and take in all sides as I can find them (if I can't find sources to something then likely it's just not the case, or, my approach is attributing or leaving out something that makes it more a step that establishes a more accurate approach.) As an ex-coder from the days of flow charts, Fortran, CoBol and APL, who later learned assembly language on my own, I have the framework for looking at problems and processes to work from.

All of the above I credit to Jesus Christ for putting me on each path, from coder up through everything else.

So though I appreciate the suggestion, and believe Hillsdale would be very helpful, and I am sure there are things I could learn from them, I must continue the path I am on, any holes are there because I am not supposed to have looked at them for myriad reasons but most important to me is that God didn't point me in that direction, so usually, that means it's a distraction, a mis-direction, and could easily be poison to my mind too. I find Our Father often protects His Children :)

Thank you for the idea though, maybe if I get stumped it's a resource to pursue.

Hi Toddy,

Thanks for sharing your feelings about learning. We all learn in different ways and that is okay. If we learned in the same way as everyone else that wouldn't make the world unique. We all bring different things to the table. I am a major book worm. I love to read many beautiful and high things and it sounds like you have read a lot more than I have and that is wonderful. Have a wonderful Christmas my friend. Keep on reading and learning my friend and I will too.

Just shared how I actually learned what we all weren't taught, didn't get into the trouble it caused me though. "Persons of interest" for a period of time during a court case we were working on, in order to keep us out of the courthouse, unable to help who we were helping (my ex and I worked together then).  Their goal was to exhaust us with questioning, detain (arrest) us if they asked us some things and we didn't answer, and to likely charge us so we couldn't help the people we were helping.  Disappeared after the jury sentenced the person to a prison term. but we were able to get a charge dropped and the jury unable to convict on one of the counts. A couple of researchers helping someone representing themselves.

So, I'm not sure where you got the feelings part of things before but I am sure you can deduce the feeling of pride for what we could do, disdain for what we can't, and sadness for how the focus people have is far from the objects required to fix our country. Media issues are a ploy to walk us down the primrose path of being Progressives, those most progressive using the binary opposition system of controversy to get us talking about the media issues, vested emotionally in them, and then completely oblivious to the simple fact, the certainties of the Constitution, of our Rights existing before it, before the Declaration of Independence, etc., and that these documents were the pronouncement the Battle for Individual LIberty by a limited government had been won. A settled politics of Master and servant, where the People are the Master and the government the servant, is forged by the Constitution. But hey it's relaly about what Donald Trump said yesterday right?...Ahem! hahahah

 Toddy there isn't any pride. Since February of 2009, I have been self educating myself by reading about the founding fathers and the constitution and about history of this country.I don't have a college degree of any kind. But I love to read great books on history. Like you, I love to read great books that teach me something. I am so glad that you are a great patriot of this free land.

Well congratulations :)

I've read too much in a sense. I mean, I''ve only read 50 books cover to cover, a few of them up to 5 times, but the big one was sitting in law libraries, reading the cases, probably read around 1000, don't remember most of them of course, but sometimes the name of one pops up in hearing about a court decision or someone explaining what happened to them in this or that situation.

The pride for me is that we could do that much in a court case for someone, and they were just one of many, and we did this for the sake of doing it, which I can't afford to do anymore for myriad reasons, not just financial.

I do love reading but I do like to know of whom I am reading. I got this book once about economics and the guy even said in the book he's a Conservative. I decided after seeing some of the things he wrote seeming not to align to look him up on the web, found out he's a die hard Berkley Liberal who promotes Keynesian economics. So make sure you find out about authors before you vest too much time in them and learn they're just messing with your head.  Funny how people did that stuff before there was an internet with blog posts and fake twitter/facebook accounts to do the same thing isn't it? But our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God has made it pretty clear there is nothing new under the Sun, or the Son for that matter hahaha

Hope you well enjoy your Christmas :)

Wow 50 books . That is so awesome. I bet that the 50  books that you have read are awesome books to read.  Have a wonderful Christmas my friend. I read a book called Dead Wake and it was a great book to read.





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