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I have the feeling we've reached just the tip of the iceberg.  The Clintons have had their "influence" in the FBI for decades.  And there is evidence their "influence" extends to the DOJ, etc.  This is one of the reasons Hillary was so certain she would become President and so devastated when she lost to Trump.  She thought she had all the bases covered apparently forgetting the public wasn't in on the fix.  I'm afraid we're going to find the deep state involves the FBI & DOJ and the people will lose any respect they have for these institutions.  

I agree with your assessment. Primary purveyors are and will continue to be media people who decide what the public should hear and lawyers who facilitate and implement the plans of the liberal/communist/socialist left.

Boy, did you hit it on the head, JB:

Ted Koppel: Media Must Give Public What It Needs, Not What It Wants

It’s actually simple, Ted. The public wants the truth. That’s it. What they don’t want to hear is what YOU think they need to know.

I am sure that Ted believes that the TRUTH is a complicated thing which we, the masses, cannot possibly understand.  Thus, the purpose of the 4th Estate is to be our intellectual parents and help keep us from being confused.

Hit it again, JB!  Ted actually said this in the vid:

“The problem is that what the public needs – to be well educated and to participate in the political process – isn’t always what it wants to hear. What people want to hear is what’s going on in Hollywood, what’s happening on the weather front, what’s the latest scandal, what’s the impact of the latest terrorist attack. What it needs to know sometimes is a lot more complex.”

I saw Dan Bongino on Hannity last night and he was talking about the infiltration at the FBI and DOJ...and he said he was truly frightened about the situation.  I'm not sure this is 'fixable'.  Draining the swamp may be impossible...because it's so vast.

First, I LOVE Jim Jordan. One of the FEW I trust. Second, I follow Dan Bongino a lot. He has incriminating documents on the Clintons, such as the flights to Epstein Island with them when he was SS agent guarding Clinton. He has said he was going to go public. I am truly afraid for him and his family, and, for him to say on Hannity that he is truly frightened, frightens me!  

Check this out, Jodi.

Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein's "Lolita Express"

I'm afraid you are right, Deb! The things that come out every day are just the tip of this very ugly iceberg. When all is said and done, we are going to be shocked beyond all belief. I think maybe, with Trump knowing all these people for so many years, outside of politics, he KNOWS how bad things have gotten and I THINK that is why he ran. 

Good point, Robin.  Trump wasn't our guy, but he may just be the right guy for these times.  It's maddening that the Dems call out Trump for obstruction and collusion when they are the ones who should look in the mirror when they say such things.

Thanks, Jodi! No, he wasn't our guy but with the way he is, it may have been best for his win. No one can bitch slap people like he can. He doesn't care. He didn't need this job. No wonder they have all lost their collective minds over him. It makes me laugh. 

I feel the same way. I heard that what we know so far is only about 10 to 15 percent of what is to come. I am waiting for the report by the IG to come out. It should be soon.





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