Many of us are in Bunker mode these days preparing for Economic Collapse Govt tyranny ETC... With the lack of leadership in Washington I say anyone not prepared for such eventualities has thier head in the sand.Beans, bullets and Bandages are inportant as well as Training Family to properly use firearms.I suggest getting at minimum a Semi auto or Bolt action Long gun in  readily available Cartridges 223.,308.,270.are easily accessible Domestic rifle rounds. 8mm Mauser, 7.62x 39 (AK and SKS rounds) and 7.62x59 (Mosin Nagant rounds)are all All accurate Foreign calibers and readily available as well.A shotgun (12 Guage or 20 Guage) ammo for both are easy to find.You will also need Pistol or revolver in whatever caliber is comfortable for you to shoot,Personaly I would choose nothing less powerful than a 9mm, 38. or 40.Cal These are all very manageable in recoil and quite deadly out to 15 Yards. With a basic kit like this you can keep the wolves away.

I would also suggest having a Black Powder Gun Or Bow/Crosbow for Hunting to save your Brass Cartridges for defense.I highly recomend adding edged weapons to your Armory, Tomahawks, Machettes, swords, axes as well as survival and throwing knives can be useful but again Practice and instruction are Required.Having 4 Sons my Kit is much larger and also includes slingshots and Quarter staves and several other exotics. Reload rounds if you know how, stock up if you dont. Ammo is available online with discounts on large amounts and many places offer free shipping with Orders over 100 dollars.I hope none find offense with this post Just offering a Little survival 101 Gday all God Bless, Kevin


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Hi Kevin,

One of our members did a brief post on the Mosin Nagant rifle, and added some pictures.  Training with any weapon is important, and sometimes hard to come by.  For me personally, I prefer a youth model, such as a .410.  My son has one, it is light, single action, easy to handle ~ even in the dark.

No offense, our 2nd Amendment is the one that keeps all the others for us!

Thanks for the post, and God bless!

I am a total gun dummy although I have two of them. I can handle the shotgun but the revolver is an old one passed down to me. I am passing it on to my son because I never could properly handle it.

I want to replace the handgun but what I have is a 22 gauge revolver. I keep hearing I should get a 9mm. Now, what the heck is the difference between mm and gauge? I have asked several people who have gun collections and none of them can answer me. (That scares me a bit!) 

I appreciate any help. I was going to switch to a pistol but after a lot of reading, I have decided to stick with a revolver.

22 Caliber Vs 9MM Caliber  9MM is metric the other 22 Cal is a standard Measurement a 9MM is more Powerful than a 22.and is superior for defense though if its all you have a 22 Cal can be Lethal. I would suggest finding a Local Firearm dealer witha Range and see if he would let you Try a couple of Firearms out,You should also take a Basic Firearms course/ class so you can familiarize yourself with the Pistol or revolver you eventualy Purchase.If you have any Questions please feel free to ask I am usualy in about every night and will get back to you Post Haste. Most of all please be cautious with your firearms and treat any gun as if it was Loaded. Kevin 

Thank you so much! Being an ex science teacher, I got that 9mm was a metric measure but no one could tell me how it compared in power to the 22 gauge. I didn't want the trigger pull changed since it is a family heirloom. So I am passing it on to my son. I grew up going hunting with my dad but stopped about 40 years ago! I know safety rules but definitely need to take a course and lots of practice since I have touched nothing but the shotgun for occasional practice since then.

Thanks again!

You are Quite Welcome

Great reply, Kevin, and excellent advice.  Mollie, perhaps you would benefit from what I learned about myself at one of our tea party/prepper meetings (yep, that is how my tea party evolved!).  One of our guests was a man who owns a gun shop and range.  He was very knowledgeable about firearms, and offered to show us anything we wanted to see, and answer any questions.  I always knew I preferred a revolver as a handgun.  I learned the reason at that meeting.  The semi-automatics require far more hand strength and dexterity than I have. Up until then I didn't realize that my own abilities had diminished somewhat over the years.  The simplicity of a good revolver was something I was very comfortable with, that and the ability to load and reload in total darkness. 

I do what I can Maam





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