The Healthcare System of France

We all know that Obamacare is a socialized health care system.

It looks like Obamacare is not going away any time soon and is being fixed with Republican "band aids". So it is still 100% socialized health care.

I studied many healthcare systems around the world and found out that France has the best system. Since our Country insists on staying on the socialist road, why not study the French system. It is a 2 part system that combines both socialism and private insurance.

All French citizens are covered, no exceptions. How about those that are inflicted with cancer for instance? They are covered 100%..........................

Listen to the below description of what that system is:





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I don't consider the Republicans, Republicans. We have one party in DC. The Progressive Party, all for big government. There are a few exceptions. The government does not belong in Healthcare. 

What is good for us is not good for them..........................

Why Republicans Exempted Their Own Insurance From Obamacare Rollback

The unusual nature of staff and member health benefits


Senate budget rules are giving opponents of the rollback of the 2010 health care law an easy way to attack Republicans for hypocrisy.

The Senate GOP may not really want to immunize their own member and staff health plans from their health care policy changes, but because they are seeking to bring their bill to the floor under the expedited budget reconciliation process, they have little choice.

Sen. Ted Cruz has already unveiled a fix to nullify the exemption, but that bill would take 60 votes to overcome any filibuster attempts...............

Agree "The Government does not belong in healthcare"

It seems to me, in my simple way of thinking, that fiscal lessons from minimum wage implementation might apply to the healthcare difficulties. For example, $15 minimum is probably about right in SF and NYC.  However, in Greensburg, Ks it is so far above an appropriate minimum that a person could be "rich" making such money.

The same difficulty may apply to areas of healthcare administration and payments.  The problems of CONGRESS and insurance industry are fundamentally twofold: first of all, the economy is not homogeneous as pointed out by minimum wage; and secondly, the routine medical conditions for geographical groups shows diversity similar to the economy which drives different testing and different standards.  CONGRESS appears to be trying to force uniformity on diverse systems or trying to buy a single pair of shoes to fit all the feet in the country.





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