Obama launches 'Truth Team' web campaign

The Obama campaign created the “Truth Team,” with a presence in 13 key states, and set a goal of reaching two million supporters Just another site as he has set up three others during his term long campaign.

The three websites are each centered around a single theme. Attackwatch.com, which has been running since September, is designed to push back against political attacks. Twitter has had Attackwatch up and running for some time asking, like his site, to report anyone who is attacking him. It is actually pretty entertaining to say the least.

Keepinghisword.com tries to be more positive, laying out what the president has accomplished during his first term. Must be a very short page with just one word NOTHING! And KeepingGOPhonest.com goes on the offense, linking to damaging stories about Mitt Romney and other Republicans countering the attacks Obama claims are not true about his record as President. Now that is truly hard core spin. He must live in the twilight zone.Now we have the " Truth Team" which should be called PROPAGADA INC. Like in the movie A Few Good Men, Obama " CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH" and will do anything to cover it like any good Alinsky follower would do.

I thought you might like to see the email sent out to supporters by Deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter to promote the " Truth Team" entitled "sit back or fight back."

If we've learned anything from the Republican primaries, it's that this is no ordinary election.

The GOP candidates are spending a huge amount of time attacking President Obama -- no surprise. But instead of basing their attacks on our differences of opinion, they've chosen to run on claims about his record that just aren't true.

Mitt Romney says that, despite 23 consecutive months of job growth under the president's watch, he's made the recession "worse." Rick Santorum says that the Affordable Care Act, which was based in part on Republican proposals and provides millions of Americans with access to affordable, private health insurance, is a government takeover of health care. They're not acting alone: With the newfound power of outside groups, these lies can be instantly amplified with millions of dollars in special-interest ad spending.

If the other guys are going to run a campaign based on misrepresenting the president's record -- and their own -- we have two options: sit back and let these lies go unchallenged, or fight back with the truth.

We're fighting back. Today we're introducing a new resource for grassroots supporters who want to make sure that when voters go to the polls in November, they know the truth -- and you should be a part of it.

Will you sign up to be a member of the Truth Team? [Links to: http://www.barackobama.com/truth-team]

The website has three sections to reflect the team's goals: Keeping his word, where we'll communicate about President Obama's record and promises kept; Attack Watch, to fight back against false attacks on the President; and Keeping GOP Honest, where we'll debunk the Republicans' false claims about their own records.

In short, it's the grassroots communications team of the Obama 2012 campaign. We'll provide resources for you to learn everything you need to know and tools to help you share it with undecided voters in your life.

Communicating about the president's record -- and that of our opponents -- is what I do full-time. But people don't just want to hear from campaign statements or ads -- they want to hear from the family and friends they trust.

The president needs folks on board to roll up their sleeves, stand with him, and get the truth out all over the country.

So the next time you hear Mitt Romney accusing the President of "crony capitalism" or someone asking, "What has President Obama really accomplished?" you'll know what to do.

If you're ready to fight lies with the truth, sign up now:




Stephanie Cutter
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America http://content.usatoday.com/communities/theoval/post/2012/02/obama-...

If Obama could tell the truth in the first place just think of how much money would be saved not to mention web space.. LOL Alinsky at its finest. Propaganda Machine in full swing. So sit back and watch the spin fly.

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Hi Mah,

I think they have me figured out. I clicked on the link and my 'puter immediately 'froze up'! That has never happened to me before with this lap top! LOL

Wow Mah, you said! Propaganda Machine! I guess it that Alinsky thing too, that if something is repeated often enough, it is eventually taken as truth regardless of the facts.

Good post! Thanks, and God bless


'TRUTH TEAM'? You have to be kidding me. The truth means nothing to these people!

Truth? Obama? I watched Jack Lew on Meet the Press Sunday. The lies he spewed about a Congressional vote on the budget were blatant. Read an article that either he's ignorant or just plain lying. Nobody in this administration is ignorant.

Wow, I agree, they are not ignorant. They are plotting and conniving. So good to see you here, Jodi!

God bless,


Ignorant? Ha your so right Jodie...they play the game so well but know darn well what they are doing. It takes great planning and intelligence to fool so many people and to keep them ignorant from the truth. Ignorance is Bliss they say but in reality{ as someone once said} "stay stupid and you'll stay happy" little do they know that this will be the demise of anything they found happy here in America.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816

"Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature.... If the next centennial does not find us a great nation ... it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces."
James Garfield, the twentieth president of the United States, 1877

OH how wise our forefathers were, and how ignorant the population has become as they continue to put their heads in the sand.

Very well said, Mah. So many of our nation's forefathers knew that what was founded and called the great experiment in freedom needed to be continually fought for. The creeping socialism and sharia is truly frightening, and this year we must prevail. God bless,


Thank you JG We must prevail and can only do this if we all stand together and never cave. Our forfathers were very wise men and most likely given this wisdom by our creator. We take our freedom for granted. I just wish we could get the those who want to ignore the truth to wake up and stand with all of us and not allow this to go any further. I guess it is wishful thinking on my part. Wish you can hear the spin going on right now on c-span and I dont have to pay taxes Geithner. All about the Obama budget OMG.

Good Post. I do not understand how most Americans miss how crazy this all this. In my opinion, it takes very little math, or logic, or common sense, or morality or valid history to see that all most politicians - and Obama being the worst - is pure rubbish.

The World ranking of Freedom of the Press in America was recently rated at 47th place. If Americans really cared they would be in the streets screaming. At 47th place I say the difference between US news and the Kings talking points blurs. More and I more, I read Canadian News, BBC, or even Pravda since US news can no longer be trusted.

...A PERSON has to start paying attention before they can become aware. FROM my own experiences, it only took a couple of days of "paying attention" to realize there were a lot of things terribly wrong, and about 3 months to be able to zero in on the major problems... but a person has to pay attention to their "gut" and start the process of paying attention...

...WHAT I have suggested to friends and acquaintances, is to start watching FOX for an hour a night, one or two nights a week... that's all I ask. WHILE FOX bends over backwards to give the Left the benefit of the doubt on most all issues, there is enough contrast between FOX and the MSM to rouse the curiosity in most folks, and that 1 or 2 hours/wk will increase... when they start to "see" the conspiracy theories they've heard about may have some merit, then it's time to point them towards Beck, BUT NOT before...

Like most of my family and aquantinces they "Just dont want to talk about it, or hear about it" No matter how hard I try to wake them up.

As I mentioned in the above post RNH it is called ignorance because they think it is bliss. Ha I bet it was a Progressive that coined that term.





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