Obama dines with GOP, asks for $600 billion in new taxes

I'm taking bets on the big cave!

President Barack Obama picked up the tab for a March 6 dinner with 12 Republican senators, winning himself some very cheap publicity for his new legislative strategy of outreach to swing-voting GOP lawmakers.

Senators leaving the event were complimentary about Obama’s statements and responses to their views, despite the deep ideological differences over spending, guns, families and immigration.

The invited Senators were picked by Obama and by Sen. Lindsey Graham, the high-profile Republican senator from South Carolina.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/03/07/obama-dines-with-gop-asks-for-600...

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Gee, this is a surprise!  Who would have thought Obama would take advantage/snooker such great statesmen as Graham and McCain at a dinner that's only purpose was to talk about the problems that face our nation.  No political stunts, like a Rand Paul, by these "great" men!  Right?

In spite of his nay nay, it is clear that Obama has become a dictator.  This leads to confusions about how to go forward in America.  For example:

If Michelle divorces Barrack, does she now get 50% of the USA?

Ok...good one, RN.  We'll see if the cool dude's mojo of turning on the charm, smiling real big and offering front-row seats to the next Bey-Z concert works.  If it does....we take AND KEEP notes.

Time to separate the "men from the boys" as they say (way back in the olden days).

Be reminded, I believe Bendover's resignation was because he knew he didn't have a chance with his 'constituents'.  Re-election......can you try to imagine that being your biggest priority?

Me neither. 

That is one expensive dinner.  I thought I ate expensively the other day when a meal was almost $20.  It just shows how some of us live different lives.  Obama is like communism.  George Orwell author of 1984 also wrote Animal Farm.  In Animal Farm, a study of communism using farm animals, which I read, he says that everyone is equal.  It is just that some are more equal than others.

That $600 billion for dinner?  It did include the tip, no?





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