Obama Damaging the Middle East

By now, my guess is that you have seen Obama's latest moves, which scare the heck out of me. I think the man could start WW3 with his madness. Some of those moves are:

* He just had Clapper take Iran and Hezbollah off the terror list even though Iran is the biggest sponsor of terror
* He has renewed hatred for Israel screaming that they should accept a two state solution with Palestine/Hamas even though Hamas say they will never accept the right of Israel to exist and want Israel destroyed
* A nuclear arms race has already begun. Saudi Arabia has already signed a nuclear deal with South Korea I hear to get nuclear power plants
* Iran has already been found to be breaking its current agreement says some inspectors, and its reign of terror around the world is increasing. I believe Syria and Yemen and even Iraq are now under Iran influence.
* The US has lost track of $500 million of Yemen weapons. Note that US weapons are being often used by Isis
* Those who fight for freedom or peace such as Jordan, the Kurds, Egypt and the Ukraine get little or no help from Obama

When one puts this all together ... it is absurd. Can no one stop this madman who hates our former allies and peaceful nations and backs the killers? And even more disturbing are the clowns like Josh Ernest and some other Democrats who just keep saying that everything Obama does makes sense.

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Add to that list, that ISIS has many of the weapons we left with Iraqis after Obama insisted we abandon them. It is OUR tanks and weapons that ISIS is using to conquer more and more territory!

Indeed, JG! Most of what they have belongs to us! 

He scares the heck out of me too, RN! Looks like he is trying to start WW3. He is descimating the middle east and the rest of the world as well. 

My father used to tell the story of "Wrong Way Corrigan," who was a pilot that on the East Coast who instead of flying to California, flew instead to Ireland even though he had no permission.  He called it a mistake.


This sort of reminds me of "Wrong Way Obama" who claims one course and flies in the opposite direction.

One similarity:  Some suspect both did it on purpose

One difference:  Corrigan said it was a mistake.  Obama says, "Bush did it."

The black Illegal Muslim in white house is totally aware of his actions to turn world into Muslim world. He has destroyed most of middle east with the help of our government and the ignorant worthless voters in USA. Voters of USA have sold out their country-family and God. When nthe evil gets to our land and people can see the terrible acts with these Muslms and their partners it will be to late folks. Most voters are to dumb to understand what is actually happening in world today.  Our main enemies are in Washington. Our government has given money and all kinds of military equipment to fight our own military men and women. 

Obama's goal for us appears to hand us over to the people that hate us on a silver platter. Everything that Obama supports, is anti-American, anti-Israel, pro islam, radical and otherwise!

Hi Kwic! He is handing us over and destroying the entire world in the process! 

Hi Robin, you are exactly right about Obama destroying the world!

Bingo ! Everything he does makes sense if you can just admit what he wants to accomplish. I do think that it's important to acknowledge that he can only do it because of our complicit congress. He is not alone.

Great conversation here, folks! I think Congress is in a kind of self-imposed bubble so it, as a body, does not have to admit what Obama is doing! Many Democrats do not hold such extreme views, but would not turn on one of their own, especially the president. It seems most Republicans are too busy attacking each other, and would do nothing anyway, probably fearing being labeled racist, extremist, or just plain 'nut.' It's really sad.

I agree, Jim! I laugh when I see people on twitter say that he is dumb, incompetent! No, he is not! He had a plan and he is following it to a T! 

Robin, you are so right! Obama is far from dumb and incompetent. He's allied his administration with the radical Muslims, around the world, to bring about the destruction of "The Great Satan" -America and the "Little Satan" - Israel. 

I'm going to go on a biblical line- I never understood in Ezekiel 38 & 39 ( The war of Gog & Magog) how it could be that no nation would come to Israels aid when she's attacked. Surly America would always stand with Israel. I now understand the passage - with Obama in charge America will stand down and not aid Israel and we will be cursed by God.





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