** The Evolving Clinton Scandals*** NYT Reporter: Clinton Officials Lied About a Meeting Taking Place, Unaware of Photo Evidence

She is going down! They know she will never win. No one likes her. She is NOT Bill. Nothing charming about her! Enter Liz Warren

In a Fox News preview of “The Tangled Clinton Web,” a New York Times reporter accused the Clinton Foundation of lying to her about a meeting Bill Clinton had with Kazatomprom officials regarding the sale of uranium to Russia.

“Frank Giustra arranged for officials to go to Bill Clinton’s house in Chappaqua,” reporter Jo Becker said.

“When I first contacted the Clinton Foundation, they denied any such meeting ever took place. And when we told them we have already talked to the head, who not only told us all about the meeting but actually has a picture of him and Bill at the home, that he proudly displays on his office wall, they then acknowledge the meeting had taken place.”

Becker’s scathing report based off of allegations in the book Clinton Cash found that the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in return for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approving the transaction of American uranium into Russian hands.

The New York Times, Fox News, and other media outlets have arranged an exclusive agreement to report on the stories referred to in Clinton Cash. The Clinton Foundation remains under a mountain of scandal accusations that will only get worse as more reports are sure to be filed in the coming weeks offering more examples of the Clintons’ blurred lines while in power.

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Gotta love it...busted by ... "Click!"

Hillary has 46% of the vote in the bag. Facts mean nothing. Look at the last election. If a real candidate runs against her, perhaps enough of the swing voters will be willing to vote for someone who's actually different from her. Just another republican socialist is not likely to win.

Jim, I always thought Hillary wouldn't run, and there has yet to be a primary vote or caucus. She may be hanging in there long enough so Elizabeth Warren (who said something like she wouldn't challenge Hillary) has little chance to gather momentum and clinch the nomination if Hillary backs out. After all, I've no doubt that Hillary really believes that if America is to a have a woman president, she and only she should be it!

Bill is scum.  But he can charm the pants off SOME people.  As for Hillary, she's been a conniving, cheating witch for years.  But I have the feeling that this time she won't get away with it.  Let the dems call it "political."  But I think enough of the MSM is tired of her crap.  The truth will come out that she has helped Putin.  But I don't think she did it alone.  Remember just before the last election when Obama was caught on an open mic saying it would be easier for him after the election.  I can't remember his exact words, but I'm sure you know what I mean.  I think a lot of this stuff is going to come out and it's going to go against all dems.  (I hope.)

Yes, he can/could charm the pants off of people. He wouldn't have been elected TWICE had he not had that ability to do that! It has nothing to do with just "women" either! I have been a conservative all my life and had never voted for a Democrat for president. I voted for Bill the (first) time. Not the second. I'm not ashamed to admit it either! He tacked left after the election and quickly tacked back to the right and ended up working with Congress because he had to! I learned my lesson after his first term. I saw old man Bush as way out of touch and frankly I didn't trust him! Clinton was fresh! That is how Obama won as well.  Oh the things we have learned. I was awake and paying attention with Obama. I knew what he was before he even was elected! And people wonder why Mccain lost against him! Hillary will not pull this off. She does not have "It"  People now know too much about the Clintons. Plus, she is flat out a nasty criminal! 

Take care, Deb

The effrontery is breathtaking.  But consider that we, the people, have elected Bozo Obummer twice and do not seem inclined to impeach him.  Will we suddenly wake up and pay attention NOW?  Somebody really smart and articulate and aggressive should step up and take the fight to the Democrats - Tom Cotton, I'm looking at you. 

Eloise, this regime certainly HAS committed impeachable offenses, and you put so eloquently that nobody will pursue this. I really think you are right. No matter who wins the presidency, or leads the House and Senate, it won't happen. It is really sad. I pray we recover from all this!

Don't count on it.  From H. Ross Perot, up to today, they have all been bought off or threatened off, and it just keeps going, and going, and going ... on and on!

Mitt Romney coulda won, but they backed him off, too.

6 Things to Know About the New Rash of Clinton Revelations, Including Ties to Russia

1) The Clintons Failed to Report Millions of Dollars in Contributions From a Uranium Company Linked to Russia

The New York Times reported early Thursday morning that while Clinton was secretary of state, a Russian energy company called Rosatom was working to take over a Canadian company, Uranium One, that had stakes to uranium around the world, including some in America.

“As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation,” the Times wrote. “Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million.”

“Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors,” the Times added.

The Times noted the Obama administration was making promises that it would be no problem selling the uranium stakes to Russia. Additionally, Bill Clinton was then paid $500,000 for a speech in Moscow, which was paid by “a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.”

2) The State Department Helped Approve the Sale of Uranium One When It was Led by Clinton

According to the Wall Street Journal, the State Department plays a role on the government committee that examines whether the sale of a company to a foreign company has an impact on U.S. national security. That committee approved the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom in 2010, when Clinton was secretary of State.

3) Clinton’s Camp Is Denying Any Wrongdoing

While the uranium deal looks like a possible deal in which Rosatom gave money to the Clintons in exchange for allowing the sale of Uranium One, Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Clinton, said no one has produced “a shred of evidence” that this is the case.

“To suggest the State Department, under then-Secretary Clinton, exerted undue influence in the U.S. government’s review of the sale of Uranium One is utterly baseless,” he said, according to the Wall Street Journal.

4) The Clinton Foundation Is Redoing Its Tax Returns

Reuters reported Thursday that based on its own review of the Clinton Foundation, several tax errors are apparent, that that news is forcing the foundation to refile “at least five annual tax returns.”

For example, the foundation had said that from 2010 to 2012, it received no funds at all from any government. But those claims were “errors.”

“[S]everal foreign governments continued to give tens of millions of dollars toward the foundation’s work on climate change and economic development through this three-year period,” Reuters wrote.

A spokesman for the foundation told Reuters that they were “prioritizing an external review” of its tax forms, and said it’s possible returns from the last 15 years might have to be corrected.

The Clinton Health Access Initiative is also refiling tax returns from 2012 and 2012 after finding “typographical errors.”

5) Companies Lobbying State Department While They Donate to the Clinton Foundation

These facts are in addition to ongoing reports that dozens of companies were lobbying the State Department for various reasons while Clinton was in office, and were giving money to the Clinton Foundation at the same time.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “at least 60 companies” were doing this, and gave the foundation “more than $26 million.”

6) Companies Paying Speaking Fees to the Clintons While They Donate to the Clinton Foundation

According to the Washington Post, Bill Clinton was paid $26 million in speaking fees by companies that were also donating to the Clinton Foundation.

“The amount, about one-quarter of Clinton’s overall speaking income between 2001 and 2013, demonstrates how closely intertwined Bill and Hillary Clinton’s charitable work has become with their growing personal wealth,” it said.






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