Nancy Pelosi Announces Formal Impeachment Inquiry..Ukraine/Trump... #CrowdStrike .. Hillary Clinton, Obama's Dep. Asst Sec Def, Ukraine, and Burisma (Hunter Biden)......

Please update this post as more information on this farce comes out!  

The Boomerang will hit the Dems so hard, it will knock them into next week! The President needs to take the gloves off! Democrats HATE America!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, a dramatic and historic move that comes as the President faces outrage over reports that he pressured a foreign leader in an effort to target a political rival.

The announcement marks the most direct step taken by the House Democratic leader to embrace impeachment proceedings and is a significant escalation in the fight between House Democrats and the President.

“The actions of the Trump presidency revealed the dishonorable fact of the President’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” Pelosi said in a brief speech in the Capitol. “Therefore, today, I am announcing the House of Representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry.”

The House speaker, who has long pushed to keep her caucus away from the politically divisive issue, is signaling that she’s responding to the seismic shift among Democratic members, following Trump’s admission of discussing Vice President Joe Biden and his son in his phone call with the Ukrainian President. Dozens of House Democrats — many from moderate or Trump-won districts — have announced their support for an impeachment inquiry over the past 48 hours.

In advance of that statement, Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer also announced plans to vote on a resolution of disapproval on Wednesday for allegations “that the President of the United States sought to enlist a foreign government to interfere in our democratic process by investigating one of his political rivals — and may have used the withholding of Congressionally-appropriated foreign assistance days earlier as intimidation.” Their statement did not mention impeachment.

Pelosi consulted Tuesday afternoon with the six House Democratic leaders to discuss their presentation to the caucus later in the day, Democratic sources familiar with the issue say. In that closed-door meeting before her public announcement, Pelosi said the six chairmen will continue to investigate under a powerful new umbrella of an impeachment inquiry.

A separate source in the room said the speaker added, “Here we are. A moment of truth. Truth is what this has been about all along.” She said, “The DNI has chosen to break the law. The law is clear” adding, “This is a betrayal of our national security. A betrayal of our election.”

“He’s taken it to another level of betrayal therefore we’re moving forward with another level of inquiry,” Pelosi said.

At an Atlantic Ideas Festival event in Washington on Tuesday, Pelosi declined to weigh in on specifics when asked about impeachment.

“It’s really sad to think that our President would perform an impeachable offense,” Pelosi said at the event. “It’s hard to say you’ve gotten to that place. But what would be an impeachable offense would be that which is proven in an investigation.”

Behind the scenes, Pelosi is encouraging members of her caucus to state their impeachment position now in order to show there is a groundswell in the caucus. She is also conveying that message to freshmen.


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This man is a disgusting liar and disgrace.

Little Adam Schiff just LIED about the president's call with Ukraine, but then tried to counter it by saying it was meant to be "parody."

This man has been diving the country for 2 years and harassing President Trump!

The House Intelligence Committee is no place for "parody."


Impeachment isn't going to go no where. Firstly, he didn't do anything worthy of impeachment, and second because the Republicans control the Senate. Remember when Republicans impeached Bill Clinton? That didn't go anywhere either. They are so scared that Trump will get a second term that they are willing to do anything ANYTHING to try and prevent it, but it will fail. As for this Ukrainian non-scandal all it is going to do uncover more rats. Time to call in pest control again.

You are 100 percent correct Watchman! They are desperate and have been trying since the day he announced he was running to take him out. They won't stop, but, in the process they are destroying themselves for decades. The House will impeach and it will die there. They will never get 67 votes in the Senate! They don't care about the country, only about power!

You're right it isn’t going anywhere.  I try to be objective, and I still cannot see anything wrong.  I read that transcript, and Trump talked to that Ukrainian like he talks to everybody.  Those who want to see a veiled threat will see it, and that is your current crop of Schifftie Democrats.  Unless there is something we don’t know, Trump will be the beneficiary of this. 

Yes JG, to my knowledge no laws were broken. And are not presidential candidates supposed to be thoroughly vetted? We're supposed to know everything about them. Normally, this would be the media's job. But you know they are not going to do it. How many knew about Biden and his son's involvement Ukrainian affairs before all this? I sure didn't. And of course political candidates are going to dig up dish on one another, that's par the course.

I think this will backfire spectacularly for the democrats. The only way it doesn't is if republicans allow it to happen. And if that happens it's a death kneel for the GOP, and for the American people.

"are not presidential candidates supposed to be thoroughly vetted?"


NO! You racist-nazi-gun toting-conservative!  They're DEMOCRATS! They, and only they, are above the law!

"I think this will backfire spectacularly for the democrats. The only way it doesn't is if republicans allow it to happen."

I'm glad you brought up that point, Watchman. My next point was going to be that TOO MANY repubs are sitting quietly at the sidelines - while DJT continues absorbing ALL the attacks from ALL sides.  On Monday I'm going to send an email to Beck, Hannity, Rush and others to start calling on the American citizenry to TAKE A STAND by calling, emailing, faxing and or visiting the offices of our Senators and House members to GO AFTER pencil-neck Schiff, Pelosi, and EVERYONE that is UNJUSTFIABLY going after President Trump!  Those attacks are attacks against WE the People, our Republic, our Constitution and our very judeochristian faith! 

This leftist machine is a WRECKING BALL; and it's impacting our very foundation. Our morals and values.  We are so very close to losing our sovereign nation. Make no mistake, my spiritual brothers and sisters! We really, truly, are!

God Bless...and Forgive...America

Hiya JG!!!!! I've GOT to call you soon. So much to tell you, because it's been totally INSANE here since Ricks dad died! I'll explain. LOL Miss you girl!


First it was the "T" worf for tax evasion.

Then it became the "C" word for Collusion; and the "O" word for Obstruction.

Now it's the dredded "I" word: Impeachment. The problem there is that other "I" word it as in INQUIRY. And, in this case, "inquiry" is synonymous with:


It's just another fishing expedition - like that other zero: the Mueller Report. It's not an actual Impeachment. That requires an actual VOTE in the House. An actual Impeachment is by trial like any other court hearing, except it's heard by the Chief Justice of the SC,,unless the charges (or the Articles Of Impeachment have been met . . .with EVIDENCE - there's NO Impeachment!  Game over!  And that's why Nancy Pelosi refuses to go fwd w/ the actual process. The Ds have ZERO evidence. Those democrat/media monkeys have been throwing manure-balls at Trump since he came down the escalator in 2015! 

I called it a nothing burger too, Luis,  when my brother asked me what thought about it all!  They (Dems) need the narrative, they think they can win on this issue, the media will focus on this issue, and both sides will raise massive amounts of money on this issue.  If nothing else, it may prove to be very good for the economy...when both side start spending!

Someone CHANGED the Whistleblower form!

This was a setup from the beginning!

IC IG ICWPA Form 401 dated 24 May 2018 requires “urgent concerns” to be about an “intelligence activity,” be “reliable first-hand knowledge,” and not be “second-hand knowledge.”

this version of the form (datestamp Sep 25, 2019) permits submission of second-hand material, which was not permitted according to document entitled Information About Filing a Disclosure of Urgent Concern posted on Sep 23, 2019 here

The Disclosure of Urgent Concern Form located earlier today at DNI is only two days old according to its pdf properties.

Of course it was a setup, Robin! ALL of ir has been! Including that crap w/ Kavanaugh!

This latest CRAP is the EXACT straegy as was the Fusion GPS crap. The only difference being that they substituted GPS w/ "whistleblower"!  NEITHER based by ANY facts / evidence. And that whistle-blow-hard is as real as that Christina Ballsy Ford was!

If that blow-hard's account had even an iota of fact - then pencil-neck Schiff would NOT've cooked up his mafia-bullshit tale! 

Btw, have you seen crooked-Hillary is trying to make herself relevant again. (tisk tisk)  I do believe that she actually thinks that she could have another shot at the title. And, of course, it'll be more of the same straegy. Ya know THE SUPER DONORS Pt Dieux! Somehow I seriously doubt that Faux-cahontas or even poor old komrad Bernie would "obediently" step aside for that queen-of-cackle.  q8-D

Jay Sekulow to Pelosi - Go Ahead Vote

"They did not refer to this to the floor of the House for a vote. This isn't a legal matter. This is pure politics. If they were to march down this path I think it's political suicide. What a sign of desperation...Go"





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