Movies .... the Real Killers

Well, It is official now. Regarding the deaths of Americans in Libya, the US Obama admin says - guns don't kill, Muslims don't kill, its the movies that kill! To be safe tonight I am going to lock my DVDs in a room. If any one of them try to break into the bedroom, I will let it have it with both barrels and will splash it all over the walls! One can't be too safe!

Only, there are a few oddities that do not seem to make sense in the press releases:
* This happened on 911 - a date that has little to do with movies but a lot to do with hatred of America by radical Muslims
* The Words Osama bin Laden were written one place. That seems to have little to do with the movie.
* The Al Qaeda flag was flying and used different places. If it was a movie, there would have been movie ticket stubs
* Libya says this was planned days ago if not months ago and they tried to warn the US - but the US says, no of course not. Let me guess that no one will investigate to see whom is right
* I saw no stories on how the Muslim intolerance to Christians in this case Coptic Christians may have played a role. While there are many mosques in the US, oddly there are no Christian Churches in Saudi Arabia. Zero. One other Muslim country I believe had just one Christian Church. At times in Muslim countries it is considered blasphemy to have any religion except the Muslim religion, and it can be punishable by jail, torture or death. If any Muslim converts to being a Christian, a number of Muslims believe that that person should die. In Egypt, Coptic Christians were somewhat tolerated - under Mubarak the peace maker in the region. But some said that he had to go. When he went the first news reports I read said that some of the Churches were burned and some Coptic Christians killed. After that, the Jewish Embassy was attacked and some in Egypt said that peace with Israel was over. After elections, many of us hoped things would get better, but they got worse. The Muslim Brotherhood crucified some people who disagreed with them (not necessarily Christians) by nailing them naked to trees. When some of us were shocked by this, we heard that crucifixion was a standard part of Sharia (Muslim) law and that they had no choice. When some of us were still shocked, we then were told that well Iraqi's would sometimes crucify Christian children - as if that then makes this now okay. So then, maybe it is just me, but if a Coptic Christian was a bit mad about churches burned, people killed, some people crucified, maybe it sort of makes sense. But of course since the media as it often does, does not give out the perspective and tells only one side, well then, you get this very biased reporting. However, what some of us get quite clearly is that it is quite okay for Muslims to kill Christians and Jew and the US media does not care at all. But if someone says just one word against them or does a movie, then the media says it is the fault of anyone who speaks up. They should apparently just die quietly.
* The US admin is setting the extremely dangerous precedant that if anyone is upset by a movie or words, they can kill and be held totally blameless. The red headed joker Batman movie killer can now claim innocence that he was upset by the movie and that is why he killed people. That is - unless someone makes the case that Muslims are the supreme beings on earth and everyone else is just pond scum.
* Not everyone in the US will buy the idea that it is okay for other countries to kill Americans.


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Good post RN. The media will always miss the point.

Thanks.  I agree with Libya.  The Obama stand is beyond preposterous, or however you spell that.  lol.  If people buy this story, well, I would guess the US is done in some ways.  But in others, I should be out selling "magic rocks" to these people at a million dollars each.

I came across some magic rocks the other day.  They appear to provide energy when the sun shines on them.  I wonder if I can get a $1 Billion grant from the DOE and EPA to show them how they work.  Unfortunately, they have to be in possession of only those who believe in green energy. Those who possess them normally have to be upside down.  Some probing is required to allow sunlight to reach and activate the magic rocks.  Some discomfort is normal.

$1 billion dollar grant.  I like the way you think JB.  Okay, you win, you can be CEO of our Magic Rock corporation, but I truly hope you will hire me as a rock engineer, or at the very least, as a rock musician.  :)

Hey RN...heard someone today ask:

If a 13 minute video trailer on YouTube caused the uprising (akd murderous rampage)....what will the 2 hour movie, set for release after the election, about the killing of bin Laden do?

Ya know...the one that was spawned from the brilliant Hollywood types who were 'in on' all the action while in the war room?

Ya know...the one that was delayed for release until after the election.  So as not to 'influence' the election.

Should we get ready for an escalation....or no?

PS:  I think Barry's playing himself in the movie.

All Good Questions there Jodi.  Barry playing himself in the movie?  He would be as awful or worse than Jay Leno in the one movie that I know Jay Leno was in.  The problem with "face people" like Obama, Jay Leno, and I will add Ellen DeGeneres to the list since I found her movie awful as well, is that instead of acting, they keep looking at the camera sort of like "hi Mom!!".  My God, it was so obvious in the Leno movie.  The normal Black Police Sergeant was out there acting and looking in the correct places looking like a seasoned actor and there was Jay Leno almost waving "Hi Mom!!"

Yeah, someone also posted something here about there should be no movies that treat people with disrespect.  I think someone in Iran in fact said that they would sue.  Well, Hollywood respect would seem to be an oxymoron.  At some point that might put Hollywood on a collision course with someone.

I would love to be the writer for the movie.  The first issue is that bin Laden would see it coming.  Imagine Air Force 1 landing next to the bin Laden compound and MSNBC rolling out a red carpet with roses tossed on it for Obama to step out....Personally I think bin Laden would also hear the teleprompters being set up in his building.  Then Michelle would attract attention running through the compound grabbing sodas and cheeseburgers while yelling "what the **@* do you think you are doing Achmed!!!"

RN you have a great outline there.  It has more plot already than some movies I have seen.  Especially like the part about landing AF1 next to the compound so that HIMSELF can actually arrange the meeting between Bin Laden and his maker. Would it happen before or after Bin Laden gets to meet the 72 virgins -- oops, Michelle might have a problem with that considering her husband's background.   Would it be done over dinner? 

Why is Barry out campaigning while the world burns?  I believe because he knows....he knows 'the plan' that is already in place.  They've had it in their playbook for quite awhile.

Dial the 'protests' up or down.  He can do it.  All he has to do is make a quick call to his pal at 1-800-MSL-BRHOOD.

The Zero Dark Thirty movie has already received a 'sharia blessing'.



"I think Barry's playing himself in the movie."

or is he playing UBL?

RN there is a tongue in cheek post about the Donald Duck cartoon mocking Hitler on PJMedia, and I commented there and linked here to this one for you!

Thanks. I have not seen that yet.





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