As you all know I prep on the cheap, with 4 kids and a wife I use what funds when I can. I have discovered M-Tech cutlery. their Bowie and survival type knives are all 440 C Tool steel and have full tang construction and hold a keen Edge.Being priced at gun shows between 20-40 dollars a Piece they are fine Knives for the Price. M-Tech also makes some fine lock back knives as well but I recomend buying the all steel framed ones as the plastic ones tend to break.An Old Norwegian Proverb says "A knife less man is a Lifeless man"Gday all and please check them out.

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Hello Kevin,

I can certainly understand operating on a severely restricted budget.  When I started, my first acquisition was a Gerber Profile Knife from Wal-mart for about $17.  I would not buy multiples of cheaper items though.  It's best to save for each piece of gear once you have the basics covered.  The following video is a tutorial on putting together a basic 10 C's kit by Dave Canterbury that you may find useful.

Mora knives make great starter knives as well.  They are probably the champions when it comes to delivering best bang for the buck utility and bushcraft knives.  They have both stainless and carbon steel options in the $10 - $20 range.  Their 'Pro' and 'Robust' line are very good, and make great back-up and/or camp knives, if something should ever happen to your primary knife, once you've saved up for one.

A good stainless steel primary option that is not cost prohibitive is the Gerber Strongarm.  This knife is made in the U.S.A. 

It can be currently had for $45 here:

A video review of the Gerber Strongarm can be seen here:

A follow up video can be seen here:

An undeniable tank of a knife, if that is your flavor, is the U.S.A. made Kabar Becker BK2 'Campanion' knife.  It is made of a 1/4 inch thick carbon steel called 1095 crovan. 

It can be currently had for $62 here:   

A short video review can be seen here: .

I hope this information helps you and your family, and thanks for posting some information to help others.

God bless.

Hi Kevin,

I have a few knives myself! Some good ones. Had never heard of the M-Tech before!  I bought a nice Mora knife! The Mora Bushcraft Survival Black, that I absolutely love.  I like it because it has a knife sharpener and a fire steel right on the sheath! Pretty darn good knife for the price!  I've used it and it does quite well. 

I have other knives, fire steels and sharpeners in my pack, but, the Mora gets a thumbs up from me for a good, inexpensive knife! 

Take care,


Hey Kev, good to see your still around.





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