Leftist Terrorism Continues: Shots fired at truck with ‘Make America Great Again’ flag

Things are getting worse. I know that we live in a free society, but, I would caution anyone that has ANY stickers on their cars to maybe consider taking them off. We are under threat, not only from the terrorists that are in our country, but, the left ANTIFA types as well. I have stickers on my car that will draw attention to myself.

A Glock sticker, NJSP sticker & a Don't tread on me sticker

I spoke with Rahthrae about this very thing, and he advised me to take them off.  I said that I wasn't going to remove mine, but, I have since reconsidered the situation and will be taking mine off. Again, Rahth was right!!!!!! 

Be careful out there everyone, be aware of where you go, and before you get out of your vehicles scope things out, check people out, don't walk with your face in your phone, pay attention to everything and everyone! It could save your life. 

For those of you that are lucky enough to live in states where you can carry a gun, do it! For those of you, like me, that can't carry,  heighten your awareness even more now. I carry pepper spray on my keyring and I do not go to places that I know there could be problems.   

On Thursday, Fox 59 reported that several shots were fired at a truck carrying a “Make America Great Again” flag and an American flag in the Indianapolis, Indiana area on Tuesday, one day before James Hodgkinson opened fire on Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game.

According to Fox 59:

Officers believe the shots were fired from a newer white 4-door Chevrolet Malibu with a Louisiana plate near Emerson Avenue around 4 p.m.

The victim and a witness informed police that the Malibu pulled up next to the pickup truck, a passenger held a handgun out of the window and then a male fired several shots.

Police say no one was in injured in the incident.

The driver of the Malibu was described as a black male around the age of 23. The passenger was described as a light skinned black male with a sleeve tattoo on his right arm.

More left-wing violence: Several shots fired at truck flying flag in Indiana http://via.fox59.com/s5mw3 

Photo published for Several shots fired at truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag on I-465

Several shots fired at truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag on I-465

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana State Police say shots were fired at a truck carrying a “Make America Great Again” flag and an American flag on eastbound I-465 Tuesday. Officers believe the shots were...


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I rest my case.


ANTIFA has created a new site. The left is really ramping up. Think I may buy one of those things they wear to cover their faces. Blend in, dontchaknow. LOL


Anti-Trump Website Calls for 'Physical Violence' Against Conservatives

A prominent “Trump Resistance” organization is calling on its readers and followers to launch “all manner of physical violence” against supporters of the President, “conservative fascists,” and capitalists to make the country “ungovernable,” according to its website.

The Antifa (short for anti-fascist) website, titled “It’s Going Down” has become a go-to resource for anti-Trump activists and anarchists in the aftermath of the 2016 US general election; advocating political violence and showcasing propaganda images of individuals in “Make America Great Again” hats being brutally attacked.

Articles published on the website call for “mass insurrection” and “mass resistance,” equating supporters of the current administration as Nazis and fascists; openly advocating violence as “necessary evil” to promote social justice and defend against conservatism.

The liberal left’s hate speech and personal attacks against the First Family has garnered national headlines in recent weeks following Kathy Griffin’s gruesome faux-Trump beheading, a NYC play featuring the stabbing-death of an American president, and a mass assassination attempt in Northern Virginia.

The gunman –who critically injured one congressman and several members of law enforcement- has been identified as a far-left Bernie Sanders volunteer who moved to the area to “protest” the Trump administration.


This was cool of Trump to do for this man. 

An anonymous visitor just delivered Tony a gift signed by President Trump! I've never seen Tony smile so big, thank you Mr. Trump. 👌🏻

I saw a term here that many are unaware of - situational awareness.  I've never liked to call attention to myself, I have had political stickers on my vehicle, and I have some political mementos that are not displayed.  I went to junior high school in a rough part of town, and learned then to not let on that I noticed anything, but I missed nothing.  That was the first (as far as I know) that I was always aware.  Other times in my life, I've been more comfortable, but almost always aware of surroundings, and more so lately. I often notice a seemingly inconsequential detail in a situation, but nobody knows I noticed.

I can legally carry, but firearms are not permitted at my job, so I don't carry there, or to and from.  I have become quite unfriendly....Herb says I'm hostile....to people coming on our property uninvited.  Early last evening, a young man knocked on my door, when I went to the door, he said he couldn't help but notice the Shasta camper in the back, and that it has wings.  He wanted to check out the wings, and asked if I'd mind.  I said yes, I mind.  He apologized for bothering me, then he asks if he can just follow the driveway around to leave. I said, no, just back out the way you came in.  It was probably harmless, but nobody needs to tour our property and see our stuff. I'm fully prepared to defend my 'castle,' which I identify as the whole farm. I hope I never need to. 

Sounds like you had to be aware in junior high growing up. Where I lived, in the Pine Barrens of NJ, which was at least 40 minutes from any high school. All the kids from my town had to go to high school in Pemberton which was near 2 bases. Fort Dix and McGuire AFB. Also near a few not so nice towns. My father paid extra money for us to go to a different high school.

That is creepy when people show up to your house uninvited. I do not blame you for refusing the guy. I am the same way when people show up that I don't know, especially in todays climate. 

A wave of liberal rage has marked the last 11 months since the rise and subsequent election of President Donald Trump.

Antifa protestors clad in black masks shut down college campuses, destroy property and indiscriminately attack those they disagree with, whether women or the elderly. Meanwhile, CNN fires Kathy Griffin for taking photos with a bloody replica of the president’s decapitated head.

Amid this backdrop, The Huffington Post publishes an article calling for the execution of Trump and “everyone assisting his agenda.”

Then, shots ring out as a man gorged on media hysteria attempts to slaughter Republican congressmen while they practice for a charity baseball game.

The aggression since Trump’s nomination is difficult to enumerate, but nevertheless, The Daily Caller News Foundation pored over media reports to compile a close but non-exhaustive list of violent acts against conservatives in months following the Republican National Convention.

In creating the list, TheDCNF reviewed numerous articles detailing attacks and violent threats against conservatives and Trump supporters. While there are examples of anonymous threats, TheDCNF chose to include only those that resulted in the cancelling of events and two to members of Congress deemed credible. Some instances of violence between rival protestors were not included as it was difficult to ascertain who initiated the event.

July 2016:

-A Hillary Clinton supporter lights a flag on fire and attacks a Trump supporter in Pittsburgh.

-Protesters jumped on cars, stole hats, fought with and threw eggs at Trump supporters outside a Trump rally in downtown San Jose. Trump supporters sued San Jose over the violence.

August 2016:

-Anti-Trump protesters attacked pushed, spit on and verbally harassed attendees forced to walk a “gauntlet” as they left a Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis, Minn., and beat an elderly man. Protesters also attacked Trump’s motorcade.

A Tennessee man was assaulted at a garage sale for being a Trump supporter.

September 2016:

-Protesters in El Cajon, Calif., chased and beat up a Trump supporter.

October 2016:

-A GOP office in North Carolina was firebombed and spray painted with “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.”

November 2016:

-A high school student was attacked after she wrote that she supported Trump on social media. The perpetrator ripped her glasses off and punched her in the face.

-The president of Cornell University’s College Republicans was assaulted the night after Trump won the election.

-Students protesting Trump punched and kicked a Maryland high school student wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

-A high school student was arrested in Florida after he punched a classmate for carrying a Trump sign at school.

-A group of black men in Chicago attacked a white man while raging against Trump.

-Maryland high school students punched a student who was demonstrating in support of Trump, and then kicked him repeatedly while he was on the ground.

-“You support Trump. You hate Mexicans,” a California high school student yelled at a Trump supporter, before viciously beating the girl.

-An anti-bullying ambassador was arrested for shoving a 74-year-old man to the ground in a fight outside Trump tower where people upset over his win had gathered. The woman tied to Black Lives Matter caused the man to hit his head on the sidewalk.

-A Texas elementary school student was beaten by his classmates for voting for Trump in a mock election.

-Two men punched and kicked a Connecticut man who was standing with an American flag and a Trump sign.

December 2016:

-A Trump supporter was beaten and dragged by a car.

January 2017:

-A Trump supporter was knocked unconscious after airport protesters repeatedly beat him on the head.

-A Trump supporter was attacked after putting out a fire started by anti-Trump protesters.

-When Trump protesters encountered a driver with a pro-Trump flag on his car, they surrounded the vehicle, ripped off and began burning the flag, and pounded the car. They also punctured on the tires.

February 2017:

-California GOP Rep. Tom McClintock had to be escorted to his car after a town hall because of angry protesters. The tires of at least four vehicles were slashed.

-Protestors knocked a 71-year-old female staffer for California GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher unconscious during a protest outside the representative’s office.

-Milo Yiannopoulos speech at the University of California-Berkeley was cancelled after rioters set the campus on fire and threw rocks through windows. Milo tweeted that one of his supporters wearing a Trump hat was thrown to the ground and kicked.

March 2017:

-Masked protesters at Middlebury College rushed AEI scholar and political scientist Charles Murray and professor Allison Stranger, pushing and shoving Murray and grabbing Stranger by her hair and twisting her neck as they were leaving a campus building. Stranger suffered a concussion. Protesters then surrounded the car they got into, rocking it back and forth and jumping on the hood.

April 2017:

-A parade in Portland, Ore.,was canceled after threats of violence were made against a Republican organization.

-Fears of violent protests shut down Ann Coulter’s UC Berkeley speech. Campus police had 

gathered intel on protesters who were planning to commit violence.

May 2017:

– Republican Rep. Tom Garrett, his family and his dog were targeted by a series of repeated death threats deemed credible by authorities.

-FBI agents arrested a person for threatening to shoot Republican Rep. Martha McSally over her support for Trump.

-Police in Tennessee charged a woman for allegedly trying to run Republican Rep. David Kustoff off the road.

-Police in North Dakota ejected a man after he became physical with Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer at a town hall.

A former professor was arrested after police said they identified him on video beating Trump supporters with a U-shaped bike lock, leaving three people with “significant injuries.”

June 2017:

-James Hodgkinson opened fire on a congressional GOP baseball practice, injuring five, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

-Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney received an email threat that read, “One down, 216 to go,” shortly after the shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice.

-A man driving a white Malibu reportedly fired several shots at a man driving a truck displaying a “Make America Great Again” flag in Indiana.

Meghan Flynn and Kent Strobl contributed to this report.


Two more horrible acts against law enforcement. This is their job, BUT, I see their uniforms and their cars as I now see my stickers on my car. If they were not in uniform or driving police cars/motorcycles and were in plain clothes, they would not have attention drawn to them and would not be targets for death. THIS is WHY I took my stickers off my car. Having worked for the NJSP and a lot of them like family to me, I get sick every time I see them attacked. I pray for every law enforcement officer in this country every single day that they make it home safe to their families.  

Oceanside Motorcycle Officer Intentionally Rammed In Targeted Attack


BREAKING: Two Coffee County Deputies ‘Down’ In Courthouse Gunfight






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