Judge orders IRS to reveal who took part in Tea Party targeting

A federal judge has ordered the Internal Revenue Service to release the names of specific employees involved in targeting Tea Party groups, after years of litigation over what conservatives have long called “chilling” behavior by one of the government’s “most feared” agencies.

Judge Reggie B. Walton of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia also said the IRS must provide information about which groups were targeted and why, along with a strategy to make sure such targeting doesn't happen again. 

The IRS is involved in multiple lawsuits with conservative groups related to the Tea Party targeting scandal; this particular case involves True the Vote. 

“We’re thrilled the judge has taken this step and it feels good to have it recognized that they need to be held to account,” True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht told Fox News on Monday. “What happened to me was very personal—my name was thrown around the IRS, and the names of the people involved need to be known. What they did was criminal.”

The targeting scandal drew much attention in 2013 when the IRS, headed at the time by Lois Lerner, admitted it was applying extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for nonprofit status. 

FILE: May 2013: IRS official Lois Lerner on Capitol Hill in Washington.Expand / Collapse

FILE: May 2013: IRS official Lois Lerner on Capitol Hill in Washington.  (AP)

“That was wrong,” Lerner said at the time in the press. “That was absolutely incorrect, it was insensitive and it was inappropriate. ... The IRS would like to apologize for that.”

But director of investigations and research at Judicial Watch Chris Farrell, whose organization is also involved in litigation with the IRS on this issue, told Fox News that the IRS owes litigants “real accountability.”

“This was creepy, chilling stuff,” Farrell told Fox News. “Judge Walton has accomplished more with one ruling than all of the rest of the federal government—all three branches—over the last six years.”

Farrell added: “The IRS is one of the most feared government agencies, and they’ve gotten a pass, in part. Walton is looking for real accountability and that’s so important.”

At a hearing last week, Walton told IRS attorneys that it was time to “lay it on the line. Put it out there,” according to The Washington Times.

"We are reviewing the order and will respond accordingly," a Justice Department spokesperson told Fox News Monday.  Justice Department attorneys are representing the IRS in the suit.

“We do not comment on pending litigation,” a spokesperson for the IRS told Fox News on Monday.

Engelbrecht told Fox News that “the fight” under the Trump administration has been “every bit as difficult” as it was under the Obama administration.

“They are still entrenched on the idea that the IRS did nothing wrong and all of America now knows that is not the case,” Engelbrecht said. “What we’re fighting for is we want to see a policy that prohibits viewpoint discrimination. Holding the IRS accountable and personalizing it is a great step forward to coax each one out of their den of thieves.”

Engelbrecht added: “We are fighting on behalf of all Americans, because if it could happen to us, it can happen to anyone.”

Walton ordered the IRS to search for further records, according to The Washington Times, in other agency databases for the time period spanning 2009 to March 27, 2015.

“Furthermore, to the extent that the plaintiffs have already received information produced by the government indicating that the plaintiffs were allegedly discriminated against, and that information provides a basis to believe that other such documents exist, the government must search all relevant sources to ensure that all documents responsive to the document request is identified and produced,” the judge wrote in his order.

Walton gave the IRS until Oct. 16 to finish the search. 


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Drain the swamp!!

I'm so happy this is moving along!  I'd love to see the upcoming tax reform include disbanding the IRS!

Me too, JG! 

Robert, thanks for asking that.  Here's how I see 'what happened to the tea party.'

Back in 2009, small groups of people united in a common desire for (mainly) lower taxes and smaller government.  From that, Beck's original 912 website sprang up.  Small groups met locally and worked local, county, state and federal elections, with much success.  Look what the Democrats lost, and Republicans gained, since 2009.  Those small groups of people were responsible for that, not the people I list below. 

Then I watched people like Judson Phillips, Jared Law, Amy Kermer, Jennie Beth Martin, etc. start large groups and fundraising efforts nationally using the mantra of lower taxes and smaller government (TaxedEnoughAlready=TEA in 'tea party').

Many others started sites that stayed small, and looked to members to help fund the movement ~ more than a few of us here were members of at least two of them. They would surely get the right people elected if we only contributed enough, right? Those people both nationalized and capitalized on that idea which should have stayed in the small local groups.  If our Jodi sees this, she'll tell you that you walked right into my 'local matters' project. ;)   ;)

As with many things, the larger groups sort of swallowed up the smaller groups, and lost the meaning of the original movement.  It's fitting, as the motivation became money rather quickly.

We at FR do not and never will ask for or accept money from our members.  I'd welcome the thoughts of our members on this.  Thanks again for the question.  

You are most welcome!  

Outstanding explanation, partner! You hit that nail right on the head.

Especially, with those people that started sites for (nothing but the money) to enrich themselves. Or, to steal others work. 

I am very proud of the fact that we DO NOT and NEVER will ask members for money. That's not why you, Rahth or myself did this site to begin with.

We were tired of the ones only out for the money, or fame, or for whatever motivation that sparked them to make a site in the first place. I got tired of being used to do all the work, as the person I speak of took all the credit. We all worked our butts off and thinking back, it still makes me angry as heck. It was people like that, that also helped destroy the movement. That is very sad to me. 

It has ALWAYS been about my country for me, and I know you and Rahthrae feel the same way that I do.  Love ya girl! 

Thanks Robin, you are what holds us together, you are the digger of news and information we need, tirelessly posting to keep us all informed!  Mega hugs, girlfriend! 

We have both been through it with sites run by those money grubbers!  I love  that we can offer quality news posts, well researched information on prepping, and have intelligent discussions without that dreaded drama that infects so many other sites and social media outlets!

I am still confident that a movement exists, and whether ya love him or hate him, Donald Trump represents a faction of it.  I believe he will do more good for the movement than be a detriment.  It is definitely more difficult because of those money-hungry people, but they were not successful in destroying the movement.  Perhaps the movement needed Mike Pence to lead it, and the only way to get there was through Donald Trump. Hope that makes sense...you usually get the meanings I struggle to type out!

Thanks for saying that girlfriend. You are also the same way. We sure have been through it, haven't we? I do think the movement exists. It's just different now. We will get through this with the lefts craziness, just as we got through Obama. We will win in the end. Hugs backatcha! 

We sure have been! If anyone looks around at some of the other sites, they'd surely notice the pleas for money, conspiracy and fake news posts, and/or far less active members than we enjoy here!

So true. It actually funny to look sometimes. So very happy to be away from all of that drama. 

Conservative group hoping for 'perp walks' after breakthrough in IRS lawsuit

One of the groups that sued the Internal Revenue Service over its targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups believes there has been a breakthrough that will help them draw a more complete picture of what went on behind the scenes at the agency, four years after it took its case to court.

In a lawsuit involving True the Vote, Judge Reggie B. Walton of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ordered the IRS last week to release the names of employees involved in targeting conservative and Tea Party groups. Walton also told the IRS to explain why groups were targeted and search for additional records in agency databases from May 2009 to March 2015.

The IRS has until Oct. 16 to complete its records search.

Walton's order was a turning point for True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht in her legal battle with the IRS that began in 2013.

"We've come so far, and I believe that we are going to bring this thing to a head," Engelbrecht told the Washington Examiner. "I believe we will see the IRS correct its ways, and as to accountability, I'd love to see some perp walks."

But she and her lawyer, Jim Bopp, are preparing for the IRS to drag out production of the names and documents.

"The backdrop is the relentless stonewalling that the IRS has done in terms of being able to get access to the documents that would show the wrongful acts of the IRS as far as discriminating against conservative groups in the administration of the tax code," Bopp told the Washington Examiner.

For Bopp and Engelbrecht, the list of names of IRS employees involved, as well as the documents the IRS was ordered to turn over, could help True the Vote and others who were targeted get a "full and complete picture" of what went on before the scandal came to light and in the years since, as Bopp said he will be able to depose the employees involved once he learns their identities.

"You put somebody under oath and you ask them questions, then you can get the whole picture," he said. "The full and complete picture is necessary for the courts to fashion relief that will prevent this from happening again. That's why we're pushing it. We need to know what happened in order for the court to order the IRS not to do that again. We only have a partial picture of the acts that were taken that need to be enjoined in the future."


We need to know what happened in order for the court to order the IRS not to do that again.

Please do not forget about Congress which writes laws that can be interpreted by quibbling lawyers as either YES or NO to the detriment of the people.





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