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U.S. Government Made ‘Humanized’ Mice With Tissue from Babies 17- to 22-Weeks Gestational Age

A group of government researchers working for a National Institutes of Health laboratory in Montana made “humanized mice” by implanting the mice with tissues cut from human livers and thymuses taken from babies at 17 to 22 weeks gestational age.

The researchers then published a paper describing how they constructed this particular type of “humanized” mouse, saying they hoped their description of the process would help other researchers seeking to make such mice in the future.

The same government researchers had collaborated on another journal article about the “humanized” mouse with an NIH-funded researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital--which has an ongoing federal grant that also involves humanizing mice using human fetal livers and thymuses.

The NIH could not answer some basic questions about the fetal tissue used in these research projects that U.S. taxpayers funded.

The researchers noted that they followed NIH rules in the treatment of animals.

So what, NIH is keeping PETA happy?  Unbelievable.  

The NIH researchers’ April 24, 2014 article in Immunological Methods cited an earlier article on the TKO-BLT mouse that had been published on Dec. 12, 2013 in Blood. This article also had a technically worded title: “BLT-humanized C57BL/6 Rag22/2gc 2/2CD472/2 mice are resistant to GVHD and develop B- and T-cell immunity to HIV infection.”

“The proposal, entitled ‘Optimizing Human B and T Cell Vaccines Against HIV Using Humanized BLT Mice,’ is designed to advance the field of HIV vaccine discovery research by studying the efficacy of various vaccine approaches to block and control HIV infection in the recently developed humanized mouse model,” the release said.

In the details on this grant that the NIH published it says this ongoing project started on Feb. 7, 2013 and will end on Jan. 31, 2018.

According to data the NIH published, the grant received $2,500,944 in federal funding in fiscal 2013, $2,465,248 in fiscal 2014, and $2,461,800 in fiscal 2015.

Back on April 25, 2013, about eight months before the Blood article was published, the Ragon Institute of Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT and Harvard put out a press release announcing this $12.4 million federal grant.

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Obama Admin Purchased Body Parts Possibly From Babies Planned Parenthood Aborted

A new report indicates the Obama administration may have purchased the body parts of aborted babies from a biotech firm Planned Parenthood sold the body parts to after killing the babies in abortions. The revelation comes after five videos have exposed the baby body parts sales scandal occurring at Planned Parenthood abortion centers across the country.

According to the report in Politico, one of the biotech firms mentioned in the undercover videos identified as a fetal tissue supplier Planned Parenthood sold aborted babies to earned at least $300,000 from federal governmental agencies after selling fetal tissue to them. Officials say they are unsure if the specific fetal tissue sold to the Obama administration came from babies aborted at Planned Parenthood.

According to the Politico report, the National Institutes of Health has paid Advanced Bioscience Resources $257,000 since 2009 and spent $53,000 on fetal tissue from aborted babies. The babies victimized by abortions were between 17 and 22 weeks old at the time they were aborted.

Meanwhile, FDA officials confirmed the Obama administration agency paid approximately $73,000 to the biotech company since 2009 for body parts from aborted babies, including livers and thymuses. The Politico report indicates ABR charged the Obama administration $340 for a 17- to 22-week human fetal thymus, $340 for a 17- to 22-week human fetal liver, $325 for a maternal blood test — in addition to shipping costs.

An Obama administration official defended the purchase of aborted baby body parts.

“Voluntary donation of tissue for research has helped understand, treat, and cure a number of conditions and diseases that affect millions of Americans, and it has enjoyed bipartisan support and the support of leading scientists and disease groups,” Health and Human Services spokesman Kevin Griffis said in a statement. “We make clear to all our grantees and researchers the legal obligations they are under and we know of no violations of laws in connection with the research done at our agencies.”

The purchases make it more understandable why the Obama administration has refused to investigate or de-funding Planned Parenthood.


All for an HIV vaccine.  Is anyone else as disturbed and outraged as I am?

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Hitler also justified genocide in the name of science.

It just get worse by the day! Horrific news!  

Doing a checkout on this one, Jodi!  No wonder there is little appetite for defunding! JB, you nailed it!  I agree, Robin! It's horrific!!

Thanks for sending out, JG.  Let's make sure as many folks as possible know exactly what this machine, which happens to have OUR white house serving as the power tool running it, is doing to precious babies.

I would be as outraged if this revelation was about finding a cure for ANYTHING, but to learn that this is about preventing people getting HIV, formerly called AIDS,  well....consider that, according to the AIDS Institute:

"From 1979–1981 rare types of pneumonia, cancer, and other illnesses were being reported by doctors in Los Angeles and New York among a number of male patients who had sex with other men."

And keep in mind, that sometimes when Obama speaks, he does tell the truth.

Obama Tells Planned Parenthood-God Bless You

As Illinois senator, Obama voted against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA):

The logical import of Obama’s vote against BAIPA is that he disagrees, i.e., once a baby has been targeted for abortion it thereafter has no inherent right to the food, comfort, and medical care provided to other babies born alive. Indeed, during Illinois state senate deliberations on BAIPA, Obama stated that one of his objections was that the bill was “designed to burden the original decision of the woman and the physician to induce labor and perform an abortion.” Apparently, once the decision to abort has been made, a child is doomed even if born alive.
And remember this:
It's glaringly obvious that this guy is NOT for women or babies but IS about protecting homosexuals from getting AIDS.
It's pure evil.

"I Wonder When We'll Hear About This On The "News"?"

Ummmm, don't hold your breath waiting!

Jodi, thanks for bringing this out in the open, I think.  Just when I thought I'd seen and heard it all, now once again I am aghast and disgusted anew.  Why do I feel ashamed?  I always voted according to my Biblical conscience, never my pocket book.  And yet I can't help but feel I should have done more.  Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.  Prayer !!!

IF it's true, Jerome....

....then, man I don't know what's to become of us.

Time for some serious prayers. 

So first we see a pretty good imitation of how the Nazis did business, and now we are reminded of a weird science fiction film https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Island_of_Doctor_Moreau

WE NEED A CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION!  If Republicans can take the White House, it should be their first priority.


Thanks for adding that, Kurtis! The left is more concerned with keeping animal rights happy than in keeping human life alive! I pray our country can reverse course!

My pleasure---if murderous abortion is not an abomination before God, there never was or will be such a thing.

As further example of how far reaching the problem is, consider a law governing civil procedure in Oklahoma:

 Oklahoma Statutes, Title 15

Section 1515 Status of unborn child.

A child conceived, but not born, is to be deemed an existing person so far as may be necessary for its interest in the event of its subsequent birth.

See what a terrible contradiction is developed?  How the hell can we have it both ways?  The unborn is either a person or it is not---but in some instances yes, others no.

In Oklahoma, if a third party brings injury to the unborn, it's criminal---but the woman and her doctor can kill it, and it's "OK".  It's either a crime or it is not---only a liar can have it both ways!

I found an answer in an unexpected place.

"A person's a person, no matter how small." Horton Hears a Who -- Dr. Seuss

Profound, JB....from a children's book.





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