Holder: ‘We Have to Ask Ourselves Some Hard Questions’ About Gun Rights After Conn. Shootings

You first, Eric! Come clean on Fast and Furious. You want to talk about guns? How about we start there and then move forward? How many people died because of your gun running operation?  

Attorney General Eric Holder said the shootings in Newtown, Conn. mean it’s time “to ask ourselves some hard questions” about gun rights.

“As a nation I think we have to ask ourselves some hard questions. We gather too often to talk about these kinds of incidents,” Holder said in Tulsa, Okla. on Friday. “We need to discuss who we are as a nation, talk about the freedoms that we have, the rights that we have and how those might be used in a responsible way.”

He added, “But for now I think we should concentrate on dealing with the situation in Connecticut and we are doing, as I said, the best that we can at the Justice Department and throughout federal law enforcement.”

An online petition calling on the White House to immediately address the issue of gun control quickly surpassed the necessary 25,000 signatures on Friday; it had more than 114,000 signatures Sunday morning.

President Barack Obama on Friday vowed to take “meaningful action” to prevent more such tragedies from happening in the future.

Video: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/holder-we-have-to-ask-ourselves-som...

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1st on the "target" list will be Tea Party members.

Last on the list will be union thugs.

Where you fall on the list depends on your "class" status.

Pretty funny ... how many petitions have we all signed in the last 4 years that have met the necessary signatures and they have been ignored.  However, this one they pay attention to.  Hmmm... why am I not surprised.  :-(

Whatever fits their agenda. None of it any good.

With this group it never is good... sigh!


We already know their agenda is control in all of its manifestations. 

We will soon see infringements on the freedom of speech with attacks on violent movies and video games.  This probably will be accompanied by relaxation of the standards of privacy for those under psychological medical care so that a more thorough background check can be made. 

We can be sure that gun-haters, the liberal left and their portion of the ruling elite will not let this crisis go to waste.

Isn't it a bit peculiar, too, that now there is all this attention to autistic and special needs children after the win by us over the UN to having the UN decide what "care" those children should have?  Taking care of 2 birds with one stone?  Or, maybe my tinfoil hat needs a rest.

Hobbes, I was thinking the same thing!  Signatures for something Obama doesn't want are meaningless, and no way to govern.  You rock!  

We should ask why mass shootings are relatively new in our history when guns have been readily available since our inception. I see this as not a gun problem, but a social problem. Removing guns does not solve the problem, only masks it.

New? Or just now covered 24/7? I remember hearing about the Texas Tower Shooting in 1966. Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was an engineering student and former Marine who killed 13 people and wounded 32 others in a shooting rampage located in and around the Tower of the University of Texas in Austin on the afternoon of August 1, 1966. But we only had 3 network stations then and they stay on all night.

I watched FOX news today and just a few hours saw more gun violence than I have ever seen in my life as they told me over and over it MIGHT be the fault of movies and video games. And they proceeded to show me the movie violence.

I am waiting for some genius to conclude that it was one person's fault - Adam Lanz! And "he" has been around in one form or another since Cain and Abel.

Exactly, Mollie!  Everything can be in our living rooms 24/7.  There was a woman Sylvia Seegrist, who went nuts in a PA mall, killing several, one a child.  One brave unarmed person tackled this woman! http://www.nytimes.com/1985/10/31/us/2-killed-in-shopping-mall-as-w... 

Even back in the mid 80s, when CNN was the only cable news network, this wasn't on 24/7.  

Boy, for some reason I don't remember that! I guess because I was teaching and had two teenagers! And I meant to say the Network were NOT on all night! I think they signed off about midnight or 1 AM in the 60's.

I agree Watchman!  There is no legislation that would have prevented this recent tragedy in Connecticut.  And someone reminded me recently... OJ didn't need a gun...





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