As I reflect on how Freedom has been assaulted, I look to the Civil Rights Act's abuse, and in that is this key phrase, which well applies to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In a civil rights case, that key phrase, “knew or should have known” is usually said, and I am paraphrasing from memory, thus, “Plaintiff states and thereby alleges Police Officer John Doe, acted under color of authority [badge] and color of law [use of probable cause to assume use of force] and knew or should have known he carried out the acts prohibited under of 42 USC 1983, and thereby violated the Plaintiff's rights under the 4th and 5th Amendments as applied to the States by and through the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”

As I am not a lawyer I am sure I did a poor job in legal expression, but I hope this highlights the use of the phrase because I see this fact, of “knew or should have known,” all too easily when looking at what happened in Benghazi, Libya.

The reality here is that, while the White House and Secretary Clinton, resting on Susan Rice's and CBS Chairman David Rhodes’ ( brother and White House aide Ben Rhodes talking point advice, laid the blame on a YouTube trailer for a movie that didn't even exist yet… a trailer that had been on YouTube for 6 months previously. There is a forgotten right that the Obama Administration, including Secretary Clinton, have fully and completely trespassed upon: The Right of the Survivors, their right to bring a claim on behalf of their deceased. Now, mind you, I don't go in for this civil rights stuff, but there's no relevance to that here as this is about Secretary Hillary Clinton who worked at the Rose Law Firm as an attorney, had worked on Watergate in pursuing President Nixon, and her boss, an attorney, who had worked on Civil Rights cases for ACORN, President Barack Obama, (see and

So here's the dilemma/headline no media will ever print: “Obama Administration Ignores Rights of Survivors of September 11, 2012 Benghazi Attack.”

The families all have a right to make a posthumous claim on behalf of their loved ones, claims that will require discovery and information be made available to the court to determine the liability of the U.S. Government and those who... Wait for it... Knew or should have known that there were security issues in Benghazi, Libya, issues that could result in the death or injury of an American Ambassador and, by extension, should members of the CIA Annex be expected to aid the Ambassador if there were trouble, those that knew or should have known if CIA support would be a workable solution. This of course would include if other options were or were not available but were never pursued prior to the Benghazi attack. What Secretary Clinton and President Obama knew or should of known is exacerbated by the date of the attack, a September 11th anniversary in 2012.

Of course the “kingpin” of liability here would be Barack Obama as he is in charge of those below him, be it the Secretary of State or the CIA director, or the U.S. Military who had the ability to fly drones for 6 hours over the assault taking video footage, but had no ability, it appears, to send up a drone that would be able to disable heavy arms siege fire and lend aid to the former military now CIA who disobeyed orders to stand down risking their lives to help Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith. Yes, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were painting targets on these heavy arms locations but, as we know now, only to be ignored by those watching the very drone footage overhead, President Obama, Secretary Clinton, etc.

But the point of the question is, what is it former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Obama knew or should have known between their receipt of documented reports of security concerns in Benghazi and the September 11, 2012 attack? Thanks to former Secretary Clinton we'll never know because of her abuse of this little catchphrase.

You see, and I may be rusty at this, but it appears to me that Hillary Rodham Clinton knew or should have known there is a Benghazi investigation, as she knew or should have known of previous investigations, especially as she'd been called as a witness to then proclaim “What difference does it make” with the full absence and reckless abandon of any care or concern for the survivors of the 4 fallen Americans in Benghazi. A callous and blatant disregard that is only further punctuated by the gross negligence of Hillary Clinton and, I submit likely too, her husband former President William Jefferson Clinton, who owned her email server, the one from which Hillary erased 30,000+ emails, emails that would otherwise be forced by a court to be produced in a Civil Rights Case brought by the survivors in an effort to show what Secretary Clinton or anyone else she contacted knew or should have known regarding Benghazi. I would be remiss to ignore that there were others injured in Benghazi too. Those who had to be evacuated and escaped also were injured by the same gross negligence and lack of exercising discretion and due care with information that their superiors, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew or should have known... But it was all a YouTube video's fault...

Thank you Ben Rhodes for wrongfully, but successfully, deflecting the severe weight of the death of 4 Americans that appears to be by the proximate cause of gross negligence by those that put them in harm’s way, your boss that these Benghazi dead trusted to aid them in remaining alive and unharmed. Of course, Mr. Rhodes, you're in politics with powerful family members in the media so compassion isn't something we expect of you, nor caring one iota about the truth. I am sure it's rationalized, “these people knew what they were getting into when they went” as though, when the Commander-in-Chief and his officers such as Secretary Clinton assign them a post, the assigned person has any significant say about it or is to presume it is American policy that, “they'll leave me abandoned there to die?” Mr. Rhodes, your actions, though well effective at covering the White House's hindquarters due primarily to a media your brother is in significant position to influence (in charge of the network Sharyl Attkisson had to quit working for), are shameful acts of absolute neglect for those who died in the name of America and their families, people who served country and acted without hesitation on orders of your boss. Yes Mr. Rhodes, you've mistreated the families of the dead who deserve answers, and anything else due from the United States government for their dutiful service of their relative. I believe 3 of the 4 (it may have only been 2) who died in Benghazi served in the military, so you have also sent American Veterans a loud statement of what you, your boss Barack Obama, and the Progressive movement of the Democratic Party feel toward our American Heroes, both those now in the field such as the 4 who were abandoned to die in Benghazi, and those who've survived since World War I, who have watched government spend more money on illegal aliens, on lawbreakers, than will ever be spent on American Heroes, a government of politicians whose speeches and press secretaries will proclaim Veterans as “blood and treasure” but is nothing more – absolutely nothing more – than lip service!

Hillary Clinton in 2016 is just more of everything I explain above, and if you think Obama's Presidency is above the law (due to the Progressive cruelty of religious exaltation of ideology, party, and agenda over all else), believe me, Hillary Clinton will be Barack Obama on steroids. And, might I add, this same abuse of the nation and its people, to treat heroes as mere offspring of peasants, as cannon-fodder with posthumous duty to never embarrass the State (King), is the historic reality, the legacy, of every form of centralized nationalization of power, from Tribe to Communism, “force” by Elitist Principals under the banner “Leader” are always the rule.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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Great post, Toddy. The 'knew or should have known' also applies to Obama, who claims to learn of all big news via the big networks.

Yep, and isn't that the point? Obama owes Hillary for destroying all the emails that we owned and could have been used to alter the historic view to a more honest perspective of the Obama Presidency, assuming he leaves office haha.

We'll see how this goes...

The judge reversed the decision on this and has the power to get the server and have an expert see what can be gotten from the server .  Trey Gowdy did not have this power to get it apparently .  We shall see, as you said! Good post, Toddy!





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