Sep 17, 2018


Happy Constitution Day from Washington, where toxic politics distort the Trump administration’s policy achievements.  Even as the head of NATO credits the president for strengthening Europe’s spine, as Fred Lucas reports, some black journalists disparage him as racist and uncaring, as Rachel del Guidice writes. But Obama was more divisive, David Harsanyi argues. Trump’s populism is an American theme, Chris Stirewalt says on the podcast. Plus: Kevin Mooney on new FBI revelations, and John York on why we couldn’t come up with the Constitution today. It’s good to know that Americans are responding with their usual generosity to all those caught in Hurricane Florence’s path.


Why We Couldn’t Create Our Constitution Today


Not all moments in time are ripe for founding a nation. Nor is every citizenry equally prepared to receive new modes and orders.


By Any Other Name: White Students Get Safe Space at This University


“These White Awake safe spaces make the whole university unsafe because they emphasize racial division and strife,” Heritage Foundation scholar Mike Gonzalez says.


NATO Chief Credits Trump for Allies’ Boosting Defense Spending, Rul...


“Since President Trump took office, NATO allies across Europe and Canada have spent an additional $41 billion extra in U.S. dollars on defense,” Jens Stoltenberg tells a Heritage Foundation audience.


Obama Reminds Us Why Trump Is President


None of Trump’s actions thus far rises to the level of any of Obama’s attacks on free expression. Not a single person has been prevented from reporting the news and leveling any criticism he desires.


Reporting the News Undermined in Era of Trump, Black Journalists Argue


One of the things that has just been boiling my blood is the lack of respect for the press coming from the orange man,” Rep. Yvette Clarke, D-N.Y., says on a panel of black journalists.


The Daily Signal Podcast: Fox News' Chris Stirewalt on Trump's Popu...


Americans sometimes forget past flirtations with populist politicians, and Trump is certainly not the first of them, Stirewalt tells us in an interview about his new book, “Every Man a King.”


New Batch of Strzok-Page Emails Suggests FBI Use of Unsecure Devices


Newly released records from the Justice Department show FBI officials used “unsecure devices” while discussing a matter involving the European Union, the group Judicial Watch reports.


We Hear You: Bad Apples at the IRS, State's Security Breach Under H...


“The federal civil service system needs to be changed to make it less difficult to terminate employees for cause,” writes Peter Hewett.



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The bitches...errr uhhhh...I mean the witches cauldron has been set on high heat. The demcorats are beyond DESPERATE w/ this 12th Hr move. It's a "hail mary" or what I'll call a "Hail Fairy"-TALE, that is!

Hail Fairy

full of disgrace

The LIES are with thee...

WHERE'S the original police report? There was none made. Even the FBI's position is that there's NOTHING to investigate!

WHERE is that "stained dress"?  Even Monica Lewinski still has her blue dress!

Oh! WHERE is ROMAN POLANSKI?  Not a peep from the so called /metoo movement!  Polanski is still revered by the far hycritical left and is still living large, w/ out a worry in the world, in France! And he was CONVICTED of actually raping a CHILD - when he was an ADULT!  

Now I hear that Senator Flake is gonna back out from nominating Kavanaugh. This doesn't surprise me in the least!  It seems all he wanted was an excuse to do so. His hatred of President Trump is well known. And, he's also a Progressive-reublican. The Reagan- and JFK-democrats from back-in-the-day would be considered "Conservatives" today. And hated by many in both parties. Because of those GOP-sell outs, the nom just might have to wait till after the November midterms.  Once again it's up to YOU - the American Citizenry!,

Boil..Boil..toil and trouble. They sure are stirring up and witches brew. They tried this with Clarence Thomas and it failed miserably. Now, this poor man has to go through the same thing. This man has been investigated by the FBI like 6 times in his career for his positions. This woman is a far left activist. Quite convenient that at the last minute they come up with this. They will do this no matter WHO Trump nominates for the Supreme Court.

It is repulsive.

They have the formula.  Hearings are scheduled for Monday 24 Sep.  Next alligator to crawl out of the woodwork will hit the news cycle on Tuesday 25 Sep.  Then another vote delay for more hearings then ...

Just a reminder to all: W/ all this hell going on, I haven't forgotten that the new "budget"...or should I say the next "Continuing Resolution" is due by Sept 30 > or there'll be a (AHEM) another FICTICIOUS govt shutdown!

I have the stinking feeling that far as actually CUTTING THE OVERSPENDING and LOWERING OUR DEFICIT will occur.  And that the deep-in-the-bag-Trump fanatics will be just fine w/ it. N different than the far left media were when Obama was potus.

Hypocrisy seems to be the only thing that truly reaches across the aisle.

Good point re/Sep 30.  Also, excellent point re/hypocrisy being a common value among members of Congress.

Uuuh...the hypocrisy also exists amongst the voters / fanatics as well.  That was my main point.


I'm remembering 2009 - 2010...

The People called, faxed, emailed and even assembled in front of the local offices of the elected officials to show our UNITY; and to keep the fires lit under their feet.  Had I hadn't witnessed it first hand I wouldn't believe it if someone else brought it up.

Christine vagina-hat Ford might just get $$$ w/ a book deal out of it. 

All the past actions (2009-2010) and all the seats we gained these last EIGHT years was for this: PROTECTING OUR CONSTITUTION, the very future for generations to come, by securing the US Supreme Court.

Presidents, and members of the Senate and House come and go. But the SCOTUS is literally for DECADES! 

Good points, Luis.   I remember working especially hard for conservative candidates in those years, and you’re right, we made tremendous gains.  We’ve slipped a bit in some states, but overall we still have the power.  Many demographics voted Republican for the sole reason of a SCOTUS appointment, like the evangelicals.  I pray they don’t blow it here.

I followed the Clarence Thomas hearings closely back in the day, and this a replay.  It didn’t work then, and it shouldn’t work now.

Here’s something I haven’t heard anyone talk about.  Ford alleges that Kavanaugh was drunk, and claims they were at a party.  But what about her? Was she stone cold sober, or was she drinking that night too? The answer matters, IMO.





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