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Everyone needs to read this, and watch the video on this story from Beck and The Blaze.  I have been saying for a long time now that the system as we know it is long over, and it's just a matter of time before it catches up to us.  The questions he asks at the end are the crucial part of this.  What happened to the gold?  Who has it? 

Please make every effort to become as prepared as possible.  Buy things now that you know you will need.  Gold may be a great asset to have, but I wonder if it will buy a loaf of bread when this thing comes undone.  Water, clothes, food, equipment, tools, weapons and the knowledge to use, make and/or acquire all of them are going to be the hard assets that will matter.  What you know and are able to accomplish will be far more important than what you have, but some of what you will need will reside in what you have prepared by getting the essentials now. 

Being prepared is no different than any other insurance policy.  Survival is a pass or fail test.  Be as prepared as possible because when this thing comes undone, it will be unlike anything we've ever seen before, and nothing like we could probably imagine, and I am rather imaginative. 

God bless.

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“Subprime crisis, do you remember that?” Beck asked. “Imagine that crash on a global scale, and instead of houses it’s gold, which backs all of our money, and gold that is not really owned by anyone. Our money becomes worthless.”

Perhaps I over-simplify and discount too much.  I recall that Nixon took the US off the gold standard in 1974.  Therefore, the phrase from the quote above "which backs all of our money" appears to me to be a contradiction of fact.

I agree with you Rathrae that "the system as we know it is long over".  However, the treasure of the nation based in raw metals has been over for decades. 

The true treasure of the nation are its people, tools, natural resources and knowledge of how to use them (as you accurately point out in your post).  These things define the wealth of a nation today and together, they explain why the USA has always been an exceptional nation while some other countries have not been.

Could it be that the bitcoin will replace precious metals as a standard?

Hello JB,

I have a somewhat intimate understanding of the effects that the asset backed pass through certificates had on our market, and could have had on a global scale if more people knew how to exploit the deficit these certificates had for banks with laying claims to homes and land.  It was some months after I had used that knowledge that Judge Napolitano spoke on Fox News of both the problem and potential problems for banks and the economy at large.

As to the bitcoin, I am unsure what will replace the dollar when the dollar is over.  However, we do have considerable experience using digital representations of fiat currency for purchases and holdings.  If we learn anything from our current system, transparency will be at the forefront of the change so everyone knows how much is in circulation.  There are large hurdles for any system of currency to overcome though.  Availability, agreed usage and value, and who exactly is controlling the levers of the currency will be huge just to name a few of many.  Here are some good articles with a link to a pdf file of a Congressional report on the bitcoin you and others may find interesting.


I do know that the transition phase to getting to another currency system and economic stability in the aftermath of the dollar's demise has the potential to be rocky and extremely problematic to say the least.  It will be a long way to Tipperary so to speak.  That's a road we all need to be as prepared as possible for when it comes time to travel.

God bless.

Good information, Rahthrae.  Thanks.

Speaking of transition and stability, this illustrates some real-world issues. 


World's first insured Bitcoin storage service launches after currency battles series of major security breaches

  • London-based Elliptic will use ‘deep cold storage’ to secure the currency
  • The technique uses both strong encryption and secure physical locations
  • The move comes after news that two million computers were last week made into 'Bitcoin slaves' after being infected by Yahoo malware

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2537106/Worlds-insur...

Don't know where I read it now but, I saw that NY was thinking of doing the Bitcoin thing. This is another thing I haven't spent much time reading about yet. 

Great post, Rahth!

I could not agree with you more about what we face. Those that think things are going to be just fine are only kidding themselves. That is why I take your advice and have been preparing as best I can. You can't wait until things go south because you won't be able to get anything. Once they do it is too late!  Things are not getting cheaper, in fact, things I have looked at along with you can go up overnight as we have witnessed. It's actually shocking sometimes. Also, stock on items runs out so fast too. My hopes is that people are paying attention and take your advice. I'm glad I did and do!

Take care,

Robin ;-)  

Hello Robin,

I don't get the chance to go over as much as I'd like to do.  Much the same as I wish I could make the time to do a ton more reviews for this website.  You listen.  You watch.  You read.  When we first talked, you really didn't know much on the topic.  You have been driven to learn more, and you have.  You've done well for yourself.  Be proud of that.  Whatever part of that I have been able to help you with, I've been happy to do it.  Keep going strong. 

God bless.

I think this is a topic that most people cannot quite grasp in depth, myself included.  I think that is part of why it doesn't get more traction in the news.  I have felt for some time that an economic collapse is coming.  I know enough to realize that we cannot continue with the same monetary and fiscal policies.

I do know that more will be completely unprepared for whatever happens.  I am glad that I live in a rural area, and much of what we do is unnoticed.  So far.

Hello JG,

These are probably not the best definitions I've come across, but I am also not totally sure the words fit perfectly for what Glenn was discussing.

From Wikipedia:  (I know. I know.  These may not be the most proper definitions, and Wikipedia certainly is not the best source material on the planet.  However, they seem to be the most paired down to laymen's terms I could readily find.)

Hypothecation is the practice where a borrower pledges collateral to secure a debt or a borrower, as a condition precedent to a loan, has a third party (usually an affiliate) pledge collateral for the borrower. The borrower retains ownership of the collateral, but the creditor has the right to seize possession if the borrower defaults. A common example occurs when a consumer enters into a mortgage agreement, in which the consumer's house becomes collateral until the mortgage loan is paid off.

Rehypothecation is a practice that occurs principally in the financial markets, where a bank or other broker-dealer reuses the collateral pledged by its clients as collateral for its own borrowing.

The reason I likened it to the asset-backed pass through certificates that caused a ton of problems for the banks was the process by which they were made.  To keep it very simple, mortgages were packaged together as stocks, in essence, to leverage risk.  With so many 'owners', of a mortgage, and these things were packaged and repackaged so many times, often no one knew even where the original paperwork was, and no one could legally tell if the bank even had standing to bring a case to court to foreclose a mortgage.

Amongst many other things, the Fed probably sold the gold for its own borrowing.  That gold has been used as collateral so many times, that no one entity is the owner of it, and like the original paperwork in the above example, no one probably knows where most of it even is.  The gold has been melted down, skimmed in theft, and leveraged probably 1000 times over by now so there are a whole lot more assets (like fiat money which is bank generated cash i.e. printed money) backed by gold that is not even there. 

The Fed has always used a fractional system of lending where a ratio percentage of on-hand assets is used to determine how much can be loaned so as to generate market liquidity.  The amount of money generated by this fractional system is inversely multiplicative to the ratio percentage.  Much like their reserve requirement ratio, I think the practice has long been over as per a ratio requirement practice of gold to fiat money generated which is why they have all of these reasons as to why no one can see the gold.  (Best evidence of this is QE infinity)  Add to that exponentially leveraged gold, the money they have been printing via endless quantitative easing coupled with the fact they've been digitizing assets in banks all over the world so they appear solvent...the whole system is fake.

I hope this helped some.

God bless.

Great explanation!  Thank you.  The fractional lending is something my father understood quite well, and he had little use for banks.  As for the asset-backed pass through certificates, I think the financial players are continuing that game.  A co-worker bought a home two months ago, with a USDA loan and no money down.  The loan has already been 'sold.'

Hello JG,

You are most welcome!  I can imagine they are continuing the game because they probably are having a hard time unwinding it.  I figure that plus the fact that before the N.I.N.J.A. loans and fall out in the economy took the bottom out of the scheme, it was a very profitable endeavor for them. 

They have probably worked to get more regulations in place since 2008 that would allow the banks to act on mortgages by themselves without even the original notes necessary in court.  I have not kept up with it to know for sure.  Money and connections help make favorable laws and new loopholes with all kinds of things.  We sure as hell see it in our 70k or so page tax code. 

God bless hon.

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