FreedomWorks Prods Walden Over "Right to Try" Bill
- via The Hill

The conservative group FreedomWorks is turning up the heat on a top House Republican to support bipartisan legislation that would allow terminally ill patients unrestricted access to experimental drug treatments.

FreedomWorks wants House Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.) to advance the Right to Try Act (H.R. 878), which was introduced in February but hasn’t moved through the committee.

“Right now there are millions of Americans lying in hospital beds, fighting for their lives. And Congressman Greg Walden isn't doing anything to help them!” the group wrote in an online ad urging its followers to tell Walden to support the bill. Read more here...

Share Your ObamaCare Horror Stories

We've all heard the news stories about the damage ObamaCare has done to ordinary Americans. The skyrocketing premiums, lost benefits and providers, the list goes on.

But right now, President Trump's Department of Health and Human Services wants to hear YOUR stories. They want to know what ObamaCare regulations need to be dismantled, and they need your insight to do it. 

So please, submit your comment to the HHS today. Remind the Trump administration why ObamaCare has to go! Click here to submit your formal comment right now!

FreedomWorks' Book Club Spotlight: "Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think" by Ken Buck

In "Drain the Swamp," Congressman Ken Buck is blowing the whistle on the real-life House of Cards in Washington. Votes going to the highest bidder, lavish parties, ruthless arm-twisting, and so much more. Read about the real side of Washington that you only hear about in the latest Hollywood political drama. Get your copy here...

GOP Senators Ask Mitch McConnell to Cancel Recess to Work on Health, Budget, Taxes
- via Washington Examiner

The Republican drumbeat to give up the August recess grew on Friday, as 10 GOP senators told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., that they should stay in order to advance priorities like healthcare, the budget and tax reform.

"We are united in our belief that we must work with a sense of urgency to deliver conservative solutions for pressing legislative issues on behalf of the American people," wrote the group of ten senators, adding that the Senate calendar shows that there are only 33 potential working days before the end of the fiscal year. "This does not appear to give us enough time to adequately address the issues that demand immediate attention."

"Therefore we respectfully request that you consider truncating, if not completely foregoing, the scheduled August state work period, allowing us more time to complete our work," said the letter, which was led by Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga. Read more here...

Help Us by Taking This Important Survey on the Conservative Movement

We need your help in order to understand the fundamental ways that the Tea Party movement has transformed American politics. We are asking you to fill out this survey in order to provide a valuable profile of your activities, beliefs, and their successful efforts in reorienting the American political system.

In order to fully represent the movement as a whole, it is crucial that we receive surveys from a wide range of FreedomWorks members, both those who just have casual involvement as well as those who are activists in the movement. This independent study is completely voluntary and totally anonymous. Just enter the ID Code 6C8LM9 where asked and you're on your way!

Your input is incredibly valuable and helps us make freedom work. Take the Survey Here!

ALEC-FreedomWorks Legislator of the Week
- via ALEC

Representative Mike Nearman is currently serving his second term in the Oregon Legislative Assembly representing the 23rd district. Rep. Nearman is a local Oregonian who attended Jesuit High School in Portland. After his graduation from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Rep. Nearman returned to Oregon to help with his family’s business. His education did not end at Marquette, however, as Rep. Nearman also a degree in Computer Science from Western Oregon University.

Prior to becoming a State Legislator, Rep. Nearman has held an assortment of jobs including a dishwasher, grave digger and software engineer. In 2014, he began his first term as a member of the House. Rep. Nearman works most frequently on Ways & Means. He is a strong fighter for a smaller, less wasteful government in Oregon and against government attempts to limit gun rights in Oregon. In addition to his legislative work, Rep. Nearman is a member of the Human Services and Housing committee as well as the Information Management and Technology Committee. Read more here...

Toward a More Rational Approach to


Sentencing decisions have traditionally been made by judges, but since the 1980s, the use of federal mandatory minimum sentences has been increasingly common. This policy inserts big government into the courtroom, contributes to prison overcrowding, and misallocates resources away from society’s worst criminals. Watch it here...

FreedomWorks Book Club Spotlight: "Written Out of History: The Forg...

In "Written Out of History," Senator Mike Lee tells the story of liberty's forgotten heroes. In this incredible book, you'll learn the true stories of founders such as Aaron Burr, Mercy Otis Warren, and Canasatego. Read about the limited government advocates that secured our liberties, and how they've been all but erased from history. Get your copy here...

CFPB Director Shows Contempt for Congress --- President Trump Shoul...
- via Competitive Enterprise Institute

Add another one to the long list of reasons why President Trump should fire Richard Cordray, the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They include spending public money to create a palace for the Bureau, evidence of widespread discrimination against women and minority staffers, and the abuses of authority by the Director that were identified by a Federal Appeals Court in a recent case (which is currently being reheard).

The new reason is that House Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling has identified “contumacy” on behalf of the Director in his refusal to answer a Congressional subpoena. In a letter to the Director dated yesterday, Chairman Hensarling noted that over a year had passed since the Committee requested records from the Bureau to facilitate an investigation, and that a subpoena was issued on May 11 this year, to which no answer has been forthcoming.

The letter also put the Director on notice that any attempt to promulgate a rule on arbitration agreements (the subject of the Congressional investigation) before answering the subpoena would result in contempt proceedings. Read more here...

For Freedom,

Jason Pye
Vice President of Legislative Affairs, FreedomWorks


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Here's yet ANOTHER Dept that needs cleaning out.

>>>>>>Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They include spending public money to create a palace for the Bureau, evidence of widespread discrimination against women and minority staffers, and the abuses of authority by the Director

Also heard today McConnell is going to hold congress over for 2 weeks of the August break so they can finish the HC bill work and to get more of Trumps people confirmed that the Dems are slow walking. 

As a consumer, I have not felt "protected" in years.

Me either, JB! I feel protected when I'm in my house though. You may walk in, but, you'll limp out! Hahaha 





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