Congressman Jordan: Cruz-Lee Consumer Choice Amendment Helps Republicans Keep ObamaCare Promise
- by Rep. Jim Jordan via The Resurgent

It’s frustrating to Americans across the country, as well my conservative colleagues, that Congress did not fully repeal Obamacare. Both the American Health Care Act in the House and the Better Care Reconciliation Act in the Senate keep the Medicaid expansion in place and keep Obamacare mandates in place. In the Senate, there’s even talk of leaving some of the Obamacare taxes in place.

Even though the AHCA that passed the House wasn’t full repeal, it became a much better bill because of the intense involvement of conservatives. Our bill brings down premium costs for consumers by allowing states to waive many Obamacare regulations. Americans across the country are being crushed by the burden of Obamacare’s out-of-control premium costs. The AHCA is a crucial first step to repealing and replacing Obamacare.

The Senate’s version, the BCRA currently repeals even less of Obamacare than the House version. Thankfully, conservatives like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are pushing for an amendment that would give Americans what they need: more choices that provide relief from Obamacare’s regulations and soaring premiums. Read more here...

Four Game Changing Welfare Reforms
- via Commonwealth Foundation

1. Medicaid Work Requirement Waiver
At least six states have already submitted waivers to the federal government seeking permission to require the able-bodied to work in exchange for taxpayer-funded medical insurance. Meaningful work requirements for healthy individuals create a pathway to independence. When Kansas and Maine strengthened work requirements in their Food Stamp program, enrollment dropped by 75 and 80 percent, respectively. At the same time, those leaving the program saw their incomes more than double.

2. Cost-Saving Waiver to Address Cost Overruns 
Year after year Pennsylvania faces Medicaid cost overruns, resulting in substantial supplemental appropriations. In fact, 2016-17’s $400 million in supplemental appropriations came entirely from human services and accounted for a quarter of the budget deficit. Requiring DHS (Department of Human Services) to seek a waiver to reduce the financial burden of Medicaid prior to submitting a supplemental appropriation request provides much needed accountability. In other words, it discourages superfluous spending and empowers DHS to develop solutions to unavoidable cost overruns. Read more here...

FreedomWorks' Book Club Spotlight: "Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think" by Ken Buck

In "Drain the Swamp," Congressman Ken Buck is blowing the whistle on the real-life House of Cards in Washington. Votes going to the highest bidder, lavish parties, ruthless arm-twisting, and so much more. Read about the real side of Washington that you only hear about in the latest Hollywood political drama. Get your copy here...

WATCH NOW: Rep. Andy Biggs Discusses Right to Try Legislation

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ALEC-FreedomWorks Legislator of the Week
- via ALEC

Representative Kim Coleman was born in New Orleans and spent her early childhood years in Louisiana and Texas. Before entering politics, Rep. Coleman was involved in business. She received undergraduate degrees in sociology and psychology, and a certification in criminology from the University of Utah. After graduate work in addictions counseling, Rep. Coleman dedicated her time to inpatient treatment of adolescents with mental health disorders and substance addicted teens.

Rep. Coleman represents the 42nd district of Utah, receiving 100% of the votes in her last election. She works most frequently on education, law, and labor employment bills. Within the Utah legislature and within ALEC, Representative Coleman has been a leader on campus speech and due process issues, sponsoring model policies including the Campus Anti-Harassment Act and the Forming Open and Robust University Minds (FORUM) Act. Read more here...

Dealing With Young Offenders

The justice system shows little distinction between juvenile offenders and adults, but there are unique challenges we face when dealing with the young. A youthful indiscretion can lead to a criminal conviction that separates a child from his parents and permanently cripples his chances of becoming a productive member of society. Watch it here...

FreedomWorks Book Club Spotlight: "Written Out of History: The Forg...

In "Written Out of History," Senator Mike Lee tells the story of liberty's forgotten heroes. In this incredible book, you'll learn the true stories of founders such as Aaron Burr, Mercy Otis Warren, and Canasatego. Read about the limited government advocates that secured our liberties, and how they've been all but erased from history. Get your copy here...

Net Neutrality 'Day of Action' Endorses Government Power to Suppres...
- via Competitive Enterprise Institute

It’s worth contrasting what tomorrow’s Day of Action by Amazon, Netflix, and other websites was all about—defending federal regulation of the Internet—with the Internet blackout day that occurred on January 18, 2012, to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Many have drawn parallels between these two days of focused advocacy, but the issue at stake in 2012 is very different than the current battle over Title II. CEI and other opponents of SOPA argued that the bill, in targeting websites dedicated to infringing copyrights and trademarks, was crafted such that it could have conceivably ensnared websites that expeditiously processed notice-and-takedown requests and thus were abiding by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's safe harbor provisions. That is, although SOPA sought to target a legitimate problem—“rogue” websites—it created an unjustifiable risk that law-abiding websites would also suffer harsh consequences.

The SOPA protests thus highlighted the threat of suppression of free speech on the Internet by the U.S. government, given the powers and duties it would have conferred on the Department of Justice and federal courts. The Title II Day of Action, by contrast, seeks to defend a regulatory regime that ultimately facilities the suppression of free speech by a federal agency: the FCC. As CEI explained in an amicus brief we filed in 2012 along with the Cato Institute, the Free State Foundation, and TechFreedom, the FCC’s rules in effect at the time unlawfully compelled Internet providers to transmit any and all speech—with the exception of several categories of speech that the agency deemed acceptable for providers to decline to carry. Read more here...

For Freedom,

Jason Pye
Vice President of Legislative Affairs, FreedomWorks


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