Fox News debate in January 2016.....Guess who will be the monitors?

You think the last debate was awful Ha get ready folks, Fox just announced the next fox debate.
“FNC has another debate scheduled in January before the Iowa caucuses and Kelly, “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier and “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace will be moderating again, a representative for the channel confirmed.”

Yes your reading this right. What are your thoughts on this one. Just goes to show you they are more concerned about ratings than they are the people of America. Faux Fox at it again.

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Wow. I think maybe Roger Ayles was put in a spot! Trump gives him a ration of crap over the gotcha BS in the debate, Kelly gets time off for whatever reason (I don't care if was because of the debate performance or not) and so the result is that he's looked at as a wussie. So what does he do? Schedules a do over, far enough in the future that people forgot about the first one, but redeeming himself now.


That is how ignorant the Left is.  

No one will forget this Circus that fox put on.  It was shameful to say the least, if it was done to Trump or anyone for that matter.  Megan Kelly was like a Vampire out for Blood. She and Mike Wallace need to go back to Transylvania.   I used to watch her but she lost all my respect.
Fox has been moving to the left ever since Obama and his criminal regime threatened them a few years ago. I for one don't really care how to make another hamburger or watch them make hamburger out of another person.

When I watch a debate, I look for some depth of knowledge on the issues.  The dopey gotcha crap,is what Democrats do, or what one may zing his opponent with.  I don't care to watch another circus.  The Republican field has a lot of solid candidates.  At this point, I'd rather they all toot their own  horns, and forget all about any more debates, if a debate will be like that Fox side show!

As for me JG I will not except anything less than the truth of what is really going on in our Government, Country and a plan on how they are going to change it.  They all need to sign a notarized  legal paper stating that what they are saying is what they will actually do once in office.
It is time we insist on Facts, Truth, and backup of their statements during the debates otherwise it is time to shut them off. We need to stand together or we will find ourselves back in old england....the one our founding fathers warned us about.  We are a thread away.

I agree, Mah.  We are just that thread away!  I don't want to become bitter about it all, but dang it's tough sometimes.  We've all seen them go to DC and then do nothing they said they would.  That is why I like like Scott Walker.  He campaigned on reforms, and within two months of taking office, he began implementing them.  Who else had their home turf overrun by imported thug protesters and prevailed?   Some have the right message, say the right words, but I do ask...just whatbde heck have they actually DONE?  Scott Walker has an unequalled record. 

Nothing I love more than someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk.  It is time for a major change without question, my only concern is that the Republican party has already choosen who they want and we will be stuck with the same ole same ole as in the past.

I pray I am wrong.  I dont have much trust in those who will make this decision.  We the people have not had our voices heard in a very long time.  

I do tend to agree with you Mahcookie. I was a big Megyn Kelly fan, but this one was obvious. Anyone who knows anything about Trump knows that he responds to anything that even seems slightly personal, and that was a personal question, "Why do you hate women?" Well, of course he was going to explode. Was that what they wanted? Personally, I think Trump would call either gender names if he was annoyed ... an equal gender opportunity guy.

It seemed non professional on the part of Fox to even have a question like that. Gov Brown of CA, someone on his team called his political rival Meg Whitman a whore in the last campaign. But if I were to interview Brown, I would not bring that up. I would instead bring up why he seems to have zero solutions for the water shortage, why taxes go up and services go down, and why there are unfunded large pay and retirement benefits for those associated with CA government. But maybe ... that is just me. There is enough of real stuff to be concerned with, without getting personal. Getting personal in fact, is some of what Saul Alinsky is all about ... stay away from facts and debate and just attack someone personally. Well, Trump for one always fights back on personal attacks. And so ... it makes no sense to me .. other than being non professional on the part of Fox.

As for Trump losing his temper at times, I have mixed emotions. Romney and McCain were gentlemen who stood by and let Obama and the liberal commentators lie right to their faces and did nothing. We need someone who can at least speak up. There were times in both the McCain and Romney debates where I wanted to push the GOP candidate aside and take over for him. That is how bad it got. Since we know that Obama and Hilary will lie and then raise their voice and scream louder if questioned, having someone afraid of their own shadow will be like, once again, sending in a candidate with water pistols to a gun fight.


Nicely stated RNHunter.  The media has such an impact on its listeners that they tend to forget or have never read Alinsky. * RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)  Sound familiar....Ms. Megan Kelly? 
I have always said those who talk the loudest and repeat and repeat what they want to get across as the truth will ultimately win.  With this description you have the progressive, commie party known as the democrats and media. 
Sad that most have lost Logic and reason.  What we should be doing is insist that the other candidates Tell us the truth and not their Political Correct rhetoric.  Seriously have we learned nothing after Obama and his minions and past elections?





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