Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker Lantern

I ordered this lantern to have something as a light/heat/cooking source in the event of a power outage.  It is lightweight, and it does throw enough light to read by (for a while at least).  It came with two little pots, I think one is supposed to be a frying pan.  You could fry one egg, or one small pancake.  It was rather quick heating up cold coffee, so I imagine it would heat soup or the canned meat in broth ( ) in just a few minutes.  I keep it handy, we often lose power here with summer storms, and winter blizzards.  I'll list the particulars below:

Price: $29.95
Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds

The Dietz #2000 Millenium Cooker Lantern was developed to heat water or food for emergency or camping use indoors or out. Its compact design is similar to the Dietz #30 Little Wizard lantern, and will burn for 23 hours per filling. Included is an aluminum plate and 12 oz. cup to heat water, soup or a small meal, as well as a snap-on bracket and hold-down pegs to prevent tip over when used outdoors. A must have for emergency preparedness kits.

■ 12" Height, 6" Base Diameter 
■ Plate and cup: 4 1/2" OD ■ Average 9 Candle Power, 5/8" Wick 
■ 17 oz. Fount Capacity, 23 Hour Burning Time 
■ Apprx. Thermal Output: 1100 BTU per Hour 
■ Operates on Average at 4 Cents per Hour worth of Lamp Oil


As with anything, shop around!  Rahthrae saw this same lantern on an imported goods website, for $60.95!  The Lehmann Non-Electric catalog sells it for the same price as W.T. Kirkman.  I found W.T. Kirkman great to deal with, and would not hesitate to purchase from that vendor again.  Check it for yourself here: 

I used FloraSense lamp oil in it, purchased at WalMart for around $6 for a gallon jug.

I'll answer questions about it, as I am able!  JG



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That is a really nice lantern.  I like multi-use items like that as long as their primary function is not compromised.  Yeah, that lantern retails from the company for $29.95.  Here is a paste from what one of the vendors is selling that lantern for:

DHL2000-Cooking-Oil-LanternRetail: $109.95Sale Price: $69.95 !!!

Talk about a load of crap!  So yes, I hope everyone makes it a point to do their own research and shop around.  I did the best I could for folks on the Amazon stuff I used for the Prepare page.  I am glad you are happy with the lantern I suggested!

God bless.


Thanks, Rahthrae. I meant to also add that it comes with some brackets that you can attach to a table or stand. This would prevent most accidental tip-overs and the associated dangers. The lantern is still easily removed from should you need to carry it with you to light your way.

Hi Rahth,

I've been wanting one of these for a long time and I finally ordered myself one! It is on the way! Yay! Can't wait to get it! I sure could have used it last week when we lost power and the generator wouldn't start. I had no coffee and wasn't a happy camper! Oh, I also just ordered a new generator too! 

Hugs, Robin ;)

Hi Robin,

Well, I hope you are as impressed with the lantern as JG and I were.  I have still yet to see anything quite like it.  As per getting the new generator, I really hope it works out for you.  That other one was crap.  This is certainly the time to be getting squared away on preps.  I think people will be quite shocked how much things might change by the middle of next year.  With all of the things going on, things can get very difficult very quickly.  I'm very happy to see that you all are doing all that you are.

God bless. 

Hi Rahth,

I got it and unpacked the lantern, and I am very impressed with it! This is just what I needed. Already filled it and I will be testing it out too! Pretty neat dual use item! I will let you know how fast it can heat up food items and coffee for sure! 


Looking forward to it, Robin! I know you'll be pleased with it. Mine is kept handy and I'm considering a second one.

This thing is cool as heck, JG! I took it out and have it all set up, filled and ready to test it, once I get a few minutes. LOL I love it! What an awesome lantern!

I also found that vendor, W. T. Kirkman, to be wonderful to do business with.
This is a nice discount that W. T. Kirkman Lanterns, Inc. has extended to all our members!  I am very pleased with the lantern I purchased, AND the service from W.T. Kirkman!

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Great info, thanks, will look into it.

Good to see you, PE.  It is really handy to have multi-use items like this handy.

Hello JG,

I was looking at this post again.  I thought it might be worth mentioning that all the things heated with this or a wood stove that is already being used for heating the home help stretch out supplies like cans of Sterno, alcohol or solid fuel tabs for small stove units as well. 

God bless.





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