This is yet another reason to get involved locally, and remember the constitutional powers granted to your county sheriffs!
Are Nationalized Police on the Horizon?

Note that the desire to centralize police power has already been expressed. In response to the tragic shooting of a black man by a South Carolina police officer, Al Sharpton — who has visited the White House approximately 85 times, which includes one-on-one meetings with Obama — recently called for “national law on policing.” Also note that during the fiasco in Ferguson, Missouri, Attorney General Eric Holder said that his DOJ was “prepared” to dismantle the town’s police department “if that’s what’s necessary”; the idea was that its duties would be assumed by a larger entity such as the state police.

So how could law enforcement be nationalized incrementally? Here’s the process critics fear:

1. Offer federal “help” first to large statist cities, as they’re more amenable to big-government “remedies.” But make your programs available to any municipality that will have them.

2. Knowing that "he who pays the piper calls the tune,” get them addicted to federal funding and then threaten to withhold it if they balk at Washington intrusion. Gradually increase the federal control via incremental regulation creation.

3. Using incidents such as the Ferguson shooting as a pretext, orchestrate a plan whereby smaller departments are absorbed by larger ones; continue this process until, for the most part, only large law-enforcement entities exist.

4. Once these large departments are dependent on federal money and are already operating based on federal guidelines, it’s one more small step to nationalize them completely. And given man’s imperfection, there will always be Ferguson-type incidents to use as a pretext for further control.

Yet this really constitutes a loss of control — by the people. After all, if you don’t like your local police’s policies, next election you can vote, as the case may be, for a different sheriff or a mayor who’ll appoint a better police commissioner. But when your police are controlled by Washington politicians, who are chosen by the 100 million or so Americans who vote in national elections, the will of the 15,000 people in your town is essentially rendered meaningless.

Hat tip, Jodi's tids

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Pray for all of our kids and grandkids, as they are the ones who will feel the full brunt of all of the craziness that passes for government.

Jim, our kids and grandkids, I fear, will not know the freedom and security I knew in my lifetime. They are also being robbed of innocence via indoctrination!

All too true JG. It's been said that we never get to live in the world we grew up in. Our kid's experience will be quite different from ours, I'm afraid things will be much worse by the time they are adults. It would seem our only hope would be for a non-republicrat president and prayer.

Yes! I pray for them and I pray for us as well. We know and lived through very different times than what we are seeing now. I think that is why it is so hard for us to witness this evolving nightmare! 

Once the police are nationalized (assuming they will be) will they become the instruments of DEA, FBI, NSA, DOD, DOJ, ICE ... ?

Aahh, JB, you seem resigned to this being a reality already! And likely, the new nationalized police will take their marching orders from the alphabet agencies you mentioned....

I know you've suggested this before JG, it's a very dangerous trend.

It is, Watchman, very dangerous. That's why it is so important to have good people, who understand what is at stake, hold local and county offices! I know I've beaten this drum before, but I know what I'm talking about here!

They are already around the country side folks. Travel thru Illinois,Indiana,Texas and Florida and some other southern states. Don't carry over fifty in cash or you maybe in trouble with law. This is what worthless voters wanted right on target. Once great country of USA will fall into hands of most evil in world and people don't care enough to stand up and defend. The only ones that will resist are the ones that have taken oath to defend USA.

Hi Lawrence! It's heartbreaking to see the things going on today. Obama is doing everything he can to make us like a third world banana republic. Too many are still asleep, but will yell the loudest when they don't like having to work for a living!

Good morning JG: At one time America was great country and people looked out for the neighbors. Today the people don't care about anything unless it is free. We have known for over 6 years what Obama plan was for our country and NO ONE has done anything except feed we the people BS. All criminal activity and hearings in congress and not one person has been held responsible. We the people are sitting ourselves up for total destruction. Take a survey today and ask people if they heard anything Obama said in 08. I know I have asked many and they never heard one word or understood what he said. They same thing when Bush Sr. made his speech on NEW WORLD ORDER no one heard a single word. The people have sold out their family friends and God and will be enslaved for it. Those of us that have taken oath will be majority when the time comes to defend this country. USA will be turned into another 3rd world country thanks to people that sold out. 

So, where do you think we are, Lawrence?...because I agree:

The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief

1. Denial and Isolation

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

Because it IS a loss....and I do grieve.





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