I've watched this video several times now (I actually made my 20-yr-old son also watch) and I just can't believe what I'm hearing.

For several years, I've been called 'crazy' by my friends.  My comments about Communism,  Marxism and this administration were waaaay out there.  Now it appears I AM crazy.....according to my government.

I have a diseased brain (much like a paranoid schizophrenic) and should probably be locked up soon.  I wonder if they have rubber rooms at Gitmo?

First a terrorist, now mentally ill.  Funny if it wasn't so frightening.

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...I DO think we're being pushed, and any reaction by our side, regardless if we are in the right when reacting, will be spun by the media and the Administration as validation for putting their stomping boots on...

Yes, and because of that we need to be careful not to give them what they want! Wait for November and vote together! This is one election where who is the next president is not so important, certainly not as important as to get O out of office...so our children will not have to fear the stomping boots!

We need to be as cool as cucumber until we get past the election. I hear tell Pay backs are a b#&*h. Have fun now! As Americans, this is not our first rodeo. And it won't be the last. That is why I think Newt Gingrich is the best we can get out of this batch
of contenders. No nonsense Newt will hit the ground a running and erase this mess like a dirty blackboard cleaned by the teacher's pet.

...NEWT has pretty much told us what he would do the first 100 minutes and 100 days if elected, plus promised the southern fence would be completed by the end of 2013... NONE of the other candidates have gone into any detail as to what they would do.

He certainly has, and I think he is the only candidate who is bold enough to stand up to O....and beat him. Romney is week willing to compromise, Santorum is too nice, and I don't look at Paul as a serious candidate because of his lack of foreigh policy, plus, he too is always saying how it is all our foult, if we were nicer, kinder, the Muslims would leave us alone. Right!!

"We need to be as cool as cucumber..."

AND HOPE we're not made into a cucumber sandwich in the process!


"As Americans, this is not our first rodeo."

I hope we win it!
What is frustrating to me is that I know we can do this with no money, we simply need to come together as voters! Yet what I have seen at other sites is that people want their way, it is personal to them, rather than to look at the need of the Republic!They want to be principaled...well a lot of good principal will do us if we are in a work camp!

If most people go and vote for Newt (since you mentioned him), there is little chance he would not win. People left him after he talked about colonizing the moon, but last night I watched a program that taked about just that. Wasn't the moon, but anyplace in space. They talked about a lift, an elevator into space, and many universities are working on such projects....but people made him look like a fool.

I cannot remember the title of the program, it is a new one and it was about people who back in the 1800's were writing "stories" about space, and how it all evolved and actually turned real...while back then they were crazy stories. All that led to the robotic arm that is driven to move by the thoughts of the user, also the robots we use to help the armed forces, etc. Out there stuff....really interesting.

...I'VE saved a documentary that deals with colonizing the moon... there are a lot of people working on this project WITHOUT the government helping! THERE's a lot of money to be made by colonizing and mining the moon... first thing folks will be sending home by the "truck" load with be Helium-3, which appears to be the magic ingredient for fusion power... it's practically nonexistent here, but is found in abundance on the moon... and from the moon, it's an "easy" jump to the asteroid belt...

...BUT the turn against Newt began when Beck renounced him, and said he'd have to consider voting for a thrid party candidate before voting for Newt... it's been a bumpy ride ever since!

Then Beck's shadow, Jared started getting heavy against Newt. I will never forgive them two if for some reason Newt doesn't get drafted at the convention and we lose the election to BO. You are right, Beck started it all. And I can't help but believe Romney being a Morman had something to do with it. All that came upon self-righteousness and judgementalness on their part. Let's not count Newt out because the ALL the American people haven't spoken yet. Keep the faith and keep his name out there. I still believe he is the only man strong enough for the job ahead. This is truely his time, I just know it.

You are correct that Beck started it...but more recently many left because of the moon comment. People need to be better informed. I am having a difficult conversation in one of the local groups about 3rd party. Some are supporting Gary Johnson...and cannot understand what a waste it is. But they say they have princile...and that is all that matters! I told them they can roll around happily in their princple in the work camp.... if their vote loses the election to O.

I know that's right, Ilona. Any third party crap will put us all in chains. I, too, try to shoot that attitude down everytimne it pops up it's ugly head. It is all well and pious to want a principled candidate but who does the ratings? The grave yards are full of people who were in the right. Now they are just dead right. Unfortunately they drag everybody else down with them with that pompousacity. Then everybody of good heart would know that wouldn't they?? Might be talking with liberal slimeballs just trying to muddy the waters.

Your discernment is right on, Tom. I like to compare it to a school yard fight between the bully and the mob. Bullies all think they can whip the mob. And we all know what happens when the "mob" finally gets enough of their crap. Or better still, a gang fight. BO is the mouth, not the bully, he just keeps digging and rebel rousing until he gets the mob agitated enough to fight. Well in this case we are the mob who believe in Law & Order and we are too cool to let The Mouth push us into violence. We will shut up the mouth, come November. Shut up the mouth and the rest run like rats back to their hidey holes.
He who laughs last, laughs the longest.





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