Ancient Survival Medicine That Was Lost to History But Can be Reclaimed Again

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Long before the modern medical industry was established, many ancient cultures cultivated their own means of medicine and wellness. The Native Americans were one of the most notable cultures to do this.

History books often elaborate the many ways Native tribes used local plants to make tinctures and elixirs. But their approach to health was much more than just home remedies.

They took a completely holistic approach to living well because they understood the correlation between a healthy lifestyle and physical health.

Although many of the ancient Native American remedies have been long forgotten, there is still so much more we can learn from.

When SHTF these remedies may be something you will want to use, especially if a lot of your everyday supplies that you would normally stock up on at the store are now gone.

It’s important to understand the very core of the Native American’s holistic lifestyle is centered in spirituality. Post-collapse these methods may be just what works for you, especially if you have limited resources. Now let’s take a closer look at how you can apply their approach to your life.

Healthy Diets
The Native American concept of fast food was eating berries, fruits, and nuts as they picked them. They didn’t typically gorge themselves unless it was a celebratory feast and the only chips they had were possibly buffalo chips – depending on location – that they used to start a fire (or possibly create a home remedy).
Everybody now is preaching that free-range, organic, hormone-free meat is the only healthy option. Well guess what – the Native Americans were already following that diet. They treated sick animals in the same way that the treated sick people – herbally.
Either that or they just put them down and maybe ate them, depending on the illness or injury. Plus the animals weren’t ingesting grass poisoned with artificial pesticides and other chemicals.
Nuts and seeds were rich in Omega-3’s, high in good fats and low in bad fats, so they had that covered, and the berries that they ate, again, had no pesticides or chemicals. And lest we forget, they had to work for their food, so they were naturally exercising every day of their lives.
Until less than 100 years ago, diabetes was practically non-existent in the Native American population, until they began to adopt the eating habits of other Americans.
Mental Health
We now know that mental health is critical to physical health.
Native Americans regularly meditated and practiced acts of gratitude for everything that surrounded them.
As some modern philosophies teach, they were present and mindful. They celebrated the seasons and the bounty, and they were grateful and respectful to the animals that they killed to sustain themselves.
In a nutshell, Native Americans had a healthy outlook on life and worked regularly to maintain that. They knew, without an advanced medical degree, what it took to stay healthy.
Medicinal Herbs
For every illness, there’s a cure. At least in theory. Though Western Medicine hasn’t managed to find cures for many diseases, Native Americans had treatments for just about everything, and if you pay attention to early American writers, they often worked.
These treatments were entirely natural – no penicillin or opiates required. There are natural elements that provide the origins of these modern meds, such as soil and plants that contain natural antibiotics and plants such as willow bark that contain natural pain killers. In fact, willow bark was an original ingredient in aspirin.
Just because a cure is natural doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work as well as modern medications; in fact, the opposite is often true.
As preppers, we realize that we may not always have access to OTC and prescription meds so, considering that, we’ve put together a special report on Native American remedies that teaches you how to use the eight super-plants that treat more than thirty diseases. You’ll also learn how to help your body stay healthy and heal itself naturally, and how to preserve your food without refrigeration or electricity.
Native American Remedies
In general, their naturally healthy lifestyles prevented many diseases, but some did exist. Plus, you have to consider injuries such as broken bones, open wounds, and infections.
When treating any medical condition, the knowledge of the tribe healer often saved the day with a combination of treatments.
Throughout the generations, natural remedies were handed down from one healer to the next, and it seems pretty likely that the entire tribe knew how to use herbs, plants, seeds, and roots for healing, too.
These ingredients, alone or combined, were used to make poultices, teas, decoctions, salves, and oils that worked in conjunction with other holistic methods described above.
Sweat Lodges
Also known as medicine lodges, sweat lodges were often used for healing, prayer, introspection, and purification. Sweat sessions were required to be supervised by trained elders who were experienced with the process and could safely control the situation in case somebody became ill or uncomfortable.
Many holistic healers believe that sweating purifies the body by flushing toxins from the body and may help kill disease by raising the body temperature to a point that bacteria and viruses can’t survive. That is, of course, theoretical, but it makes a certain amount of sense.
Remember that knowledge is the only doctor that can save you when there is no medical help around you.

A healthy lifestyle is not created overnight. Try one or two of these this week to see how your health can improve. You never know what can prove effective, especially post-collapse. For more methods that the Native Americans used back in the day head over to Surivopedia.

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