Allen West hammers Democrats for leaving God/Jerusalem out of their platform, weighs in on Obama’s speech

Allen West talked with the local CBS news this morning about his new ad attacking Democrats for saying no to God and Jerusalem being in their platform. He also weighed in on Obama’s speech last night:

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This will really hurt them with the people in their party who find what they did by taking God & Jerusalem out of their platform unforgivable!

Democrats in the South who tend to be Baptist might be offended.  But, it is not limited to this particular demographic.

I think it depends on what news source folks watch, or seek out on the internet or in hard copy.  I one is relying solely on the left wing liberal media, then they won't hear any of this to factor into their decision making ~ assuming they are not Stepford-Dems.

Sometimes I think Dems will forgive anything done by their own party!  But I hope you are right.  I am glad we have West to speak the truth!





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