40-state sweep
April 16, 2012 by Don Surber

Two years ago today, I predicted a 51-seat gain in the House of Representatives for the Republican Party. At the time, experts gave Democrats better than even odds of maintaining the House. Given that they had a 76-seat advantage — Republicans would need to flip 39 seats to take the House — that seemed reasonable. To be sure, most voters wanted the newly enacted Obamacare repealed, but experts said voters would get over that by November, when the economy picked up.

I was wrong. Republicans had a net gain of 63 seats in the biggest rout in 60+ years.

A 40-state sweep for Mitt Romney harkens only to Reagan’s victors in 1980 and 1984, but it will do.

I base my prediction on several factors:

1. Mitt Romney did well in all the Republican primaries in blue states. This shows he has organized Republicans in those states, even though they are small in number. Judging by my experience in West Virginia, they tend to be just as conservative as the Republicans elsewhere — it is tougher to be a minority than a majority — but they are pragmatic.

2. Mitt Romney should put New England in play. Boston dominates that section of the country and the people in that area know him. He’s the Mormon Kennedy to them. He does not smoke or drink. Ah, there’s a religion that pack should consider.

3. Barack Obama is running scared. 4 years ago, he was a blank slate. Today his blackboard is filled with a lot of action and little results. The $787 billion stimulus did nothing. The $700 billion TARP went into bankers pockets. The GM bailout affected only 1 in 5 Americans who actually buy a GM or Chrysler. The Arvba Spring backfired. He gave up on Iraq and we are being tossed out of Afghanistan.

4. Obamacare. Never has a presidential domestic policy been so despised. The Vietnam War was more popular in 1968 — and LBJ decided against another term.

The 2012 election will not be about whether Ann Romney worked a day in her life or Rush Limbaugh calling a woman a slut or whether George Zimmerman is guilty of murder in the second degree.

The 2012 election is all about Barack Obama. For such a vain narcissist, Barack Obama sure is trying to get out of the spotlight on this one. That shows how little chance he really has.

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Let's see he P.O. the mothers, sons, & daughters with the Hillary Dumbbell comments and all the filthy trash that commenced on the net about Ann Romney.  He completely soured the Catholics with the Fluking they got.  He perturbed the working businesses and workers with not allowing the Keystone pipeline to go through.  Gas is now so high I can't pay at the pump, I have to go inside to talk to the Loan department to fill my tank.  Conservatives were already pissed about his ideology.  He's trying real hard to drive the local Sheriffs to the Repubs. I'd say he is wanting to lose.  But if he does he'll p.o. that puke Putin for not finishing us off while he had a chance.  Ahs like Putin must still be p.o.'d about Reagan wiping them out with Star Wars.  This is their way to get even? Giving us BO to contend with???  Well B O I'm P.O.'d that you ever got drug to America by your Komrad Ayers.  You know that guy that use to live in your neighborhood in Chi Town.  That's the S.O. B. that I am P.O.'d with.  I will promise you one thing.  I will stay P.O.'d until you are back in Chi Town or up the creek with out a paddle.

Good take on the state of things!  I am optimistic about an Obama defeat, but also cautious.  We cannot afford to get over-confident!

I agree we can't be over confident, but I think he will go down in a ball of flames!

He will go down in a ball of flames,,,, in an honest election. I fear of vote tampering.

Doug is right. That is why we need to stay on this Taco vote Tally BS daily.  We need to hit everyone who will listen everyday until something is done nationwide.

I have a suggestion;  Put the sheriffs in charge of this voting scam that will undoubtedly be attempted come November.  Get them involved in doing away with the digital machines and we not only will have the problem taken care of at a grass roots level we will have someone with arrest authority to stop Black Panther intimidation should they feel the need to loiter outside precincts again in Philly or elsewhere. We could donate to their human resources funds to cover any additional salaries needed to pay them for the service.

Interesting.  Good Post Robin.

I don't see how he can win even if they cheat! They are far outnumbered and this country is very angry and for the most part, awake! Sure will be interesting though. We must prevail RN





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