The quotes can be seen here from this article on the Blaze:

I can still remember when I heard more than once when this unconstitutional law was first found constitutional by this activist court, that Justice Roberts was actually playing chess while the rest of us were playing checkers.  I wonder if those people would like to continue on with that sentiment now?  I presume not. 

People then and now inquire as to the possibility of the aforementioned Justice being blackmailed.  I truly wonder what it is that people do not understand.  He's just another progressive that was appointed by a progressive.  That seems relatively easy for me to grasp. 

Let us not forget that the latest legal gymnastics were done by five other members of the Supreme Court.  Four of which despise the very constitution they are both trusted and charged with interpreting. 

Today marks the day that our Republic as founded is truly over.  It would take a concerted effort and considerable time to list, let alone detail, the enormous amount of evidence to support that claim of the present condition of our reality.

I think people have no idea how quickly the dominoes will begin to fall.  Prepare.

God bless.

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I remember you saying these words long ago. I also remember you saying that the Supreme Court would rule in Obama's favor! I walked in the house today and saw this ruling on TV and turned around and walked right back out of the house. I knew this would open the gates of hell. We haven't seen anything yet! You were right! Again! ;)  

Glad I checked my email, Robin! I was about to do a checkout! Ah, that great minds thing!

Yes, the great minds thing! Hugs girlfriend! 

Robin, I wish I had been wrong. 

As hard as it is to hear these things and digest them when you speak, I know that the things you say, you don't say lightly. I do however, take comfort in your wisdom and I thank you for being such a great person and a true patriot! We couldn't do this without you! Wouldn't want to either! 

Hugs, Robin 

I'm really sick about this, even though I saw it coming. I also knew all along that once the insurance industry, hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and medical apparatus companies all retooled, likely at tremendous cost, to comply with the implementation of this law (they had to so as to avoid the fines and penalties, right?), it will never go away. Their 'bailout,' necessary upon repeal of it (we'd have to save them, right?) might just be so costly that it had to be upheld, for economic reasons (right?).

I love our country, and held on to that ray of hope that it would survive.

JG, seeing this coming did not lessen the impact at all.  Sick, angry, disgusted, and truly broken-hearted are a few terms that hardly encapsulate all that I am feeling.

I agree, Rah. I am disgusted, to say the least, doubt we as nation will recover. I don't like being this much of a defeatist, but it's how I feel right now. God bless, and hugs.

Jodi, we on this site are weeping with you because the country as we knew it is gone.

'the country as we knew it is gone'

Difficult words to hear, say or write, Robyn.

Your response made me think of the last stage of grief and mourning:  acceptance.

Although I've also said your words, I can't accept that our country is gone.  I just can't.  I think that's...denial.

They're all valid Rath, but I think No. 5 is the best.  "So Obvious"    

D.A., I had and am still having a very difficult time putting words to all that this means for our country.  There are other decisions that will come in the immediate future that, coupled with this one, will truly eradicate the founding principles.  When you have a Supreme Court that largely views our founding documents and principles as inartfully drafted quaint notions coupled with gerrymandered "representatives" that are extremely difficult to vote out, finding hope goes beyond daunting to near impossible to obtain let alone maintain.

Even merely trying to communicate with people who are so uninformed of what is going on, and uneducated as to our founding fathers, founding documents, and founding principles found espoused therein is extremely difficult and frustrating. If their eyes do not glaze over, they look at my words as the ranting of a madman.  

Managing to vote out a few gerrymandered so-called "representatives of the people" does little when the party machinery and our system as a whole largely cranks out more of the same.    I have no answers.





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